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Buford is Alive and Well With Cancer PH Protocol

27 Jul

Buford Basset Hound Cancer

Funny when I snapped this shot of Buford he seems to have a guardian angel aura behind him!

I haven’t updated this blog in a few months and I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments on Buford, and I thank you for your support. My dog is simply amazing, and doing well. Turns out I had thought the cancer had spread but it was a fatty tumor (woot woot) although cancer is all in him.

What led me to believe he was failing is that his health was going downhill and he wasn’t eating, then one day I saw a bulge the size of an apple in his cheek. Turned out to be his farthest back molar (these are the teeth whose roots go deep into the jaw) had decayed and fractured, causing him infection. The tooth had not only been infected but had abscessed thought his gum causing pain and infection. (Gross picture to follow.)  Buford used to get his teeth cleaned yearly, but I stopped putting him under 2 years ago. Hard to imagine all this happened in 2 years but teeth and health are clearly related.

Dog Fractured Molar Basset Hound Cancer

Buford’s Back Molar Fractured and Abscessed Causing him a lot of pain. Photos from my vet.

That picture was taken at my vet’s.  It was a real fight to get him fixed up.  At the time, Buford was almost 14 and no vet wanted to put him under to do his tooth. Furthermore, he had a heart murmur. Imagine my shock thinking this tooth’s infection was going to kill him and here we’ve been battling cancer for years.

I had to break out the big guns and call Dr. Carol (As seen on Dr. Phil show.  Holistic Veterinarian,Board Certified Health Diplomat and author, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, will answer your questions for $15.99 or do complete medical  consults for $75. )  For Buford she told me exactly what blood tests to run and I had my vet do it.  Dr. Carol followed up every step of the way we talked many times, and it came down to it I would have drove him to Ohio from Baltimore just to get Dr. Carol to do the surgery and take my chances.  After consulting and timeframes, my  vet decided to do it based on Dr. Carol’s exact recommendations and did it quite successfully!   He was taking some meds a week before to fight the infection, and during which time Dr. Carol had me double up on the probiotics so that the antibiotics didn’t ruin his system.  During surgery, Buford was under for about 30 minutes, had his tooth extracted and his other teeth cleaned as quickly as they could.  He came out with flying colors and within a few days was back to normal running and playing with his friends.

Basset Hound Cancer

Buford is more grey/white and tired but he’s still kicking and loves his little friends.

Fast Forward til Now:

Today Buford is a lot slower moving most days, and enjoys naps a little longer. He is finally showing signs of arthritis in his hips, and it’s hard for him to jump on the couch or his favorite chair so I find him napping in his little friend’s bed. I do give him some of Dr. Carol’s PAAWS and that helps.

PH Protocol Cancer

Buford napping in his little friend’s bed. I bought him his own but he’d rather sleep in hers. ha ha!

He’s quite sick of chicken and kale and knows if he holds out I will throw some steak or ground beef in. I don’t like doing this because I want to stick to the chicken kale as much as possible but whatever I can do to get him to eat. He loves carrots and broccoli, but the carrots do have a level of natural sugar and carbs that I worry about conversion to sugar (sugar feeds cancer) so I don’t do that too often. Broccoli I grind up in the Magic Bullet but it goes give him gas and his tummy hurts.

He’s lost some weight and that concerns me but he is older and more picky.  Getting him to eat his pills each night is a chore, he’s gotten to the point we have to hand feed him and he does it for attention. He will sometimes spit the pills out just to get you to re-stuff them into a ball of kale and chicken just for the extra attention. Should you sit the food bowl down he will refuse to eat.  So basically its at the point Buford will be hand fed…he’s trained us well.

basset hound cancer

My angel 🙂

I travel often and it’s hard on Buford, but one thing is for sure, I am his #1 fan.  I believe there is a level of loyalty my dog has for me that is second to none. He will fight to the end and for that I’m grateful. He’s been such a wonderful addition to my life, and just the other day I was crying and having a really bad day, and he snuggles up next to me and makes me feel better. His quality of life is high and for that I’m grateful.

There is no cure for cancer, but I’ve sure found a way to keep Buford’s quality of life high and live with it. I am going to resort to this protocol my damn self if I get Cancer one day.



PH Kills Cancer

27 Dec
buford woo dog with cancer

Buford Woo Cancer Dog

Christmas has come and gone and my furry faced pal is still with me.  He’s doing well and we have been going for walks to oxygenate his system.  I have to say it is amazing that he seems to be more energetic walking in the cold winter weather than me.  I  made a small change to his diet since he continues to get the stress “spore” which I read about Clostridium difficile, and I found in one study they make mention that it’s related to marine fish and seaweed….so I started thinking I should cut back on the Blue Green Algae tabs I’ve been giving him just in case I’m doing something to help that environment welcome the spores. He was on three different marine based tabs, so I stopped the Blue Green Algae altogether.

