basset hound with colorectal cancer lymph node cancer

This site is dedicated to my faithful furry friend Buford T. Woo, who bravely fought cancer in hopes that someone else can have more special times with their pets, and give their pet a better quality of life instead of chemotherapy pills for their dog.  It’s about my journey and how this protocol worked with my dog. Granted, Buford was head strong and a fighter.

My BufordI’ve always been an animal lover, and always had pets. But none quite like him. We shared a special bond, and he’d seen me suffer break ups and deaths, he’d been with me for a long time.  This protocol tested my patience and spent me a lot of time making his medicine cases up and fresh foods for him daily.

buford T woo cancer dog

I owed it to him to give back some happiness and quality of life in his final days.  So I religiously plastered him with supplements and cooked him organic food and spent many tedious nights laying beside him to make him feel better.  He ran and played like a puppy much until a week before I made the decision to put him down.  The change came sudden and I knew it was time.

I’m glad he’s with the Angels now but I miss him so much.


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