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Buford is Alive and Well With Cancer PH Protocol

27 Jul

Buford Basset Hound Cancer

Funny when I snapped this shot of Buford he seems to have a guardian angel aura behind him!

I haven’t updated this blog in a few months and I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments on Buford, and I thank you for your support. My dog is simply amazing, and doing well. Turns out I had thought the cancer had spread but it was a fatty tumor (woot woot) although cancer is all in him.

What led me to believe he was failing is that his health was going downhill and he wasn’t eating, then one day I saw a bulge the size of an apple in his cheek. Turned out to be his farthest back molar (these are the teeth whose roots go deep into the jaw) had decayed and fractured, causing him infection. The tooth had not only been infected but had abscessed thought his gum causing pain and infection. (Gross picture to follow.)  Buford used to get his teeth cleaned yearly, but I stopped putting him under 2 years ago. Hard to imagine all this happened in 2 years but teeth and health are clearly related.

Dog Fractured Molar Basset Hound Cancer

Buford’s Back Molar Fractured and Abscessed Causing him a lot of pain. Photos from my vet.

That picture was taken at my vet’s.  It was a real fight to get him fixed up.  At the time, Buford was almost 14 and no vet wanted to put him under to do his tooth. Furthermore, he had a heart murmur. Imagine my shock thinking this tooth’s infection was going to kill him and here we’ve been battling cancer for years.

I had to break out the big guns and call Dr. Carol (As seen on Dr. Phil show.  Holistic Veterinarian,Board Certified Health Diplomat and author, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, will answer your questions for $15.99 or do complete medical  consults for $75. )  For Buford she told me exactly what blood tests to run and I had my vet do it.  Dr. Carol followed up every step of the way we talked many times, and it came down to it I would have drove him to Ohio from Baltimore just to get Dr. Carol to do the surgery and take my chances.  After consulting and timeframes, my  vet decided to do it based on Dr. Carol’s exact recommendations and did it quite successfully!   He was taking some meds a week before to fight the infection, and during which time Dr. Carol had me double up on the probiotics so that the antibiotics didn’t ruin his system.  During surgery, Buford was under for about 30 minutes, had his tooth extracted and his other teeth cleaned as quickly as they could.  He came out with flying colors and within a few days was back to normal running and playing with his friends.

Basset Hound Cancer

Buford is more grey/white and tired but he’s still kicking and loves his little friends.

Fast Forward til Now:

Today Buford is a lot slower moving most days, and enjoys naps a little longer. He is finally showing signs of arthritis in his hips, and it’s hard for him to jump on the couch or his favorite chair so I find him napping in his little friend’s bed. I do give him some of Dr. Carol’s PAAWS and that helps.

PH Protocol Cancer

Buford napping in his little friend’s bed. I bought him his own but he’d rather sleep in hers. ha ha!

He’s quite sick of chicken and kale and knows if he holds out I will throw some steak or ground beef in. I don’t like doing this because I want to stick to the chicken kale as much as possible but whatever I can do to get him to eat. He loves carrots and broccoli, but the carrots do have a level of natural sugar and carbs that I worry about conversion to sugar (sugar feeds cancer) so I don’t do that too often. Broccoli I grind up in the Magic Bullet but it goes give him gas and his tummy hurts.

He’s lost some weight and that concerns me but he is older and more picky.  Getting him to eat his pills each night is a chore, he’s gotten to the point we have to hand feed him and he does it for attention. He will sometimes spit the pills out just to get you to re-stuff them into a ball of kale and chicken just for the extra attention. Should you sit the food bowl down he will refuse to eat.  So basically its at the point Buford will be hand fed…he’s trained us well.

basset hound cancer

My angel 🙂

I travel often and it’s hard on Buford, but one thing is for sure, I am his #1 fan.  I believe there is a level of loyalty my dog has for me that is second to none. He will fight to the end and for that I’m grateful. He’s been such a wonderful addition to my life, and just the other day I was crying and having a really bad day, and he snuggles up next to me and makes me feel better. His quality of life is high and for that I’m grateful.

There is no cure for cancer, but I’ve sure found a way to keep Buford’s quality of life high and live with it. I am going to resort to this protocol my damn self if I get Cancer one day.



Cancer Dog Supplements How Much They Cost

19 Feb

Buford is happy since he found Kendall, Birdie’s daughter. We tracked her down and adopted her after we lost Birdie.   She is a spitting image of her mother. Not as red, but as beautiful.

Cost of the Cancer Dog : Hospice Care

I have been getting a lot of emails on how much it’s costing me to keep Buford on the natural pills, so I’m doing a cost breakdown on the natural supplements I use, here on the supplements page.

