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The Cancer is Spreading Lymphosarcoma

1 Mar

As with anything, curing cancer is impossible. With this treatment I was able to give Buford more time. I am sorry to say I believe the cancer has spread now.

He has been pooping just fine and so sometimes I did wonder, what is going on inside of him? By now, certainly, 14 months after his diagnosis of rectal cancer returning and fear of the tumors cutting off his ability to defaecate, I thought for sure he’d be dead.  Merely because the fact of the matter is eventually the coconut sized tumors inside his rear would have cut off his ability to poop. However, with the PH/Molasses protocol and this diet and supplements, miraculously he’s been pooping with the tumors inside him.

The other day I noticed under his arm a bit of redness,  and so I thought it to be his new argyle sweater rubbing him that I had put on a few days before. It was a bit tight on him and so I took it off . However, his whole arm and under his pit was red. I put some bag balm on it but he kept biting at it. Then I knew, something was not right.

Continually licking under his arm I felt around. Upon closer inspection I felt a hard rock sized bump under his armpit. In the area where the armpit underarm lymph node is in dogs. You can see a picture of the different lymph nodes here.  His other armpit is not that way, I can barely feel much less find any node at all.

Lymph node enlargement means many things, the body may be trying to fight off an infection in healthy dogs or allergic reactions. However in this case, I was told to expect possible spread of the cancer to other nodes and so this is not surprising. The hard feeling on these bumps I know all too well. It’s hard and about the size of a quarter.  I was hoping of course it would have been a fatty tumor, but no.

Buford is pretty much on hospice care and testing it for cancer is not going to yield me any different outcome.  However , Buford is doing so very well keeping up his appetite, hungry, active and playful that I am unsure if I should do another round of PH protocol or quite possibly I may up his Carnivora pills and/or use the Lymph Drainiage I bought from them just to see if that works.

Time is crucial now, I have to decide what to do in a few days.  I hate making these decisions.  Besides, Buford will be 14 in June and the PH will take a lot out of him now. I am going to pray on what to do.

I’m not upset. Buford has had a wonderful life with me and he is so very brave for fighting all this time. I just want to make sure whatever I choose his quality of life is great until the end.




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