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Questions and Answers to Readers and How To Find Me

3 May

Dear Readers:  Thank you for reading my blog. I’m sorry if you’ve ended up here because your dog has cancer.  I have been getting so many questions and answers about this blog and know I am not a veterinarian, but I have published my account of what kept my dog alive for years.  Buford was unlike any other dog or pet in my life, and it hurts me just to come back here to moderate comments. I miss him so much. He fought so hard.  So I will post some reader questions and answers here so you can find them quickly, and  I hope you find them helpful. I will update when I can.  I’ve been working on my new blog, to help people now,   All my personal links are there, that is how you can find me.

I send you love and light in your battle to keep your beloved pet alive.

Question:   Will PH kill the cancer?

Answer:   According to Phil at,  it does.  However, I used PH and supplements to prolong my dog’s life as there is no cure for cancer. The cancer was already in his lymph nodes when I started yet he still had an appetite , he wanted to fight, and he trusted me.   If the cancer has already progressed in your dog to the point of impacting his organs, appetite, or making him suffer, then I do not suggest this therapy for you.

Question: How did you get the baking soda into your dog?

Answer: I made a paste of baking soda and Brer molasses and hollowed out small areas of hot dogs . Cut a hot dog in 5 pieces. Stand on end. Leave the bottom solid but take a 1/2″ area out of the top and then I stuffed the paste in the hot dog. Luckily my Buford trusted me to take whatever I would feed him. If your dog has no appetite this won’t work.

Question:  What supplements did you use?

Answer:   Here is my list for Buford, who was a 55-60 lb dog.  You can read up on the benefits of all these supplements individually, but, if your dog is 20 lbs you would cut my list in 1/3.  The supplements were expensive. I can’t tell you what worked, what didn’t because I used them all together!

Question: What dose of baking soda should I use for my dog ?

Answer: My research and use of baking soda was monitored by using PH strips for pools on Buford’s urine and my notes are here.    Buford was a 60 lb dog and my goal was to give him small amounts of baking soda and molasses in hot dogs for a few days and monitor his urine until I reached the “kill zone”.  Buford was a large dog so I gave 3-4 pieces of hot dog a day for three days until he reached the kill zone.  However, if I had to do this for my mini doxie who is 12 lbs I think I would be scared to give that much and maybe only give her a small tiny piece with no more than 1/2 a teaspoon of the baking soda molasses mixture.  In fact, I would be scared to apply this protocol to any medium to small size dogs.

Question:  Can you write a post about the hot dogs?

Answer:  I will try to recreate this for you soon.

Question:  Can you make it easier to manuever the website

Answer: I will change the format .








Buford is Alive and Well With Cancer PH Protocol

27 Jul

Buford Basset Hound Cancer

Funny when I snapped this shot of Buford he seems to have a guardian angel aura behind him!

I haven’t updated this blog in a few months and I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments on Buford, and I thank you for your support. My dog is simply amazing, and doing well. Turns out I had thought the cancer had spread but it was a fatty tumor (woot woot) although cancer is all in him.

What led me to believe he was failing is that his health was going downhill and he wasn’t eating, then one day I saw a bulge the size of an apple in his cheek. Turned out to be his farthest back molar (these are the teeth whose roots go deep into the jaw) had decayed and fractured, causing him infection. The tooth had not only been infected but had abscessed thought his gum causing pain and infection. (Gross picture to follow.)  Buford used to get his teeth cleaned yearly, but I stopped putting him under 2 years ago. Hard to imagine all this happened in 2 years but teeth and health are clearly related.

Dog Fractured Molar Basset Hound Cancer

Buford’s Back Molar Fractured and Abscessed Causing him a lot of pain. Photos from my vet.

That picture was taken at my vet’s.  It was a real fight to get him fixed up.  At the time, Buford was almost 14 and no vet wanted to put him under to do his tooth. Furthermore, he had a heart murmur. Imagine my shock thinking this tooth’s infection was going to kill him and here we’ve been battling cancer for years.