Now Buford is technically at the equivalent of Hospice care. He has already had his bad prognosis and outlived that…he’s on borrowed time and my goal is to keep him as healthy and happy as possible during his final days.

He doesn’t get shots anymore because of his broken immune system.  NO chemo, no chemo pills, no anything unless he’s sick, then he goes to the vets.  So far it’s been stress spores, and he’s on meds often for that.  I am only applying Frontline topical to keep off ticks/fleas, otherwise no other pills such as heartworm . That really kills me thinking what if he developed them and that was what killed him, not the cancer? But you do what you can to not compromise his immune system.

So for Buford I’m breaking down the cost for him being a 60# dog on the SUPPLEMENT PAGE    Remember he is a 60# dog and that’s his dose. If my dog was 30 lbs it would cost half as much, and if my dog was 15# it would only cost a quarter of that.

The biggest expense is two fold:

a) THE FOOD!  Oh my goodness, the chicken each night he eats, with a few steaks, turkey parts,  or ground beef thrown in here and there throughout the month. A smaller dog would not cost you as much.  Hubby and I have seriously cut the quality of our food to allow for the extra expense for the dog! Geeze!

b) THE TIME & CARE!   It has cost me a lot of time and pet sitter money. Wherein I used to go to work and leave him now I have to leave him with a pet sitter or take him with me.  He gets too nervous too much and just having someone around is key.   Buford has a large yard and doggie door, but leaving him over 8 hours will send him back to the vet with a stress bacterial infection. I’m not going there, so I pay a friend or family member to check on him and sit a few hours with him.

But how expensive is it really, to be buying time with your pet? Having them in your life a little longer, at the highest quality possible, keeping them pain free and healthy, is simply the fact that your time, effort and investment can beat cancer, if only for a short while.



Buford Cancer Dog Fat

Keeping the dog FAT and HEALTHY during cancer is key!

Bufords Health Today:  He is happy, fat, and lazy. And spoiled. This is his own leather couch now,  taped up and well loved by Buford.  Note how much weight he still has on him for a dog with lymph nodes the size of coconuts. Pretty good huh?  Also look under his arm towards his midsection, there is a fatty tumor that is super large. Of course, we can’t get it removed because he can’t go under anesthesia.  It may seep soon and if so I’ll have to get it drained or better yet, it may burst and then we have it cleaned and that will be the end of that. He had another one just like it, that started getting yucky. I took him to the emergency vet when it started draining, and by the time I got him there it BURST all over the place. It was yucky , I’m talking creamy fat, blood and goo all over the dog and the floor. He didn’t seem to be  in any pain and , and $100 bill later they sent him home with first aid cream.  Crazy.

Dr. Mercola and Krill Oil

16 Oct

Buford is doing wonderful and colder weather is approaching. So I’m making sure  to keep him warm for the winter. Basset hounds have a smooth coat and he sheds a lot. He gets cold easy being an older dog but I bought him a sweater that he loves so much. Unfortunately the weather here in Baltimore has been nuts. Seventies one day and then we get a cold spell. Warm again then cold. It’s making Buford lazy and he’s sleeping a lot.

I noticed that Buford hates taking his fish oil pill. No matter what kind I find, big or small, he can almost undoubtedly sniff it out and spit it out when I stick it in his chicken or beef.  He’s very old but his nose still works like a charm.  The fish oil is important for his heart health and his aches and pains. At 13 he runs and plays and almost never has arthritus.

I read on Dr. Mercola’s site that Krill oil may be a good thing to use instead of the fish oil.  In fact, here’s why Dr. Mercola says that the krill oil is 48 times more potent that fish oil. I’m off to get me some of that.

Oh and by the way, here’s some discussion on Tumeric which Buford has been on and has been helping his arthritis, in fact, he doesn’t have arthritis thanks to what I read here!

A word on Dr. Mercola.

He’s a real doctor and surgeon and a NY Times best seller author. He provides great articles on his website and has a center for natural healing. He sells lot of supplements which the haters point out has bought the guy a two million dollar house. Who cares. You don’t think the owners of Whole Foods Market have a nice house? What Dr. Mercola is doing is telling the world there are alternatives to big pharma, and showing the benefits of natural supplements.  I can only assume that big pharma doesn’t like it. Now I for one am glad he offers a one stop shop on the website. People like me have to go to five places to get all the pills I need for my dog, but if I could buy them all from one place I would. So thanks Dr. M!

Believe what you want, but I have seen alternatives that work on my dog.   I guess it’s all in what you want to put in your body. It’s bad enough half the foods we eat and water we drink are laden with poisons.  Just my thoughts of course. When you are faced with an illness you will do whatever you can to make it go away. Lucky for me my dog is living proof that there are other options.


