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My Basset Hound is Still Alive with Cancer the Testament of Bond Between Owner and Dog

18 Nov
basset hound cancer

Buford and Kendall. Kendall is Birdie’s daughter. He took right to her of course, she looks just like her mom. Taken in September 2014

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and some of you wonder why. I am happy to report that my Buford is still alive and snuggling with me right now on our couch!   I am not sure for how long though, as I feel in my heart we are headed down the final road.  It has been a long road and one that I don’t regret for a minute. I am trying to keep his quality of life high, and now I am debating on when to make the final decision.


August was amazing, he was running and playing like a puppy. I had some great videos of Buford which got lost the end of August when I dropped my iPhone in a bucket of water and for whatever reason, I hadn’t backed them up to the cloud.  I worked a lot out of town in August. He was showing more white in his face and his face looked dehydrated.


In September and he started getting stressed again and refusing to eat.  Then the accidents started in September.  He would try to make it to his puppy door but would pee on the floor.  First it was once a week, then twice. I immediately thought his kidneys were going and so I took him for a sonagram and blood work.

His kidney values were elevated, (which is the case in most older dogs) but the sonagram revealed something oddly amazing.  At least to me.

Originally the cancer was supposed to grow together and cut off his bowel, making him unable to defecate and at which time I’d have to put him down.

As he was still having solid poops (and large ones at that) so I was not sure what was happening.  The sonogram revealed that the cancer (last sonogram 2/28/13 originally two 3 cm masses on both sides of him = 6 cm total) actually grew together and hardened into a hard mass, making a heavy ball inside of him total of 9 cm across.  For whatever reason, the ball of cancer then protruded down to push on his bladder (thereby NOT cutting off his bowels).

To me that was odd news that instead of cutting off his bowels the ball of cancer somehow rests on top his bladder, so that when his bladder is full, or if he should lay a certain way, by the time he tries to make it out the door, he sometimes doesn’t stand a chance.

But the wonderfully amazing part is, two cancer tumors were  IN HIS NODES when I started this therapy .   Now the cancer total is 9cm and is merged into one hard node.  Do you hear what I’m saying?





My husband and I prepared ourself to put him down, when he was ready.

basset hound cancer

There is always that one dog, that sets the bar for the bond between a dog and their owner. Taken 8-27-14 I use him in my promo shots.  I think he looks older here, but his weight would go up and down based on if he had a few good days or bad days.


October came and went and I thought that would be the end of him. He had a lot of non eating days.  I thought for sure he was a goner as I could see his ribs and he was worrying me.  Some times he would not eat.  The usual chicken and kale was a no go anymore.  I could have a back up fresh burger cooked for him and he wouldn’t eat that either.  Turned his nose up at steak and even fresh cooked turkey.  Have had to be creative and get some Grain Free cans of dog food and Grain Free hard food by Blue. Cost me $2 a day per can and about $1 worth of dry food per day for him. I continued his pills in hopes this would continue to help him.

I would never had advised can food on my plan early on, as sometimes you see hidden elements in the processing of the food that are no good for him.  However, at this point in the game, Buford ate.  He ate like a champ because it was different and once again he came back fighting.  However, when feeding grain free all the time you aren’t necessary building a lot of fats and weight up so I had to be creative and heat up chicken fat or bacon fat and pour it in to make up for the few pounds he lost. Good days he would eat the meals I made him and take his pills. Bad days he would eat like a bird and spit the pills out. I would restuff them into something and he would eat around the pills. I think he had those days where he tried to rake my last nerve , spitting them out so much they got mushy and i couldn’t restuff them. I know he was telling me he didn’t want them anymore. But I made him eat them. I made him eat and  I got used to feeding him three times a day little stuff if he would nibble. He would graze the dry food too. Accidents about three times a week consistently, always pee, never poop.


His weight maintained at 53-54 lbs.  I had to tell myself he was really only 50 with a 4 lb rock inside. But amazing for him, the most he ever weighed was 63.  So all in all this has been a successful journey.


This month has been significantly more difficult and he is much more picky, I have had to settle for giving him fish or throwing him some lunchmeat.  Last Friday he slipped on the snow and hurt his back paw. He is walking but he won’t climb steps. I won’t take him to the vets because whether it’s ligament or sprain won’t matter, there is no surgery at this point. He doesn’t appear to be in much pain or suffering but he will wait for me to lift his butt up and he will walk with his paws and doesn’t mind the boost up the steps. I’m giving him Rimidyl when he will take it.

His appetite is nill for three days now.  He burps a lot and I know his stomach hurts. He will now wait for me to hand feed him. When he feels like can food I can sneak in his pills quite easy (I’m still giving in hopes some of the herbs continue to keep his immune system up.) Other days he goes without any pill. He sleeps more and is slower waking up.  I’m going to get him some Cephalexin just in case.

I have noticed his teeth look horrible and he omits strange odors that seem to smell like death approaching. There is a lot of digestive gas and issues like very bad breath, and I assume inside (gut flora) must be a mess .

I decided to give him some yogurt and increase his probiotics and he seemed to feel better. but need to call the vet tomorrow.  Just last week (Nov12) the urination became a daily accident yet he was still running and playing. It is harder for him now that it’s colder out to get up and make it out the door faster.  The husband would not let me put him down as we know what is causing the accidents, and it’s not kidney failure.  Since he’s hurt his paw he’s not running right now, but he follows me everywhere room to room and wags and is vocal when we come or go.  He loves us so much and we wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Although he has decreased appetite he is staying hydrated. He will have good days and bad days. When he’s ready I’m ready.  If it’s a day or another month, I’m okay with that.

Lucky for me, I’m self employed and winter months I work from home. He will not leave my side until the day he passes. I am here with him til the end.

I don’t guesstimate when that will be. I can tell you we cancelled our yearly trip to Maine for Thanksgiving because the car ride would be uncomfortable to him, I feel as though he won’t make getting in and out constantly with a bad paw and having to urinate so much.   An hour to hour and a half with him pushes the bar now.  Maine was his favorite place.

basset hound cancer

The car rides are uncomfortable on him now. Buford is still hanging on though!  Taken OCT 2014

—————This Journey—————————-

This whole experience has been amazing to me on several counts. For one, there was a time in my life where I believed when you have cancer you must get chemo and radiation. My dog had neither and in reality, had cancer in his lymph nodes that did not spread rapidly thanks to this therapy and stayed contained in a mass which changed composition thanks to this therapy.

I have seen the power of natural medicine and I have seen the power of herbs.

I have seen how a 14 year old dog can run like a puppy thanks to diet and nutritional herbs and supplements.

This I will say yet again, there was a day I would not have believed this story unless I was living it.

I ask myself if I would have went though all this trouble for myself, and the answer is probably not.

What made me do it for Buford T. Woo?


This my friends is the testament of the bond between owner and dog.  He has seen me get married divorced and married again. He’s been there though the death of my mom and dad, and he’s outlived the other pets and his friends in the neighborhood. He doesn’t judge and he doesn’t mind listening.  He’s my faithful. I wonder what has made him hang on this long?


My brave boy.  I will post again when he passes.  But not until. Time is sacred now.

Cancer Dog

Believe in Miracles. He is mine.


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