I had to break out the big guns and call Dr. Carol (As seen on Dr. Phil show.  Holistic Veterinarian,Board Certified Health Diplomat and author, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, will answer your questions for $15.99 or do complete medical  consults for $75. )  For Buford she told me exactly what blood tests to run and I had my vet do it.  Dr. Carol followed up every step of the way we talked many times, and it came down to it I would have drove him to Ohio from Baltimore just to get Dr. Carol to do the surgery and take my chances.  After consulting and timeframes, my  vet decided to do it based on Dr. Carol’s exact recommendations and did it quite successfully!   He was taking some meds a week before to fight the infection, and during which time Dr. Carol had me double up on the probiotics so that the antibiotics didn’t ruin his system.  During surgery, Buford was under for about 30 minutes, had his tooth extracted and his other teeth cleaned as quickly as they could.  He came out with flying colors and within a few days was back to normal running and playing with his friends.

Basset Hound Cancer

Buford is more grey/white and tired but he’s still kicking and loves his little friends.

Fast Forward til Now:

Today Buford is a lot slower moving most days, and enjoys naps a little longer. He is finally showing signs of arthritis in his hips, and it’s hard for him to jump on the couch or his favorite chair so I find him napping in his little friend’s bed. I do give him some of Dr. Carol’s PAAWS and that helps.

PH Protocol Cancer

Buford napping in his little friend’s bed. I bought him his own but he’d rather sleep in hers. ha ha!

He’s quite sick of chicken and kale and knows if he holds out I will throw some steak or ground beef in. I don’t like doing this because I want to stick to the chicken kale as much as possible but whatever I can do to get him to eat. He loves carrots and broccoli, but the carrots do have a level of natural sugar and carbs that I worry about conversion to sugar (sugar feeds cancer) so I don’t do that too often. Broccoli I grind up in the Magic Bullet but it goes give him gas and his tummy hurts.

He’s lost some weight and that concerns me but he is older and more picky.  Getting him to eat his pills each night is a chore, he’s gotten to the point we have to hand feed him and he does it for attention. He will sometimes spit the pills out just to get you to re-stuff them into a ball of kale and chicken just for the extra attention. Should you sit the food bowl down he will refuse to eat.  So basically its at the point Buford will be hand fed…he’s trained us well.

basset hound cancer

My angel 🙂

I travel often and it’s hard on Buford, but one thing is for sure, I am his #1 fan.  I believe there is a level of loyalty my dog has for me that is second to none. He will fight to the end and for that I’m grateful. He’s been such a wonderful addition to my life, and just the other day I was crying and having a really bad day, and he snuggles up next to me and makes me feel better. His quality of life is high and for that I’m grateful.

There is no cure for cancer, but I’ve sure found a way to keep Buford’s quality of life high and live with it. I am going to resort to this protocol my damn self if I get Cancer one day.


The Cancer is Spreading Lymphosarcoma

1 Mar

As with anything, curing cancer is impossible. With this treatment I was able to give Buford more time. I am sorry to say I believe the cancer has spread now.

He has been pooping just fine and so sometimes I did wonder, what is going on inside of him? By now, certainly, 14 months after his diagnosis of rectal cancer returning and fear of the tumors cutting off his ability to defaecate, I thought for sure he’d be dead.  Merely because the fact of the matter is eventually the coconut sized tumors inside his rear would have cut off his ability to poop. However, with the PH/Molasses protocol and this diet and supplements, miraculously he’s been pooping with the tumors inside him.

The other day I noticed under his arm a bit of redness,  and so I thought it to be his new argyle sweater rubbing him that I had put on a few days before. It was a bit tight on him and so I took it off . However, his whole arm and under his pit was red. I put some bag balm on it but he kept biting at it. Then I knew, something was not right.

Continually licking under his arm I felt around. Upon closer inspection I felt a hard rock sized bump under his armpit. In the area where the armpit underarm lymph node is in dogs. You can see a picture of the different lymph nodes here.  His other armpit is not that way, I can barely feel much less find any node at all.

Lymph node enlargement means many things, the body may be trying to fight off an infection in healthy dogs or allergic reactions. However in this case, I was told to expect possible spread of the cancer to other nodes and so this is not surprising. The hard feeling on these bumps I know all too well. It’s hard and about the size of a quarter.  I was hoping of course it would have been a fatty tumor, but no.

Buford is pretty much on hospice care and testing it for cancer is not going to yield me any different outcome.  However , Buford is doing so very well keeping up his appetite, hungry, active and playful that I am unsure if I should do another round of PH protocol or quite possibly I may up his Carnivora pills and/or use the Lymph Drainiage I bought from them just to see if that works.

Time is crucial now, I have to decide what to do in a few days.  I hate making these decisions.  Besides, Buford will be 14 in June and the PH will take a lot out of him now. I am going to pray on what to do.