Buford’s Health Today:

Lazy and good!



Chicken Diet for Cancer Dogs

26 May
Cancer Diet

Maybe it’s me but this food looks darn good.

I have to say I’ve got Buford’s chicken diet down pat.  He’s 61 lbs and spending  $20-$25  a week and my dog eats darn good.  I wait until I find the .99 thighs or legs. These tend to have more fat which is good since I’ve cut out the grain.  Four family packs will last him 7 days.  If you buy them on Monday, make a batch on Monday and freeze the other pack. Remove the frozen pack on Thursday and boil it up for the weekend.  For my 60 lb boy, $18.72 in chicken and $4 in Kale gets him through a week.

Now I want to say as far as stretching it goes,  I feed him a giant portion at night. whatever he can’t eat gets refrigerated and that’s his breakfast. A small portion for breakfast helps keep his immune system going. Times will vary due to my hectic work schedule.

Since my dog’s immune system has been compromised by the cancer, so I don’t do rare or raw, so he gets well done, and I go the extra step to make the “jelly” from the fat and marrow.  I’ve gotten good at stretching the life out of the chicken and pulling all the good stuff from it.

The below steps take me about an hour to two hours to prepare each Monday and Thursday.  I premake enough cooked picked chicken with jellified fat and portion container it in the fridge so that he has enough to eat for a few days easy. All I have to do when I get home is puree fresh kale and add to the refrigerated portion and serve.  Prep time is 10 minutes per night. Keep in mind the pills are thrown in there and I have to make sure he’s eaten them all before I refrigerate the rest for morning breakkie!  (Alternate is to pre make some beef cubes from steak and portion them into saran wrap. Freeze and thaw as needed, serve cold)

Step One:

Boil Your Chicken in a Stock Pot (Not Aluminum)

Step Two:

Remove the chicken and continue to boil down the liquid.

Step Three:

Pick  your chicken.

Step Four:

Boil down the bones in the liquid.

Step Five: 

Remove the bones and add this liquid to the picked chicken.

Step Six:

Container in single serve containers, and refrigerate.

cancer diet

After I’ve picked the chicken clean I will dump the liquid in. In this is a large jar I scoop out a portion each night although it’s easier to do single serve packs when you are time constained.

basset hound cancer

Once the liquid has been added to the chicken and cools, you will notice most of the fat floats to the top

Cancer Dog DietNatural Fats in the Chicken help keep him at his target weight.

===========Buford’s Health Today:  He’s tired a lot. Still running and playing, but taking more naps. I hope it’s just the fresh air, but realistically I know what to expect. I also got him rescanned. Am waiting for the interpretation.

Diet for Dogs with Cancer Kale Superfood Flavanoids

9 May

Diet for Cancer Dogs

The Diet for Cancer Dogs

The biggest challenge for me as a pet owner was to fine tune dinners for Buford.  My husband cooks professionally for a living and dinner in our household was always something we shared together. Now we are more worried about cooking for the dog , so I now have it down to a science.  I can make his dinner in about ten minutes if I cook the chicken every few days.

Goodbye Grains and Carbs

I took three cancer diet suggestions and tailored them to Buford’s preferences. All dogs may be different, but the key here is to keep the dog eating and keep him interested in eating.  I cut out all grains, and all unnecessary carbs. He gets no rice and no oatmeal.  He was a dog who was raised on grains so this has been a huge challenge.  He will still attack me wishing for a pizza crust. Sorry pal, not going to happen. I’m not feeding the cancer with grains.

Replace the Carbs with Natural Fats to Fatten Them Back Up

At first I had to cook up some pork back fat and cube it into small cubes.  My dog initially dropped weight and looked like he was wasting away to nothing. Changing to a diet with no grains or carbs is hard on them. So for Buford I could give him a few ounces of pork back fat mixed into his food. Normally this is something that a normal healthy dog may not digest properly, but in Buford’s case his body was waxing and waning for carbs.

Natural carbs were soon to follow in my chicken concoction. I am proud to say I feed him enough chicken natural fats now he isn’t wasting away and is holding weight well.

Move From Once a Day Feeding to Twice a Day or More

Buford used to eat a big meal every night. He was not faring well eating once a day. Dr. Carol advised me to try twice a day. I give him an overwhelming portion at night, sometimes, so much I know he will have some left to refrigerate for morning. I will feed him first thing, sometimes even wake him up to feed him before I go to work.  Twice a day is very important. By the time I get home he is starving.