Overall I think he’s doing well since we lost Birdie, but he seems to be more interested in what I’m doing and where I’m going. For instance, if he’s lounging in the living room and I’m cooking in the kitchen, this used to go unnoticed. Now he will move to stand and watch me do my thing in the kitchen, often plopping down for a nap wherever I am.  A usual day of errands never used to bother him. he would sleep most of the day away, but now he paces and worries the whole time I’m gone. It’s almost as if he’s getting more needy to be away from me.  As for work he is lucky to be allowed in the office and enjoys accompanying me to work, so perhaps I’ve created this behavior.

The good news is I’ve finally come to peace with the fact Buford has cancer.  He is now 13.5 years old and for a basset hound he’s already living beyond his suggested lifespan of 12.

PH Kills Cancer, or does it?

Besides my dog what about humans?  I found some stories to prove that with the right level of PH in your system (changing it from acidic to high ph, the cancer cells are starved.) What we don’t know is if they die, shrink, or just stunt in growth, waiting for the right moment to restrike. Something as simple as a three dollar box of bicarbonate versus millions in chemotherapy, so i ask why isn’t someone trying to find this out ? Is there too much money in big pharmaceuticals that no one wants to find a cure for cancer?  I think you can answer those questions.

stories i found worth reading:

8 yr old girl uses high PH to shrink cancer tumor

Phil’s dance with cancer and his human ph protocol

Cancer Fighting Strategies : PH and Cancer






Buford Survived Thanksgiving

5 Dec
Buford Basset Hound Cancer

Basset Hound 13.5 Still thinks he’s a puppy

I get so excited by these milestones, he has had yet another holiday with us and we are so blessed. I was scared for a bit, because after Birdie died and the dog attack Buford was as off kilter as I was. When your dog has been with you thirteen and a half years (miracle dog) he knows when you are sad and broken hearted. That I truly am even though I hide it well. Not to mention he lost his little friend and so; the stress hit him with a double whammy again and knocked him back a notch.

He started having horrible diarrhea and going a day without movements. On top of that he stood in the middle of the floor looked at me and urinated. He was only 6 months old the last time he did that. I was immediately worried but we were on the way to Maine for Thanksgiving – 800 miles in the car! Dogs either love it or hate it but anymore he’s a nervous nelly in the car. Even though we stopped much , the ride was hard on him and he had a huge accident in the back seat. Oddly we had stopped right before and he did a number one. Twenty minutes later he sat up to signal me and by then we had number two Everywhere!

Now my husband has been very supportive of Buford but we were trying to wash the backseat and the dog with bottled water on the side of 95 because sadly it was a mess. (And twelve degrees out). I don’t need to explain how enjoyable the truck was for the last six hours of our ride. My husband shot me the look and I mentally  prepared myself that I would not let Buford go on like this. I mentally prepared myself. I mean, my basset hound does have cancer.  There is no magic cure.

When we got to Maine I thought he may have the stress spore again that he had before but the vet was an hour away and closed for holiday. I had to do something so I told myself I need to reduce his stress and bind him up. If this didn’t work then I would be putting him down as maybe his organs are failing…. I really wanted to give him rice or grain and this was an emergency situation but I didn’t cave and stood firm against the grains thank goodness.  I had to battle with everything in my gut. I didn’t want my dog to have these horrible bowel movements but I thought, if only for a second, it was the stress spore that giving him grains would make it worse.

dog cancer

Buford playing the snow

I took him off the kale and gave him straight chicken for a day, then turkey for two days then the fourth day cooked ground beef. We took long walks in the show and I played with him. at first he was a bit dumbfounded, and looked at me like “what is she doing?” Guess it has been that long for both of us.  After all I’ve had him 13.5 years and we haven’t played with a tug toy in at least 8 !  Then he got the jest and I play chased him around the yard. Soon he remembered playing with his owner and even for an old dog I am certain brought back some happy thoughts.

Hence goes the fact that cheering up the mind can do wonders.  He drank real Maine spring water from a natural spring and ate as much chicken and beef as he wanted, I slowly worked broccoli in so he got some greens. Although he did have some gas he soon was feeling better.  Something about lots of love and play and he de-stressed himself. At night we built a fire in our wood stove and soon he would sleep through the night without having to go or urinate and I knew whatever he had was now calming down.

lazy basset hound , basset hound cancer

Buford was enjoying his vacation and the heat from the wood stove!