I’m not upset. Buford has had a wonderful life with me and he is so very brave for fighting all this time. I just want to make sure whatever I choose his quality of life is great until the end.




Cancer Dog Supplements How Much They Cost

19 Feb

Buford is happy since he found Kendall, Birdie’s daughter. We tracked her down and adopted her after we lost Birdie.   She is a spitting image of her mother. Not as red, but as beautiful.

Cost of the Cancer Dog : Hospice Care

I have been getting a lot of emails on how much it’s costing me to keep Buford on the natural pills, so I’m doing a cost breakdown on the natural supplements I use, here on the supplements page.

Now Buford is technically at the equivalent of Hospice care. He has already had his bad prognosis and outlived that…he’s on borrowed time and my goal is to keep him as healthy and happy as possible during his final days.

He doesn’t get shots anymore because of his broken immune system.  NO chemo, no chemo pills, no anything unless he’s sick, then he goes to the vets.  So far it’s been stress spores, and he’s on meds often for that.  I am only applying Frontline topical to keep off ticks/fleas, otherwise no other pills such as heartworm . That really kills me thinking what if he developed them and that was what killed him, not the cancer? But you do what you can to not compromise his immune system.

So for Buford I’m breaking down the cost for him being a 60# dog on the SUPPLEMENT PAGE    Remember he is a 60# dog and that’s his dose. If my dog was 30 lbs it would cost half as much, and if my dog was 15# it would only cost a quarter of that.

The biggest expense is two fold:

a) THE FOOD!  Oh my goodness, the chicken each night he eats, with a few steaks, turkey parts,  or ground beef thrown in here and there throughout the month. A smaller dog would not cost you as much.  Hubby and I have seriously cut the quality of our food to allow for the extra expense for the dog! Geeze!

b) THE TIME & CARE!   It has cost me a lot of time and pet sitter money. Wherein I used to go to work and leave him now I have to leave him with a pet sitter or take him with me.  He gets too nervous too much and just having someone around is key.   Buford has a large yard and doggie door, but leaving him over 8 hours will send him back to the vet with a stress bacterial infection. I’m not going there, so I pay a friend or family member to check on him and sit a few hours with him.

But how expensive is it really, to be buying time with your pet? Having them in your life a little longer, at the highest quality possible, keeping them pain free and healthy, is simply the fact that your time, effort and investment can beat cancer, if only for a short while.



Buford Cancer Dog Fat

Keeping the dog FAT and HEALTHY during cancer is key!

Bufords Health Today:  He is happy, fat, and lazy. And spoiled. This is his own leather couch now,  taped up and well loved by Buford.  Note how much weight he still has on him for a dog with lymph nodes the size of coconuts. Pretty good huh?  Also look under his arm towards his midsection, there is a fatty tumor that is super large. Of course, we can’t get it removed because he can’t go under anesthesia.  It may seep soon and if so I’ll have to get it drained or better yet, it may burst and then we have it cleaned and that will be the end of that. He had another one just like it, that started getting yucky. I took him to the emergency vet when it started draining, and by the time I got him there it BURST all over the place. It was yucky , I’m talking creamy fat, blood and goo all over the dog and the floor. He didn’t seem to be  in any pain and , and $100 bill later they sent him home with first aid cream.  Crazy.

Dr. Carol’s Pets Cancer Dog Pills

29 Aug

Dr. Carol's Pets Canccer Pills Boost Support to your dog

Thank you Dr. Carol.

Buford and I just got back from a walk. Truth is he ran and I walked, because this summer I’d sprained my anke. Two months not completely healed yet, but the dog appears to be running and playing and jumping like a baby and I can’t keep up with him.  I thought about how much he’s gone through and how proud I am of him. To think that he’s living holistically wtih only natural boosted immunity support and a diet of superfoods and proteins make me realize how happy I am that I choose this path. No chemo. No operations. No regular medicine.

Dr. Carol of Chagrin Falls, Ohio was one of the first hholistic vets I consulted with, and someone I greatly admire.  She has her own clinic and combines what’s she’s learned as a vet with holistic and botainical supplements to make your dog (or cat or any pet for that matter) feel their best. She’s got her own line of healing dog remedies. Why aren’t these in every vet’s office? At first I thought it’s because the vets want your dog to be sick so they can keep charging you. Then I decided it’s not their fault that they are so close minded when it comes to holistic medicine. After all, vets are taught doctoral medicine and treat dogs with textbook treatments.