Chicken Concoction : Jellified is Good Four out of Five Days

Every few days I boil down some chicken. I do about three days at a time. The goal is to have enough chicken, jellified stock, and natural chicken fat to feed your dog dinner for three days. To do this you need a pretty large family pack of thighs, or legs.  I prefer legs and thighs for this mixture. Also the bones are minimal and they are easy to pick.  I literally boil the crap out of it until the chicken is falling off the bone and most of the water in the pot has evaporated. Now I suppose the right way would be to use distilled water but I still use tap water (hey, I’m boiling the crap out of it okay and I can’t be perfect on everything!)  I will sometimes remove the chicken and continue boiling down the stock, picking the chicken them returning the bones to the boiling water. I swear there’s good protein in those bones and I’m like the lady with rock soup, determined to squeeze everything out of those bones for my cancer dog. When I say boil it dwn,  I mean you must boil this stock down to nill. If it was 3/4 full you are shooting for 1/4 full.  Once you have done this remove bones or chicken parts and let it cool in a glass bowl. It will overnight coagulate. It becomes a big jellified mess of chicken stock. If you don’t see it looking like jello, you haven’t boiled it enough.The top will form a nice layer of fat that your dog needs to replace the lack of carbs he gets because he doesn’t eat grains. The jellified concoction is what I puree in with his kale.  Pick your chicken and put that in a bowl, pouring a bit of chicken stock in there to keep it moist. Include cartridge from the tip of the legs and all the skins.  I get a large casserole full of chicken after doing a family pack. Unfortunately, Buford being 60 lbs will only last him three days from a family pack. It does get costly but he’s worth it. I refrigerate it and use this for approximately three days.

If you really want to go the extra mile and save time have a dog cooking dinner night. You can cook several family packs and repeat this process, wrapping portions in saran and bagging them in your freezer. Save the stock in small containers. Therefore, you can cook up a few weeks’ worth. You can pull out a small prepped up pack each day and small container of stock to thaw in a bowl in the fridge for the next night’s dinner. I’m not this far ahead.

My dog prefers chicken over red meats and so he will eat this four out of five days.  I will give him once a week red meat, like a pan grilled steak and cut it up medium with a hint of rare with the fat attached to the steak. I will cube it and add that to the pureed veggies. The fattier the steak the better.   As you aren’t supposed to use ground meats of any kind the other alternatives if liver. I hate making him this because it stinks to high heaven and the whole kitchen reeks afterwards.

I do not give him pork, for one my dog vomits on pork meat and his skin breaks out. He’s technically allergic to pork but what is amazing is he can eat bacon and pork back fat with no issues. So I’m not sure what it is.  No fish for dinner but if he’s dying for a snack I may let him nibble on some of my tuna fish. I always have tuna made up with mayo and dill.  This is probably a big no no with the mercury scare and such, but the way I see it it’s protein and beats giving him a milk bone.  That little bit of mayo is adding fat and well, it sure beats a hot dog.

Overall I’ve tried very hard to adapt his diet and I’m in shock he has had less trouble than me!

Kale : Four Days out of Seven But All Greens Must Be Pureed

Whatever veggies you are using must be processed to break down the cells for easier absorption in your pet.

Now if you ask me Kale is an important superfood. Here is a great article on Kale, and it aids in Cancer because it has a phytochemical called sulforaphane which  helps the body’s detoxification enzymes clear potentially carcinogenic substances out of your system.  It’s said to have 45 different Flavinoids which not only boost the immune system and help in detoxification but it’s simply amazing.  I don’t cook the kale. I pick the leaves off maybe two to three stems (he thinks the stems are bitter and will turn his nose up at this if you include the stems I learned this rather quickly) and after I’ve mixed the leaves with some jellified chicken stock I puree them. I mix them into my chicken concoction.

Buford gets kale at least four days out of seven.

The Rest of the Days: Veggie Mix

Two days I will rinse and do the same with collard greens. I used to boil them first to soften them, he doesn’t mind if they are raw or not, but he doesn’t like the stems.

The last day is broccoli. This is a cousin of kale but Buford is picky about it. It bothers him as it will give him gas. He will not eat it raw.  I have to steam it first, then puree it or he will not eat it. It then is pureed with the jellified chicken.  He really hates it but he will eat it and I do this to change up his dinner. I pay the price later that night when he’s farting.

Sometimes, I sneak in green peppers, but he is not fond of them. Red peppers upset his tummy but I am a huge fan of them.  I try to add in a sliver here and there and purify it to heck. Only once every few weeks will I mix in a carrot and I do this with skins on pureed but I have mixed feelings about this. t. I am a huge fan of raw carrots

Here’s A Sample of Buford’s diet:

Morning: Small bit of leftover from the night before (if any.) If not, small portion of boiled chicken.  Prep Time: Zilch

Night Jellifiedd Stock Pureed in With Kale, and Chicken Skins/Cartlidge/Boiled Chicken mix – large potion with meds dumped on top Prep Time: 10 Min

note: I make sure to check that he’s swallowed all pills. If not I will make a chicken meatball with a medicine stuffed inside til all the meds are gone.

save leftovers for morning…repeat…

Fuck Cancer

Buford’s Health Today: Absolutely Amazing. He’s been running, playing and doing well crapping lately. His quality of life is great, and it makes me very happy . I’ve added Carnivora but I’ll write more on that later.

