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Buford RIP Passed at Age 15 With Cancer

23 Nov

Buford is in Heaven and It’s Taken Me Awhile To Write This Post : But He Lived with Cancer Many Years and To a Ripe Old Age Thanks to This Treatment

My Buford

I haven’t posted for awhile, as I have been morning the death of the love of my life, Buford.  I had to put him down on Tuesday, 6/16/15.  As with any pet owner time had come for me to hold up my end of the bargain , and not let him suffer.  Granted, he was age 15 and just a few days before his death still running and playing with his friends.

Buford Dying

I was so very proud of him.  However, he went 3 days (around the 13th of June this started), without eating and then I knew it was time. His body became sunken in and the final night I laid on the floor holding him and crying. It was time to do the right thing by him.  If you notice, above, he is pretty lifeless. Breaths shorter and very tired. His body was dying, yet my dog, he held on for 72 hours until I took the choice to end the suffering.

He had fought so hard for me.  Taking him to the vets the next day was brutal on my soul. It took husband and I to sit with him and hold him down on the floor while they put the catheter in. In a last ditch attempt he jumped up and ran to both doors of the room as if to say, “I don’t want to leave. Let me out.” He weighed the same, but only because the  tumor had grown to the size of a canteloupe in his rear, and was causing him pain. His body and face was sunken in.

I held him on my lap while they gave him the sedative–possibly morphine–whatever they inject before they put him down to calm him, and honestly,  I think I lost him there. He went down like a ton of bricks, face hitting my leg, and then I knew my baby was gone.  I had to leave the room I was so distraught, I had him cremated and his paw print but yet I still have only held the box a few times. It sits on my desk and I’ve yet to come to terms with my faithful friend being in a pine wood box. Much less looking at an imprint of a paw who was with me through thick and thin all these years.


Love lasts forever, even though death. It was only just this week I had my first dream of Buford. He was running, gallopping and playing in my dream as if to show me is in a happier place. I really miss him. I have other dogs, and I’ll always have other dogs, but there’s always one that is so special.  That one was Buford.

He got me through the past 15 years of my life.  Horrible break up, marriage, death of my mom, and now soon to be divorce again.   If Buford’s story can help another person spend quality time with their loved pet here it is.

As you know there is no cure for cancer.  The PH diet and supplements simply bought him time, and quality of life.  I get a lot of comments on this blog from pet owners, and I feel for all of them.  I am not a vet or a doctor  therefore I can’t legally tell you what to do about treatment with you pet. I can tell you I have listed all the steps right here that I used and that worked for Buford.   I have heard from people who have tried this regimen and prolonged their pet’s life and that a vet in Canada is supposedly following this treatment.   Again, I merely wrote a blog about what I’ve done, and what I’ve learned thanks to PHKillsCancer.com combined with study of natural herbs and supplements.  All of the ways I did it are on this blog.

Again, find the appropriate post to read what I did for Buford. I am not a doctor, but common would be to proportion Buford’s dose to your dog  via dog weight.  Everything I did for Buford was based on his weight (range: 45-55 lb dog). Therefore if your dog was (range: 22-27 lbs) you would cut everything in half.

There are no guarantees you won’t kill your dog by doing the PH treatment. It’s very taxing on their organs. However, so is the cancer.  Here are links to the three steps I used here:


Using the PH to shock his system  (post is here).   This was done in the form of hot dogs stuffed with Baking Soda with Rabbit Molasses mix) and gradually repeating over the course of days until his PH reached the crucial level which I measured with strips when he peed.  This was hard on his organs and gave him the shakes and fevers. You can lose your dog by doing this.  I made the decision I was losing him and from the cancer and decided this as my last resort.  You can read how sick it made Phil a human at PHKillsCancer.com.  This PH basically started the process of shocking his system (and the cancer) from acidic to akaline and this is what is supposedly attributed to slowing the growth of said cancer and allowed him to recover with the helps of steps 2 & 3.  Again, it did not cure the cancer, it simply zapped it into a slower growth which proof is in my dog living for all these years, running and playing, with a tumor slow growing in his rear.  The basset hound is long and he had room to spare. A smaller dog may not have fared as well. I cannot say for certain.


Energizing his system with Alkaline foods to supercharge him and make him stay alkaline vs. acidic. Sugars are no good, as they feed the cancer.  Buford was extremely fond of collards, kale, cooked chicken, boiled chicken and red meats. The red meat was only to hold his interest but I strongly advise the chicken.

