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Buford is Alive and Well With Cancer PH Protocol

27 Jul

Buford Basset Hound Cancer

Funny when I snapped this shot of Buford he seems to have a guardian angel aura behind him!

I haven’t updated this blog in a few months and I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments on Buford, and I thank you for your support. My dog is simply amazing, and doing well. Turns out I had thought the cancer had spread but it was a fatty tumor (woot woot) although cancer is all in him.

What led me to believe he was failing is that his health was going downhill and he wasn’t eating, then one day I saw a bulge the size of an apple in his cheek. Turned out to be his farthest back molar (these are the teeth whose roots go deep into the jaw) had decayed and fractured, causing him infection. The tooth had not only been infected but had abscessed thought his gum causing pain and infection. (Gross picture to follow.)  Buford used to get his teeth cleaned yearly, but I stopped putting him under 2 years ago. Hard to imagine all this happened in 2 years but teeth and health are clearly related.

Dog Fractured Molar Basset Hound Cancer

Buford’s Back Molar Fractured and Abscessed Causing him a lot of pain. Photos from my vet.

That picture was taken at my vet’s.  It was a real fight to get him fixed up.  At the time, Buford was almost 14 and no vet wanted to put him under to do his tooth. Furthermore, he had a heart murmur. Imagine my shock thinking this tooth’s infection was going to kill him and here we’ve been battling cancer for years.

I had to break out the big guns and call Dr. Carol (As seen on Dr. Phil show.  Holistic Veterinarian,Board Certified Health Diplomat and author, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, will answer your questions for $15.99 or do complete medical  consults for $75. )  For Buford she told me exactly what blood tests to run and I had my vet do it.  Dr. Carol followed up every step of the way we talked many times, and it came down to it I would have drove him to Ohio from Baltimore just to get Dr. Carol to do the surgery and take my chances.  After consulting and timeframes, my  vet decided to do it based on Dr. Carol’s exact recommendations and did it quite successfully!   He was taking some meds a week before to fight the infection, and during which time Dr. Carol had me double up on the probiotics so that the antibiotics didn’t ruin his system.  During surgery, Buford was under for about 30 minutes, had his tooth extracted and his other teeth cleaned as quickly as they could.  He came out with flying colors and within a few days was back to normal running and playing with his friends.

Basset Hound Cancer

Buford is more grey/white and tired but he’s still kicking and loves his little friends.

Fast Forward til Now:

Today Buford is a lot slower moving most days, and enjoys naps a little longer. He is finally showing signs of arthritis in his hips, and it’s hard for him to jump on the couch or his favorite chair so I find him napping in his little friend’s bed. I do give him some of Dr. Carol’s PAAWS and that helps.

PH Protocol Cancer

Buford napping in his little friend’s bed. I bought him his own but he’d rather sleep in hers. ha ha!

He’s quite sick of chicken and kale and knows if he holds out I will throw some steak or ground beef in. I don’t like doing this because I want to stick to the chicken kale as much as possible but whatever I can do to get him to eat. He loves carrots and broccoli, but the carrots do have a level of natural sugar and carbs that I worry about conversion to sugar (sugar feeds cancer) so I don’t do that too often. Broccoli I grind up in the Magic Bullet but it goes give him gas and his tummy hurts.

He’s lost some weight and that concerns me but he is older and more picky.  Getting him to eat his pills each night is a chore, he’s gotten to the point we have to hand feed him and he does it for attention. He will sometimes spit the pills out just to get you to re-stuff them into a ball of kale and chicken just for the extra attention. Should you sit the food bowl down he will refuse to eat.  So basically its at the point Buford will be hand fed…he’s trained us well.

basset hound cancer

My angel 🙂

I travel often and it’s hard on Buford, but one thing is for sure, I am his #1 fan.  I believe there is a level of loyalty my dog has for me that is second to none. He will fight to the end and for that I’m grateful. He’s been such a wonderful addition to my life, and just the other day I was crying and having a really bad day, and he snuggles up next to me and makes me feel better. His quality of life is high and for that I’m grateful.

There is no cure for cancer, but I’ve sure found a way to keep Buford’s quality of life high and live with it. I am going to resort to this protocol my damn self if I get Cancer one day.



