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Questions and Answers to Readers and How To Find Me

3 May

Dear Readers:  Thank you for reading my blog. I’m sorry if you’ve ended up here because your dog has cancer.  I have been getting so many questions and answers about this blog and know I am not a veterinarian, but I have published my account of what kept my dog alive for years.  Buford was unlike any other dog or pet in my life, and it hurts me just to come back here to moderate comments. I miss him so much. He fought so hard.  So I will post some reader questions and answers here so you can find them quickly, and  I hope you find them helpful. I will update when I can.  I’ve been working on my new blog, to help people now, TheCalmLife.net.   All my personal links are there, that is how you can find me.

I send you love and light in your battle to keep your beloved pet alive.

Question:   Will PH kill the cancer?

Answer:   According to Phil at phkillscancer.org,  it does.  However, I used PH and supplements to prolong my dog’s life as there is no cure for cancer. The cancer was already in his lymph nodes when I started yet he still had an appetite , he wanted to fight, and he trusted me.   If the cancer has already progressed in your dog to the point of impacting his organs, appetite, or making him suffer, then I do not suggest this therapy for you.

Question: How did you get the baking soda into your dog?

Answer: I made a paste of baking soda and Brer molasses and hollowed out small areas of hot dogs . Cut a hot dog in 5 pieces. Stand on end. Leave the bottom solid but take a 1/2″ area out of the top and then I stuffed the paste in the hot dog. Luckily my Buford trusted me to take whatever I would feed him. If your dog has no appetite this won’t work.

Question:  What supplements did you use?

Answer:   Here is my list for Buford, who was a 55-60 lb dog.  You can read up on the benefits of all these supplements individually, but, if your dog is 20 lbs you would cut my list in 1/3.  The supplements were expensive. I can’t tell you what worked, what didn’t because I used them all together!

Question: What dose of baking soda should I use for my dog ?

Answer: My research and use of baking soda was monitored by using PH strips for pools on Buford’s urine and my notes are here.    Buford was a 60 lb dog and my goal was to give him small amounts of baking soda and molasses in hot dogs for a few days and monitor his urine until I reached the “kill zone”.  Buford was a large dog so I gave 3-4 pieces of hot dog a day for three days until he reached the kill zone.  However, if I had to do this for my mini doxie who is 12 lbs I think I would be scared to give that much and maybe only give her a small tiny piece with no more than 1/2 a teaspoon of the baking soda molasses mixture.  In fact, I would be scared to apply this protocol to any medium to small size dogs.

Question:  Can you write a post about the hot dogs?

Answer:  I will try to recreate this for you soon.

Question:  Can you make it easier to manuever the website

Answer: I will change the format .







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