I am pleased to report he had some well formed stools which is reinforcement that his tumors haven’t cut off his ability to do his business. Just the damn spore again!

Together we take life one day at a time I have learned so much from this brave hound that miracles are possible when two hearts believe ; even if one belongs to a fuzz faced old dog!


Basset Hound Cancer

Buford says, one day at a time.

My Dog’s Alive 10 Months Since the Cancer Returned

11 Sep
Buford Woo

Buford my brave cancer dog. I can’t believe he’s still here with me


I am happy to report Buford is now doing well and still running and playing with his friends. I have been battling for a month getting weight back on him and I have finally succeeded.  I was not sure what was going to happen, and it’s been a lot of one on one time with him.

If you remember, in July when he had the bacterial infection from stress (cancer dogs require constant companionship with their owners, the bond is very important) from me working so much, it knocked some weight off him. As a cancer dog he cannot afford to lose weight due to the diet he is on.  When I went to take his picture several weeks ago (see above) I saw tons of skin and bones.   His back portion was sunk in. Not good. I refused to let the cancer eat him up, or have his body eat his muscle.


Normally you can pull on a dog’s back  if he’s a basset hound and get tons of flab. His you can’t. So what do to?  The good news is, he is hungry all the time. He will beg for food all the time.  This is great news, he has not lost his appetite!  Any one who has a basset hound knows, their keen sense of smell is what makes them so wonderful. And two, he trusts his owner I could feed him anything and he’d eat it.  That is the bond we have.   The issue with the cancer dog is simple: you have to feed the dog and starve the cancer. Keeping weight on Buford is hard. Because he gets :







what a mess.

So I had been forced to rethink my strategy. For awhile  when he was sick he associated the chicken with the sickness, and he was hesitant to eat it. I put him on straight bottom round for two weeks, and could not get weight back on him. Probably because bottom round is not that fatty, it’s a lean cut of meat and not a lot of protein. I then had to mix the chicken back in slowly,


Here is two weeks into my recovery mode, looking better but still too thin:

Buford Woo

Weight loss is a bad sign, you have to nip it in the butt immediately


Chicken Fat for the Cancer Dog

Natural animal fats are very important to the cancer dog

Now I have been feeding him twice a day, as much as he will eat, a mix of kale and chicken and fats.   I will mix in the occasional carrot or sweet pepper,  I have been forced to go with PORK BACK FAT and GROUND BEEF to aid in helping him.  Normally I would not use the latter due to the processing. But basically Ground beef is high in fats, what choice do I have at this point? Let him starve, or fatten him up?

PORK BACK FAT  this is highly indigestible to some dogs but to Buford it is a high fat content for his diet. I have to cut the pieces up small, but I really get upset when all I can find is highly salted pork back fat in commercial packages. I am so against the salt because I am trying to keep his system high acidic and now salty, so I have to struggle with giving him this. I need to find a butcher who has pork back fat without the salt, and that’s hard to find.

COOKING YOUR PORK BACK FAT: All I do is sizzle it in a fry pan on both sides (after I soak and wash the salt off) and then cut into centimeter sized cubes (this is the hard part, have you tried to get a knife thru solid fat, it’s horrific) .  Then I bag and freeze into small sandwich baggies. I use a little here and there and it will last a very long time in the freeze.



I feed him tons at night with his meds. This is a large bowl and I’d say about 1.5 lbs of food. I stock up when the chicken thighs are on sale at Giant.  Whatever he doesn’t eat will be kept for the morning breakfast.  This is easy to do, make one big meal and use the leftovers for morning food. Here below you can’t tell but I have chicken, chicken bones, pork back fat cubes, his pills, and ground beef mixed into one quarter of a raw carrot and a bunch of fresh uncooked organic kale (mixed with chicken juice for flavor.) The whole idea is to flavor the veggies like meat or chicken to get the dog to eat them. At first he loved them but over time he got sick of them. Mixing the fat or a little concentrated jellied juice (that you save from the chicken)  in and puree’ing them will trick his nose.

Chicken Dog Dinner

F=== you cancer! I’m gonna fight as long as I can!

After a few weeks of using the pork fat cubes, ground beef, lots of chicken fats and letting him eat until his heart is content and we have finally reached our goal. The weight is back on:

Plumped Up Cancer Dog


I am also suffering from a grade 3 ankle sprain with ligament damage. I’m supposed to be taking it easy but two months in and I can’t stay off my foot. How can you when life requires you to walk from point a to point b?