Buford Running and Playing

18 Apr

It’s been over four months since the cancer returned and Buford looks and acts physically well.  He’s running, playing, and barking like a champ.  He is still crapping just fine.

I have followed the baking soda molasses protocol to a tee and to be safe I’m still doing it more than I should be since there are no tests on dogs–just humans.

I am sleeping on the couch now with Buford to monitor him.  When Buford ingests the dose, and he is getting used to the taste, which now he welcomes instead of spits out. Not sure why, or if he associates this with making him feel better?

Soon thereafter he will nap. Probably a rush of molasses sugar. I noticed several hours later changes happen.  I think it’s working it’s way though the system and creating spikes or sorts in his body. His tummy rumbles, and then he has night sweats just like they said you would with high PH.  He goes outside several times but not to poop or urinate, just to go cool off. He wakes me up when he comes in from outside  every time. What is he telling me? I know he is feeling different.  I wonder what it’s doing or is it working.

Now in all honesty I am unsure if this is the cancer affecting him or the ph working–or both!

However, yesterday I saw something very odd in his stool. It was altogether a lighter color (they said yellowish stool is good) and there were tiny bits of something in it. I have no idea what. Almost like powder, and if I had to guess and describe it I’d say it looks like parts of the inside of the tumeric pills or like bits of baking soda that have coagulated and turned yellow.  Whatever it is it’s yellow and I’ve looked all over the net to find out what it could be. The only thing similar is calcium stones but  they are way bigger, these are very teeny and small.  I used a stick to pick up one and look at it, it’s a hardened powder type formation but all very small, and upon smashing with a stick disintegrates into a powder form.

I have no idea what’s going on.   As long as Buford keeps running, playing, and having fun with his friends I am not going to mind what comes out of his butt as long as something is coming out!

I will take him in for another scan in May if he’s still acting this way.




Baking Soda Molasses Protocol for Cancer Dogs

15 Apr

Update: Below is the protocol I used on my dog. As I am not a veterinarian, therefore I cannot give you advice on how to do this to your dog nor will I tell you that you should. I can only write about what I’ve done for mine. I also want to add that upping a dog’s PH can do real damage to some of their organs, if you are not careful. I also must add there is no way I would have done this for Buford had I not first a) changed his diet to get him off grains, carbs and onto kale and superfoods and b) boosted his immune system first with the supplements and the super-diet.  So remember, doing this without changing the diet or the natural supplements means you are only changing a part of the whole, expecting only part of it to work.  And it won’t.

Baking Soda and Molasses : Figuring it Out 

Protocol for humans is 4oz water to 1 tsp baking soda and 1tsp molasses  once a day until day 6 when you increase. Full instructions for humans are here. Problem is, I am unclear what to do for a dog. From what I’ve read a dog’s PH range is different than humans.

Here’s a guy that claims Molasses cured a dog with cancer.

From what I understand, there is no n0rmal PH range in a dog. It may test around a 6.5 to 6.75 is nothing to balk at, but below 6 may be issues.  According to Creature Comfort regarding PH:Urine Ph 7.0 and lower indicates acidic/neutral whereas Urine Ph 7.0 and higher indicates alkalinity.”

Therefore,  I can only assume getting it to an 8 would achieve the same ALKALINITY as what is going on with Vito here to “kill his cancer”  www.phkillscancer.com.

The Dog Hates it

I will tell you this, there is no way in h*ll to get your dog to drink this stuff. Even though it smells like gingerbread cookies, no can I get him to drink it. Now, my dog trusts me and does basically whatever I tell him to do. This however, is not going to happen.  I tried a sip myself, GROSS!  Unless you shove a turkey baster down their throat you may as well come up with something creative. My whole thing is not to make him feel as though things are different, so the turkey baster down the throat idea is OUT.

I tried mixing it in with his kale. No go.

I tried mixing it into his chicken. No go.

The basset hound has a keen sense of smell, and the molasses is now after he tasted it with baking soda, associated with YUCKY.

Obviously I had to tweak this to a way to get the mixture in him. I do not know if it will work or not.