Making him fresh dinners every night, or enough for a weeks’ time and portion controlling took money and effort. At first I took him off dry kibble completely. This caused tooth problems eventually, so be sure to brush teeth as the lack of kibbles can rot teeth causing plaque to form.  Eventually I broke down and fed him grain free Blue, of which helped his teeth but in my opinion, I would have omitted and only followed chicken and kale diet, mixed with some pork back fat. (shown here)

Here is a good chart to follow:

Akaline Foods


On the flip side I had to supercharge his system with good  natural supplements which boosted his immune system, and let him live a high quality of life. The quantities on this blog were for Buford, whose weight at the time ranged between 45-55 lbs.   A full list of products I used was here.  

This did get costly yet it was worth it.  He was good about taking his pills they were easy to hide in hunks of chicken, yet for smaller dogs some of these pills like fish oil or krill oil were big, so I don’t know how you would do it.  I suppose it has to do with the will to live.

He loved me, and he listened to me, it is a special bond you must have with your dog and total trust.


For most basset hounds, the average span is 10-12, but for Buford living to age 15 and able to run, jump and play is unheard of. Most suffer joint or hip issues, but my Buford, he was loving life up until his death and I loved him every day of his 15 years.  This is because of the regimen but also owes credit to the dog.  It took a brave, strong, determined dog to fight against cancer.



Cancer has taken my grandfather, grandmother, mother, and now my dog also succumbed to cancer in this area, but had a much healthier and happier experience with natural remedies versus chemotherapy and suffering. I guess I should start eating Buford’s diet and stop eating breads grains corn and pizza and maybe I would have a good defense for it.

Again I will reiterate there is no cure for cancer. In my research I found there to have been one company in Germany who supposedly had found a cure, using a mistletoe mixed with unknown via a certain extraction process, and if you are a smart and saavy computer tech you can find evidence of this talk in 2006-2007 breast cancer forums, though the threads are old and hard to find. It talks of injections being sent in from another country at about $200-$400 per shot.  The vet that I was working with originally doing Buford’s blood to self injections told me she cured several dogs this way.

Ironically, much later, the Susan G. Komen foundation did their own research and gave Mistletoe a “C” which is a report card grade, find their study here.

Soon after these early injectibles threads the US supposedly outlawed THESE products (details unclear if all injectibles or extract of said mistletoe, or from where it was coming) and soon after that evidence is found that a US chemical company aka pharmaceutical bought out the small factory.  The recipe for the cure? Only to be lost forever, or perhaps locked in area 51.  Ironically, we will never know.


I get a lot of messages sent to me about people’s sick dogs, and I’m not a vet, or a doctor, so by law I can’t answer these questions. However, my Buford is walking proof that the high PH diet and introduction of the bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and natural supplements not only worked on his body, but supercharged him to live out his life happily and comfortably with cancer.

I am blessed to say this has worked for him, and I’ve hard from other dog owners who it’s worked for them. However, if this is just prayer, love, and a dog’s will to survive and has nothing to do with the treatment, I will never know.  Buford couldn’t talk, but if he could, I’d give you the answers.

Thanks for reading.


For humans, I see a doctor in Italy is pretty much onto the same therapy treating cancer as a fungus aka infection, see more here:


Or, read Phil’s dance with cancer  PhKillsCancer.com


Thank you to : 

Dr. Joseph Mercola  – who has a lot of good information on supplements and vitamins to help boost the immune system. It is here I found that the calcium I was giving him wasn’t doing the best for him.

Dr. Carol   –  her Cancer Essentials I would recommend to anyone. She can also do consults for blood work treatment, etc. You can get the tests at your regular vet and let her look them over.

Dr. Klimovitz     – who I switched to when I felt my original vet and holistic vet were not doing right by my dog.


Dr. Joseph Zulty , who was Buford’s original vet and someone I had taken my pets to since I was 14 (over 25 years).   A highly gifted surgeon, and well respected in the veterinary community, he owns his own practice in Essex , buying the one he worked for.

In my opinion, he wasn’t doing right by my dog. This is due to the fact he referred a holistic vet to my dog (who not only works for another vet, but advertised on her own website her holistic services and that she would do house calls) yet I could only use the services in his office, to which Buford was a nervous wreck.

Buford hated going to that vet, perhaps he associated it with the original operation, I don’t know. Buford would shake, run and literally cry trying to force him in the door he would pull and tug off his leash and once almost ran into the busy highway. This definitely wasn’t the best for him stress wise.

With all due respect, in the field of holistic meds Dr. Danna-Christian’s knowledge is above- excellent, and she is ahead of her time. I would have to say perhaps, she and a handful of people actually believed in the blood recognition procedures (taking one’s own blood and injecting it under their skin to recharge the immune system).

Yet, the “back door agreement” that Dr. Zulty had with her was that that all work was to be preformed there at his offices pissed me off to no end due to his stress level.

Unfortunately, I even offered to pay more if she would treat Buford at home, so that Dr. Zulty would get his money-cut, but she would not. I even offered to take Buford elsewhere – anywhere – to a park, or even the Boston Street Animal Hospital she worked at.  No, this wasn’t possible either.