With patience and persistence you can help your loved pet fight cancer. It takes a lot of time out of LIFE in general, but it’s proven to work with Buford.  I have done what I set out to do. My husband and I basically remark on a daily basis that we could not believe how Buford is still here and doing so well.  My husband even said, “I thought you were crazy, doing all that research and buying all those pills.”

He watches me feed Buford his now 17-odd pills a night .

Life does revolve around the dog, but we like it that way.

PROGNOSIS:  Buford’s cancer return was told to me in December 2012. I believe it could have returned since September 2012 as he was having urination issues.  If so, this is one year living and beating cancer.  It has been several years since his initial operation.  If , when I found out the cancer had returned in December 2012 I would have made the decision to operate or give him chemo, he would have passed away soon after that and suffered a great deal.

Fuck You Cancer

In my eyes, he’s a cancer survivor and the bravest dog I know. As long as he’s willing to fight, I owe him a little lifestyle change so he doesn’t feel like he’s fighting all alone. He has a team of us, family and friends who all realize just what a miracle he is.

Truly I didn’t think my dog would be here today.

I wish people could read this blog before their dogs get cancer, to know what to do if they ever want to battle cancer. Sadly most people find this blog after their dog is so far gone or have taken chemo or big operations that this therapy doesn’t help them.  Also, I realize there’s no cure for cancer. But you sure can slow the sucker down a little and spend quality time with your loved pet in the meantime.  Every day is a blessing to me.


Eight Months Strong Since the Cancer Returned

15 Aug
basset hound cancer

Little Schnitzel knows when Buford is having a bad day. They often snuggle close on those days.

Eight Months!

It’s been eight months since my old vet told me Buford has cancer in his lymph nodes. It’s probably been ten months since the actual cancer returned.  At this rate with cancer in his nodes the size of coconuts, I am quite pleased with his HEALTHY survival rate and quality of life. Had I done chemo, he would have been gone months back.

I look at my faithful companion Buford every day and smile. Although his body does show less fat than he used to have (switching to an organic diet with chicken and kale) he still has the pep in his step and is healthy (well, except for the coconut sized cancer in his nodes). He runs and plays and at 13 that’s amazing in itself.

The Dog Is Fighting.

Buford certainly has a will to live and I think for him, that’s keeping him going. Having an owner he loves is the sole reason for survival, as is his little partner Schnitzel, a 6 year old mini doxie who is the love of his life. I guess that makes him gay, but whatever works to keep him alive.

When I say he has a will to live, I’ll give you an example. I first try to feed him the meds when he is hungry wrapped in chicken skin or a cube of steak.  He will often spit them out and make a small pile of them. If I yell and get upset about this, he will gobble up the capsules just to make me happy. It’s a strange communication we have. He knows without the meds he will have a worse night than with the meds.

Bad Days Turn To Needy-Ness.

I’ve had to tailor his dinners. For months he lived on Chicken and Kale but now he associates the chicken with his recent bout of the stress-infection. I’ve had to switch him to steak and steak cubes and slowly re-introduce the chicken in with it.  This of course has cost me a fortune finding grass fed steaks and good cuts (fatty the better), but hey, whatever works. He’s gained back 3 of the 7 lbs he lost during his infection.

Buford overall is way more needy than usual.  When he has bad days (and you can tell, because he’ll eat more grass or be up in the middle of the night with hot sweats having to pee more than usual) he follows me everywhere. If I so much as run to the store and back he’s howling like he lost his best friend.  The neighbors asked what I’m doing to the dog, because they hear him screech and moan when I’m gone on the back porch as if it’s the end of the world.  The bottom line is when he’s not feeling good, he wants to at least know I’m there.

Granted, I am not used to this additionally neediness and have had to rearrange my work schedule. This is my busy project time, and I’m often out of town for a few days at a time and I can leave him with the pet sitter, but anymore this is not working out.   Just leaving him for 8 to 10 hours a day put him into sickness (stress sickness read here.)  When I’m gone, he has a large doggie door where he comes and goes and plays in the back yard with two other dogs in our home and one cat he’s quite fond of, but none of this seems to matter.

These little clues tell me that quite possibly the end is sooner rather than later.  So I have rearranged the best I can and try to leave him minimally and accommodate the dog.

Dogs Know Dogs.


I am really worried about his little play mate Schnitzel, a mini doxie who is six years old and thinks of Buford as his best friend in life (and lover because of the way he constantly dry humps his rear while he’s sleeping even after getting the little bugger fixed…).  Although we have a lovely girl doxie in the house Schnitzel could care less.  He will be truly heartbroken when Buford finally goes.