She has lots of great PAAWS vitamins for older dogs, and they contain lots of natural supplements to make your dog feel their best.  I used those and think they are wonderful, but even more so, Buford can’t live without Dr. Carol’s Quantum Immunity Essentials. Basically these are pills to boost the immune support system of older, sickly, or cancer dogs and made with tons of natural botanical ingredients. The ingredients are blended together so they optimize their working properties.

There are 60 pills per bottle, and approximately cost $44.95 plus shipping to my dog was $6.59 for a total of $51.54.  Buford gets one pill per day and greatly misses them if I run out.   And they obviously work because Buford is still here.  I have to say he takes 13 pills a day and this is just one of them., but granted, he missed his meds only one night, and it threw him into a tailspin. All his meds are natural and botanical, or organic. However, this particular night I could not forgive myself. He was up five times with hot sweats, panting, and peeing excessively. I actually thought he was going into kidney failure. The next morning, I put him back on his natural supplements and he sleeps like a baby and is back to normal urination.

Now you tell me.  Is it worth it to put your cancer dog or your old dog who’s not in the best health out of discomfort and into the comfort zone?  Yes, it is.  I can’t fix Buford’s cancer or make it go away, but I can find ways to combat it by boosting his immune system. If anyone could believe my dog running at 13 (past basset hound prime) like a damn puppy it’s only because of the pills and diet.  So here is where I say:

Thank you Dr. Carol. You are changing the world one pill at a time. I only wish more vets would offer your products so I didn’t have to mail order them. I wish I could walk into any vet’s office and buy what’s best for my dog. I think a lot of people would agree, that their pet is worth whatever it takes to live their life tot he fullest. When battling cancer, Dr. Carol’s Pets is my best ally.

I also want to say I did a phone consult with her and obtained some great diet tips for Buford early on with his cancer.  I learned a lot in that call, and thank her immensly.

If you don’t believe it take it from me, it’s true. These pills work.  Here is more information:  Dr.

Originally, I ordered four months worth. IAt this time, I order one bottle at a time. Buford and I take it day by day. And we are both okay with that.

Good News on the Scan The Cancer Is Taking A Break Thank you St. Jude

3 Jun

cANCER CUREI am not sure how to say this, and I’m so scared to say this, because I don’t want to jinx it.  Today I received good news on Buford’s follow up scan.  How can this be? I don’t want to get too excited. But I’m here to tell you these facts:

  • In Early April the cancer had spread to three lymph nodes and was nearly blocking his bowels.  
  • I rebelled by doing the PH-Cancer Protocol and upping his supplements.
  • Now he’s crapping normal without strain, running and playing.
  • The scan from last week reveals only a .1 to .2 cm growth (yes I said POINT ONE and POINT TWO of a CENTIMETER, and if we leave that up to interpretation).

What does this mean?

It means,  two months later,  the cancer is halting and taking a break. It’s not spreading. It’s not really even growing.  It hasn’t spread into his other two nodules that are in the same lymph node area.  It could have, but it didn’t.

So, the cancer cells are just there, sitting there  in Buford’s lymph nodes. I know they hear me and I hear them. They are sneaky little buggers, so I anticipate their next move.  Just like poor Boss Hogg, in my previous post, the cancer can go into remission, but then strike back hard with all it’s might. I know this. Those little bastards are taking a break to come back stronger and harder.

But when they do, I’ll be here, fighting right along side with my dog. 







Buford is a Walking Miracle : After PH Protocol

28 Apr

Here is my dog after the PH protocol.  I really think my dog should be gone by now. To think before the PH protocol I was going to put  him down, but  now he is made a 360 as far as his running and galloping around. I tried to get him in the hallway with my cellphone  but the video came out crappy. But enough of you to see how wonderful he’s doing.  If you look at him he appears happy and healthy, at least on the outside. He’s always been lean like this and is not suffering from any other ailments.  I can’t believe he’s 13. It kills me to know he is something other than that on the inside.

The Poop Scoop

He has been crapping big and I’m not complaining. Instead of straining several times to go, it just plops right out.  I have not done stage two of the ph cancer protocol yet but I will be repeating it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU PHKILLSCANCER.COM

Now I have no idea if it’s killed his cancer, but it has done SOMETHING to him.  Maybe bought us some more time?

I’m still giving him diet and supplements–that will never change, he is a cancer patient and the cancer lives .