Fuck them both.  I accused them both at that point of not doing the best for my pet. After almost 25 years dealing with Dr. Zulty and all my pets, I was upset with both of them.  I preached to them about their ethics so much I assume I was just a liability.

I then switched to Dr. Klimovitz telling her everything and somehow we got a plan together to make Buford’s visits as stress free as possible. He actually liked going there.

It looks like I made the right decision in the end for my dog. ❤








Buford’s Stress Infection: Stress and Cancer

3 Aug

Imagine how upset I am to know I almost killed my dog due to stress.  I worked twelve days straight, long hours, and was gone from the house more than usual. My sleep was cut from 8 hours to 4 or five a night.  Buford is used to having me home more than that.    I switched up his food schedule, and had a pet sitter check on him, sometimes feeding him a little until I got home to feed him the rest.  He was agitated when I’d get home, and although his hunger was normal, he was panting heavily and not acting himself. On my last day of the project (day 12, ) I got a call at the place I was working that he wasn’t eating, and that he threw up. By that night, they told me to get home, they feared the worst.  Just so happens  I  was stuck at work, couldn’t get out due to car pooling, and got home at two in the morning. He wouldn’t look at me, he was laying half out of it and lethargic. The neighbors had been checking on him.   I tried to get him to eat his kale and chicken. He did not want it.  He turned his head away.

I wanted to test his appetite. I grabbed a chocolate donut from the kitchen. I held it in front of his nose to see if he was still coherent. He gently looked up at me, then his head hit the floor, never even noticing the smell of the donut.  Something was seriously wrong. All I could think was this was it.  I calmed myself down and told myself, “GET A GRIP, YOU KNOW THIS DAY WAS COMING!”

I told Buford it was time to go to the Pet ER and told him I think this was it.  I started to cry and hold him, really believing this was the day they talked about. They told me when he went down, he’d go down really quick, so this seemed to be it.

Ironically as if he understood English, he jumped up on the couch, and snuggled up with me, as if to say, he didn’t want to go to the ER. I figured this was it, and he wanted to die at home.  I was hoping he’d die in my arms that night and make it easy on both of us.  It was some time since he laid in my lap, and he did that with his dead weight on me.  It was hard sleeping on the couch with a 60 lb dog on your lap, but I did it.

He Snored all night but he didn’t Die. 

The next day he seemed in a better mood, so I tried to get him to eat something, anything. I opened a can of tuna fish and he took a few bites. Progress.  I took him to our property in Pennsylvania, and he ran around like a puppy.  I then had to give him some burgers, even though I am against giving him ground beef, I had to do something to get him to eat.  They were fresh cooked angus burgers.  He ate them all.  He was drinking a lot, but his bowels were not solid, they were very runny.  In fact, he had an accident in my car which has never, ever happened before.

Bacterial Infection from Stress Spore ?

Basically after taking him to the vet and doing some tests, we found out that he has a spore overgrowth in his intestines and colon, that is omitted naturally due to levels of stress. However, his twelve days without me had somehow triggered high levels of stress had made too many of these bacteria spores which had overrun the system, causing his belly to hurt and basically him to have diarrhea. Here is some information on it.

So he would not eat, because he was equating his illness with his chicken dinner, so is why he was turning his nose up at it.  Some dogs would get an antibiotic shot to knock this out, but because Buford’s system is compromised due to the cancer, I had to start him on antibiotic pills and slowly build his system back up.

Whole Foods Market

I went to Whole Foods Market in Mt. Washington , MD and bought him some grass fed steaks to the tune of $7 each which weren’t bad at all.  I made him a spanking dinner when in fact I ate a sandwich from cheap lunchmeat so that he could eat like a King!  He had grass fed beef cubs, flax seed, and for the first night mixed in a tiny bit of whole grain oatmeal. I struggled with this decision because the grains in the oatmeal may indeed  help the cancer grow, but his tummy was hurting and I wanted something to bind him up and activate his antibiotics quicker.

Within three days he was back to normal eating and I am slowing working the chicken back in.

I have also incorporated fresh organic parsley all pureed up to help him, as this contains vitamin C to boost his immune system.

Stress and the Cancer Dog

I think it’s safe to say Stress is a major issue with cancer dogs. A simple routine change and the dog can go into a huge tailspin.  This is something that you must factor in when you are committing yourself to your dog’s cancer treatment. Life as you know it must change. Your routine must include your dog.

Nursing Him Back to Health

He also dropped 7 lbs due to the bacterial infection, which is not good.  I am working hard to get him rebuilt again.  I am concerned while his resistance is down, the cancer can attack again. He is happy, calmer, and eating large portions again.

More soon.

Read more about this infection here.

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