First, I used a small 1/4 measuring cup. I put about 2 tsp of baking soda into water, I totally dilute the baking soda in water and mix it up good, then add in the Brer Rabbit Molasses 2tsp. Water rises to the top, now since the baking soda has already been technically diluted, I will tilt the measuring cup to the side and off comes the excess water. Now I have a bubbling mass of molasses turning light brown from the oxygenation of the bicarboniate soda. Keep mixing and it stops looking like a science project. This is probably some type of toxic mixture at this rate. I’d like to call it my dog-compound.

NOTE: *This 2tsp + 2sp  is technically twice the amount for humans, but I was making a paste. I did not use 2 tsp + 2tsp into the dog immediately, I made the paste this way and then took a portion for my dog’s weight and put it in a hot dog. For a 60 lb dog I did the math and figured he should get 1/3 of a teaspoon of the paste.  I made 4tsp mix of the paste because stuffing hot dogs will have the paste running out all around and you will lose a lot of paste. Better to have extra than not enough. I made a new paste this way every day and discarded the leftoevers.

Mathematician – How I found Buford’s amount to get into him.

Now remember, humans drink only 1tsp mixed into water.  So I had to tweak this to a dog.  As there is nothing written about this, I can only explain what I’m doing and I suggest anyone who is trying this is running it by their vet first.  ALSO REMEMBER BUFORDS IMMUNE SYSTEM WAS BUILT UP BEFORE I DID THIS BECAUSE OF HIS NATURAL DIET AND LOTS OF NATURAL HERBS AND SUPPLEMENTS.  My dog is 60#. An average human is three times that. So, I decided if I get 1/3 the dose for adults in him, I”m doing okay.  That would be 1/3 tsp of the dog compound WHICH IS A MIX OF BAKING SODA AND MOLASSES

WHY I WENT HIGHER: (Buford has it in his lymph nodes and he had a huge immune boost with all the stuff I’ve been giving him, so when I look at my dog he’s big. He’s over 60 lbs and he’s not  sick. He eats good, healthy appetite, he runs and plays, and he’s been boosted up. Having a complete diet change and immune boosters including kale superfoods, natural animal fats, and all kinds of natural supplements is the only reason I made the decision to give him 1/2 tsp a day. This is a higher dose than I based my measurements on. This came to 1/4 tsp baking soda and 1/4 tsp molasses into the hot dogs. (at least for the first six days, then I decided to increase).

The scary part is your dog can’t tell you when he’s overdosing on bicarbonate soda and molasses. I watched him closely and I bought some PH test strips for his urine. I had to go to the Vitamin Shoppe to get them.   During this time I slept on the floor with him. He was up a lot peeing and his stomach was growling. I knew something was happening.

Here’s what Happened To Buford:

Day One 0kay not much change

Day two  ok a little nauseous

Day Three night sweats, erratic behavior going out constantly, something is happening in his body.

Day Four  tired, slept all night and most of the day, did not poop

Day Five  looked like death warmed over I pulled back the dose a bit, hardly pooped

Day Six  feeling much better,  reduced the dose and he crapped like a racehorse, had small bits of something yellow in it?

Day Seven. PH Is measuring 8. He is feeling okay. I am giving baking soda and molasses day and night now.  Active

I am on Day Eight right now and have to keep him at 8 or above…………..

So How Did I Get It In Him?

Simple, I used  pure trickery.

Buford over the years has developed a love for three human foods : Pizza ,  Hot Dogs, and butter.  Not by my choice, it’s just what he used to jump up on the counter and steal when no one was looking. Used to steal the whole stick of butter and run outside with it. Loves butter to death.

There’s no way I’m giving him carbs in the pizza crust, maybe I should since he’s on his death bed but I went to far to give up now. So I went for the lesser two of three evils. Butter and hot dogs.

I am now hollowing out pockets in bits of hot dog and filling with this nasty mixture. I will give him one tiny bit of untreated hot dog. Another real quick like throw it in his mouth. You know when you have a hand full of treats and the dog starts gulping them down, he doesn’t even know what it is you are feeding him he is so worried about eating them all. This is what you want. to achieve, to where you can feed him the dog compound in clear trickery.

So, I then send a hollowed out piece with the mixture. then I give him another untreated, then the mixture. He’s eating it. He’s swallowing them down.  Yuck for him, yeah for me!

On day 4 he caught on to my trickery when he bit into it and the mixture squirted out of it. I needed a back up plan.

Enter the Butter.  I sliced 1/8 thin pieces of butter and fashioned a tiny butter box . I filled it with the mixture and prepared for the same game. A small piece of butter. He’s loving it. Next piece. Gulp. Insert butter box and voila. Swallowed.

Now I am unsure if the butter and hot dogs are just going to screw everything I’m trying to do with his diet, and to acheieve with baking soda and molasses “dog compound” but the way I see it, we are already at the end of the road and out of options. Anything besides here would be a huge improvement.