Next up,  I’m going to try carnivora on him.  It contains venus fly trap and I’ve purchased the lymph drainage bottles to see if I can further flush his lymph nodes.  According to the ASPCA, the Venus Fly Trap plant, is non toxic to  dogs.

Furthermore, I called to see if I can get some more blood therapy on him. That’s next week.

Screw You Cancer 

I’m sure the cancer is in there, but my goal is to let Buford live out his remaining days happy and healthy. That’s what he’s doing. He’s a fighter and my miracle dog. Screw you cancer.  You can’t have him yet. He’s not done fighting and I’m not done helping him.


Cancer in Basset Hounds 3 Steps Forward 1 Step Back

8 Apr

buford woo with cancer

Dealing with Basset Hound Cancer – Over 4 Months Since the Cancer Returned.  Two Years Since the Initial Surgery.

I write today’s post with heavy heart. I have a basset hound who is almost 13. He’s running around galloping with his little friends and running laps around a 3.5 acre farm field. He’s eating, snuggling, and going to the bathroom like he always does–never has accidents and is just as good as gold.  Last post I told you that he appeared to be straining when he would defacate, but this was only sometimes. Quite honestly, sometimes he’s go just fine in big piles. Other times more like a squiggle.  I thought I had better get him checked out, something told me just to be sure.

Let me first back up as, a lot has happened since my last post.

Supplement Mayhem

I had added some natural supplements to his diet. I stressed over whether I should give them to him or not, but after doing some research on some supplements that are made to aid people with cancer, I picked apart some of the compounds and opted to get a lot of drugs in from Swanson. Their drugs are cheap, but my concern was that some are mixed with rice flour, some may contain magnesium sterate , gelatin or other compounds I’d rather not have. If you tried to obtain all of this naturally you would be paying $100 for a 10 day supply, give or take. Truth is you can stress all you want should you, shouldn’t you, but since something I felt was better than nothing,  the supplements I added were  $100 and would last him three months.

Quercetin 500 mg  & Bromelain 156mg

Tumeric 720 mg

Apigenin (Bioflavadiod) 50mg

Resveratrol 100mg

L-Selenomethionine (Selenium) 100mg

DIM Complex 100mg

Chrysin (Passion Flower Extract) 5.7 – 500 mg

Immediate results were profound. This combined with everything else he has gave him pure immunity burst and energy burst.  His coat remained shiny and he smells like vegetables, he runs and plays and my husband and I thought, wow, this must be helping in some way.   Now I want to add when I first read about what some people were doing for their dogs I thought it crazy to be giving them 30 different pills. Now I feel like I’m that person. I suppose you can mix a bit of science with herbal knowledge and kid yourself that these things may produce a miracle cure.  Who knows, maybe the right combination it would. Or, you can simply grab at desperation to do something, anything, as crazy as it sounds to save your dog.

Personal Chefs to the Dog

I told myself I will try everything for my dog. I owe him that. My husband has joined the bandwagon and loves cooking up steaks or chicken every few nights for Buford. We make sure to do it just right, and bag it in portions so our freezer and fridge looks like no one eats in the house except him.  When you boil the chicken, the stock is priceless, we boil it and the bones down down into a thick substance, and this can be used in your processor to help flavor the kale or collard greens.

Buford is especially fond of fresh uncooked kale , fresh uncooked collard greens would be second,  but not broccoli. That has to be lightly steamed and blended and often it gives him gas so he doesn’t particular like it, though I’ll sneak it in every few nights. I steer clear of lots of carrots as these are sugary carbs but because I’ve read what wonders they have inside I will sometimes grind a half one up into oblivion for him.

I have cut him off all carbs. No rice, no oats, nothing. The only fats he gets are the natural fats on steak, chicken, chicken skin, fat from stock and pork back fat which is fried up for him and I add in the fish oil or olive oils.

We also play the pill game every night. This is where I give him the pills, and he spits them out, in hopes for another piece of chicken. If I get really mad and hold up the pill, he will swallow it in one gulp–bare pill,  just like that. He and I have a great communication system. Hell, I’ve been talking to him in human language for 13 years.  I have had other dogs in my life, and all I’ve loved but not like this. Just like people each dog’s personality is different. Sometimes you can really hit it off.