Good News on the Scan The Cancer Is Taking A Break Thank you St. Jude

3 Jun

cANCER CUREI am not sure how to say this, and I’m so scared to say this, because I don’t want to jinx it.  Today I received good news on Buford’s follow up scan.  How can this be? I don’t want to get too excited. But I’m here to tell you these facts:

  • In Early April the cancer had spread to three lymph nodes and was nearly blocking his bowels.  
  • I rebelled by doing the PH-Cancer Protocol and upping his supplements.
  • Now he’s crapping normal without strain, running and playing.
  • The scan from last week reveals only a .1 to .2 cm growth (yes I said POINT ONE and POINT TWO of a CENTIMETER, and if we leave that up to interpretation).

What does this mean?

It means,  two months later,  the cancer is halting and taking a break. It’s not spreading. It’s not really even growing.  It hasn’t spread into his other two nodules that are in the same lymph node area.  It could have, but it didn’t.

So, the cancer cells are just there, sitting there  in Buford’s lymph nodes. I know they hear me and I hear them. They are sneaky little buggers, so I anticipate their next move.  Just like poor Boss Hogg, in my previous post, the cancer can go into remission, but then strike back hard with all it’s might. I know this. Those little bastards are taking a break to come back stronger and harder.

But when they do, I’ll be here, fighting right along side with my dog. 







Instant Results With Whole Foods Diet

26 Feb basset hound cancer
basset hound

Buford Woo : Looking Shiny Lately

I’ve noticed some instant results with this whole foods diet. I can’t call it raw foods or completely raw because I still can’t bring myself to pull raw (or even semi raw) chicken off the bone.

basset hound cancer

He is sleeping well though the night.

First of all, he’s been sleeping through the night. This has not happened in a long time. About eight months ago, he used to get up twice in the night to drink alot of water and pee. So much so, I thought his liver or bladder had issues or even diabetes. I had him tested for everything including Cushings, but the regular vet found nothing wrong in his blood or body, so we attributed it to old age and the fact that his bladder just was getting older.  So with that said, on average, he would get up twice through the night with increased thirst and to pee prior to changing hid diet. Now that is not happening.  Now he will pee once late, about 11 pm, then sleep until 7 or 8 am.  And he’s not drinking like crazy, so technically that’s number two.

Three, his fur is so soft and shiny it isn’t funny. It has to be the proteins and vegetables, but his coat feels like a puppy again.

meat beef oats raw foods

A glimpse at the beef entree notice the green pepper up top didn’t process and he left it anyways.

Lately I’ve been alternating with:

Rare steak, oats, fresh collard green, green peppers, celery  *If the peppers don’t process he will leave them. He will smell like celery for two days.

Chicken, fresh pureed kale, rice, broccoli  *He prefers the broccoli steamed them pureed oddly enough but the kale fresh and not steamed.

Collard Greens

collard greens processed, you have to only add a few spoons of chicken broth or they get too runny

Now the funny thing about this is I am trying to keep the veggies raw and not cooked or steamed.   The meat is medium.  The fibers are coked. Oddly, he will eat the meat and veggies and often leave the oats or brown rice which is strange.

Currently he’s getting

1000 mg Vitamin C

1400 mg Coral Calcium  Update, I nixed this see why here. 

1000 mg Fish Oil

1 Probiotic Pill Each Day

15-20 Dr. Reckeweg’s R17 Drops sprinkled in

basset hound cancer

DO NOT DO THIS – If you put the meds in the food and he doesn’t eat it all then what? Save them for a treat after dinner.

The thing I learned is you can’t just dump this on the food. What if he doesn’t eat the food? Then you have no way of knowing what he’s ingested and not. So, I let him eat his food FIRST then mix him up a small side saucer of chicken broth and some pulled chicken. Sprinkled all those pills in there one big anabolic mess if you will and watching him suck it down in one lap always makes me smile.  We have liftoff!


Next, I will have to figure a way to afford the Mushroom caps….


Buford’s overall health today,  he seems to overall be feeling better , his stomach is getting used to eating so many veggies.  He’s supercharged with proteins and still wanting to go for walks. He pulled me up the street yesterday, I could not keep up with him.  He is overall determined to win the fight.  Something to be said for willpower.

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