NOTE:  His PH is reading 8 two days in a row, so transferring this into him is obviously working.

For anyone to do this, this is risky. The problem with this therapy in dogs is the dog can’t tell you if they are feeling woozy, or sick, or having the cold sweats like this indicates.  I have dedicated every waking minute to watching him and have a lot of leeway since I’m self employed and have a wonderful husband.  As well, the protocol for humans indicates to take more potassium (even though the molasses has it in there, you need more, and the dog is also not going to eat a banana when he’s low on potassium.  )

This is where you and your dog have to communicate in some way, some how. I would never do this protocol then go off to work and leave him uncared for. Anything could happen.

Buford will jump out of a deep sleep to need to go outside, and I’m right there with him.  He knows changes are happening, but what we don’t yet know. Let’s hope it’s something, better than our present situation.

My dog has a will to live and darn it, I’m going to help him fight.

Buford Understands English

13 Apr

The Horrible Truth

I talked to my new vet about the interpretation of Buford’s most recent scan. The mass of lymph nodes or nodules. If you are looking at him sideways, the mass would rest above his (p*nis) and under his back. This cluster contains maybe 5 nodes, of which 3 are now enlarged to 4.2 cm x about 2cm.  So, the initial interpretation in January showed one node at about 3.75cm. The first node has grown from 3.75cm to 4.2cm (not a big growth in three months).  Now that may be good considering I starved his system of carbs, but not good for Buford, considering the cancer said “Screw you for starving me” and spread to two more nodes.  Imagine if they keep growing in size, he will be unable to poop or pee. So here is a pretty accurate photo of what’s going on inside him. Buford has a mass the size of a small coconut!

cancertumor in BufordBuford is Not in Pain

Buford is tall and that is unusual for his breed.  He always was a bit different than other basset hounds and now I’m glad he’s as long as he is lanky tall because he obviously has spare room that this alien type mass is taking up and he doesn’t even seem to notice it.  He’s obviously not in pain but even though he sometimes strains to poop he still is pooping huge masses.

I’m scared to leave Buford alone, because at the first sign of strain or struggle or pain, I will put him down and have been considering methods of doing so. Also he has gotten used to me overcompensating since I found out the cancer has returned, and he’s spoiled now. He will act up and get to be a nervous wreck if I leave him home.

Two days ago,  I took him to my office with me.  I just had a conversation with the neighbor Dave at work, who has a house next to my office. He just put down his basset hound, Molly. She was 14 and a pretty old girl.  He was telling me, that someone could come to your home or workplace and put your dog down. He went over to his house to get the number for me in case of an emergency.

Immediately as if on queue Buford then started barking at me and ran clear across the work property like a rabid dog barking and hooting and hollaring, and ran…and ran, and ran and ran. Across three and a half acres he ran, laps.  Galloping like a baby horse,  wagging his tail, barking, jumping, playing as if to say “Oh no you don’t, look at me, look at me, I’m fine.” He ran so much I thought for sure he’d drop dead. I was exhausted just watching him.

What is sad is that Buford wants to live and has so much energy still. He maybe doesn’t know he’s sick or that this alien thing is growing inside of him. Or he knows something that I don’t.  What is he trying to tell me?

Yesterday he wanted to go for a walk. He drug my fat butt a half mile up the road and back. I had to run to keep up with him.

I just don’t understand how is he so energetic and appears so healthy when he’s technically got a baby sac of cancer inside him?  I know I should take it one day at a time but I’m puzzled.  The diagnosis doesn’t fit the way in which he’s acting.

Molasses and Baking Soda. My last hope.

Yes, I’m trying it.


Instant Results With Whole Foods Diet

26 Feb basset hound cancer
basset hound

Buford Woo : Looking Shiny Lately

I’ve noticed some instant results with this whole foods diet. I can’t call it raw foods or completely raw because I still can’t bring myself to pull raw (or even semi raw) chicken off the bone.

basset hound cancer

He is sleeping well though the night.

First of all, he’s been sleeping through the night. This has not happened in a long time. About eight months ago, he used to get up twice in the night to drink alot of water and pee. So much so, I thought his liver or bladder had issues or even diabetes. I had him tested for everything including Cushings, but the regular vet found nothing wrong in his blood or body, so we attributed it to old age and the fact that his bladder just was getting older.  So with that said, on average, he would get up twice through the night with increased thirst and to pee prior to changing hid diet. Now that is not happening.  Now he will pee once late, about 11 pm, then sleep until 7 or 8 am.  And he’s not drinking like crazy, so technically that’s number two.

Three, his fur is so soft and shiny it isn’t funny. It has to be the proteins and vegetables, but his coat feels like a puppy again.

meat beef oats raw foods

A glimpse at the beef entree notice the green pepper up top didn’t process and he left it anyways.