Vampire Therapy

My previous vet of 26 years finally called, and after some tough negotiation with the biopuncture  et on my own accord it comes full circle that I had to take Buford back into his practice for another treatment with her. Sadly over a month had passed so I was not sure if it would do him good but I believe in her work and I don’t understand why ever single biopuncture person I called across the United States doesn’t believe in PRP or blood injections. Let me further explain this. If you’ve seen this perhaps on Dr. Oz? People are getting this done all the time, women are paying big money for facelifts and Kim Kardashian has gotten her butt blood injected into her face.  It is supposed to map print your body into re-jump starting the immune system and making your skin look younger in humans. So in dogs, we can only hope it will jump start their resistance and immune system. Does it work? Well, Buford seems to love it.

The thing with this was I had to weigh if the stress of taking him there again if this was worth the treatment itself, but I wanted to say I’d tried everything possible with my dog.  As you can recall I was having a fit because she wouldn’t do a house call (even though her website said so) due to an agreement with my regular vet; who denied such agreement existed, and told me she could do whatever to help Buford.  By that point she didn’t want to do anything to help Buford because I threatened to write about my experience and basically reamed her out. ( What else can I do as a customer who is getting the runaround and while vets are playing the blame game the dog is the only one missing out.) These days it seems reviews are the only recourse you have. Seems it was a huge miscommunication but it boils down to if my regular vet of 26 years would have returned my call none of this miscommunication would have ever existed and her and I would not have bad kharma or any words. Truth is, she’s a very bubbly person and I really liked her upon first impression. I would probably finance her work in her field if she opened her own practice because I believe what she’s doing for dogs is way better than conventional medicine.   I see her office as having one of those fountains so that the water trickles and calms your dog when you take them there. I should add that truth be told she did finally offer to come to my house but explained to me that doing house calls on a dog this size, trying to draw his blood by herself for use of treatment would be an issue should he get upset. That would make him not like her or trust her, and well, I wouldn’t be much help (because the whole blood drawing thing makes me pass out. )  So I debated and  took him in and she took him back and voila another blood biopuncture round of shots.  He was doing well initially but later in the day slept like a baby.

Proof Positive : Did all this Holistic Therapy Work?

Ironically the next day is when I had my scans set up with my new vet that I switched to. I had been petting him and found a mass in his chest.  I was thinking the cancer had spread there and wanted to get him sonagrammed.  I also notice that sometimes, not always, he strains to poop.

What was I expecting? Consider that my old vet thought this would be slow growing, and I was worried it was some form of Lymphoma that is common and quick spreading.  I thought the scans at the new vet would not indicate that he’d be cancer free, but that somehow by doing everything I’ve been doing with special diet and holistic herbs and proteins, big superfoods would have either stunted the growth in the node, or gotten only slightly bigger.

I am heartbroken.

Buford’s cancer in his node did not only grow from 3.75cm to “coconut” size but it has spread into his other back node which is also “coconut” size.  There is what appears to be visible damage to his spleen, kidneys and liver, due to the cancer  or the fact he’s old age, or both. This of course means it only a matter of time  (a month or less, maybe weeks, maybe days) before the nodes should grow so large, that he would be backed up and not defaecate at all. That won’t happen because we will put him down before this happens.

How do I put down a dog who runs, jumps, plays and pulls me up the road for a walk? 

The truth is I wrote this blog to show you that my dog has lived four months with cancer in his lymph nodes, just as happy and playful as ever, in the best health and shape of his life, feeling no pain, eating good and taking nutrients from superfoods, vitamins, natural supplements and holistic treatments and I’d never do things differently.  I feel as though God has a part in all of this, and if death is a reward then Buford deserves his angel wings. He’s gotten me through times of my life that I thought I’d surely lose it – a divorce,  a layoff, the death of my mother, he’s been there for me. Now I’ve been there for him. He’s  proven to me that it’s the quality over life not the quantity of life that surely matters. Life each day as if it is your last.

We have made the decision if he doesn’t show signs of going down, to put him down by the end of this month.  We would rather do that than see him suffer. Each day we do special things and spend special time together. 

Although it doesn’t feel right to take his life away,  we feel quality of life is best.

As for me, I’ll probably have a nervous breakdown. Cancer has taken my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, and now my dog. I never knew basset hounds were prone to cancer. How ironic that I’m even working on a cancer themed barbecue and music festival to raise awareness and money for

I hate you cancer. I hope someday big pharma stops aiding your cause and the little guy finds a cure.

Hey, maybe I should have tried this:

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