Lately I’ve been alternating with:

Rare steak, oats, fresh collard green, green peppers, celery  *If the peppers don’t process he will leave them. He will smell like celery for two days.

Chicken, fresh pureed kale, rice, broccoli  *He prefers the broccoli steamed them pureed oddly enough but the kale fresh and not steamed.

Collard Greens

collard greens processed, you have to only add a few spoons of chicken broth or they get too runny

Now the funny thing about this is I am trying to keep the veggies raw and not cooked or steamed.   The meat is medium.  The fibers are coked. Oddly, he will eat the meat and veggies and often leave the oats or brown rice which is strange.

Currently he’s getting

1000 mg Vitamin C

1400 mg Coral Calcium  Update, I nixed this see why here. 

1000 mg Fish Oil

1 Probiotic Pill Each Day

15-20 Dr. Reckeweg’s R17 Drops sprinkled in

basset hound cancer

DO NOT DO THIS – If you put the meds in the food and he doesn’t eat it all then what? Save them for a treat after dinner.

The thing I learned is you can’t just dump this on the food. What if he doesn’t eat the food? Then you have no way of knowing what he’s ingested and not. So, I let him eat his food FIRST then mix him up a small side saucer of chicken broth and some pulled chicken. Sprinkled all those pills in there one big anabolic mess if you will and watching him suck it down in one lap always makes me smile.  We have liftoff!


Next, I will have to figure a way to afford the Mushroom caps….


Buford’s overall health today,  he seems to overall be feeling better , his stomach is getting used to eating so many veggies.  He’s supercharged with proteins and still wanting to go for walks. He pulled me up the street yesterday, I could not keep up with him.  He is overall determined to win the fight.  Something to be said for willpower.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs with Cancer

21 Feb raw food diet
raw food whole food diet cancer in dogs

My Dog’s Whole Food Raw Food Diet is Modified to Fit His Individual Needs

Dr. Wonderful explained to me that the whole basis of the alternative treatment is to get your dog onto a totally different diet. Get rid of the regular dog food which is loaded with kibbles of crunchy carbs and corn (but he loves that and has for 13 years!) as it’s totally feeding the cancer.

Cancer apparently loves carbs and sugars, and extra carbs convert to sugars. So you do the math.

Our new motto is  Starve the cancer feed the body.

Use Whole Foods and Raw Foods

It’s actually very simple but time consuming.  I am not 100% accurate on my raw food whole food regimen but it’s what I can do , and I figure anything I can do differently than his kibble food now, is 100% better. So I’m not going to be too hard on myself.

I first had to go get a food processor. Black and Decker $35 ($29.92 at Walmart list price) and load up on meats, veggies and oats and rice. I bought enough of that to last me a month as they had a sale on turkey for .49 a lb. ($80) I froze them, as most meats will be frozen first to kill or hopefully kill any bacterias before cooked.  I will have to buy fresh veggies each week.

Modified Diet

He’s a cancer patient, so he won’t be on the totally raw foods diet. His food will be sort of cooked …..but no more dog food! This is why it’s so important to work with a holistic vet to guide you in the right direction. No two dogs are alike. Why should your food regimen be?

Cardinal Rules:

  • No breads or sugars.
  • Nothing with Corn.
  • No dairy unless it’s from a goat.
  • No pork.
  • Look for whole foods.  Organic is good but read labels.
  • Look for raw foods.

Very Easy Food Bowl Diagram:

  • 20% whole grains only like brown rice or whole grain oats.  **Note: My other holistic contact says to get them off these carbs all together, so for Buford I will be waning him off carbs and replacing him with good fats like chicken fats, chicken skins and pork back fat cubes.
  • 20% superfoods  (must be ground up in a food processor to break down the plant cells) Kale, Collard Greens, Spinach or Broccoli
  • 60% meats medium rare (MODIFIED FOR MY DOG, HIS AGE/CONDITION)  Here is the part I am having a hard time with, I cant fathom pulling half cooked chicken off the bone I think I’ll pass out. So I’m doing the best I can with the chicken.

His dinner:

I used three huge collard leaves that I initially softened for 60 seconds with chicken broth from the chicken I made in a sautee’ pan, then ground it up in the processor. I heated the whole grain oatmeal with the chicken stock half way. The chicken was then mixed in and I even threw in skins and cartridge (no bones).

You can actually premake this into baggies, freeze, thaw, and serve which I plan on doing.

This recipe:

3 parts chicken skins/cartilage, chicken stock, 3 huge collard green leaves blended, and 1/2 cup whole grain oats warm


Buford’s Health Today:    He actually begged for seconds.  See for yourself.

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