Schnitzel’s actions tell me of Buford’s bad days. On bad days Schnitzel tries to cheer up Buford by licking his teeth, pulling on his ears and licking his face. Often times Buford will just lay there with one eye open as if to say, “Really????”

On good days however Schnitzel is the reason. He is soltely what is keeping Buford oxygenated, by running around the yard with him and they play and chase each other until Buford is so tired he sleeps right through the night. I love those nights.

My Happy Days are Full of Poop.

Reality for me is knowing that each day with Buford could be his last. He will go two days with runny feces and I get ready to take him in for a scan to see if the tumors have grown into partial or total blockage, then on day three he will surprise me and crap a good sized sausage out and that tells me he can still defaecate as normal and that the blockage has not interfered.  So on those big piles of poop days, I’m happiest.

Record Breaking.

If Buford is an example of how long your dog can live without chemo, he’s it.  If you figure he initially had cancer over two and a half years ago, had it removed and it grew back causing CANCER IN THE LYMPH NODES last Sept or Oct, not detected until December….he’s still alive eight months later after re-diagnoses.   That’s most likely ten months since the cancer was active.

Most dogs who go thru chemo or tumor removal or lymph surgery either have the cancer spread to the next healthy node or quite honestly the cancer attacks even harder. Some dogs simply pass from the chemo ruining their immune system within four to six months.

In my opinion, he’s kicking cancer’s ass and cancer is not kicking his. At 13 he’s already over his life span and when the dog eats filets and steak every few nights and I eat McDonald’s because I’m spending all my grocery money on his dinners, I would think he’s in heaven on Earth in dog terms and for that I’m happy.





Updated List of Supplements Cancer Dog

3 Aug

Cancer Dog Medicine

Here is the updated list of natural supplements I’m giving Buford on a daily basis.  I am writing them down since if I ever get sick, I may very well take the same things (minus the pet vitamins). Many of these items are made from plants, the bioflavanoids found in plants greatly help his immune system. Others help increase his red blood cell count and keep his system healthy. Some will try to erradicate bad growths.  I really upped his bioflavanoids after he got a bacterial infection and this seemed to help settle his stomach.

Note that doing all of this for your dog may become very costly. For instance, the Blue Green Algae, $27.99 / 100 tablets which means one month is almost $10, one pill alone.  I justify the cost because something, maybe these pills, or a miracle, or my love, or everything is currently working and keeping him fighting and alive and running and playing, so that the cancer has not overtaken his system.  So that to me, is priceless.  Now you can order online and find the cheapest supplements but why would you even do this? You may do more harm than good by feeding your dog inert ingredients like too much magnesium sterate or whatever else they may be using in the pills. The ones with Rice flour or gelatin do not both me that much. I’m just saying, if you are going to go for it, go for it.

I’ve basically gotten used to the dog eating steaks and organic meats and veggies for dinner and me having to eat pasta. I can make these sacrifices for my furry friend!

List as of 2/19/14

Per Day: (1 pill each. Buford is 60 lb dog on average.)   Here is where I get the items and the cost associated.

Other Dosing: If my dog was 30 lbs, I’d cut in half.  If my dog was 15 lbs, I’d cut these does in a quarter. Pills are easy to split with a pill splitter, but all the capsules below are veggie caps. I’m not sure how effective this would be if you had to distrubite a veggie cap’s powder into several doses, as I am unsure just how they are mixed or made. )

Cost of Supplements per day:   60 lb dog

30 lb dog

15 lb dog


1. Apigenin 50mg  I get 90 caps for $9.99 from Swanson, free shipping if you spend enough.  I’m not happy about getting these from Swanson, as I’d rather source them other natural places. This is hard for me to find, as there is not a large enough market for needing it, so I’m stuck with it.  It’s only $.12 cents per dose, or per day.

.STOPPED Blue Green Algae (Source Naturals) from Klamath Lake Oregon 500mg  Note:  Buford’s getting stressed so much it increases his chance of getting those overflow of bacteria, so I’m not going to count this anymore.  I think with the other algae pills it’s too much.

2. *Bromelain (at least 150,mcg, sometimes this comes mixed with Quercetin)  I found this online by Source Naturals, where you get a two pack at a reduced rate. Let’s say you don’t get it on sale, expect to pay around $16-$20 a bottle if you are in the Whole Foods or need it in a pinch.  So shop online and get it cheaper.  For 120 pills you pay $16.18 which is .07 per pill or per day.

3. Carnivora (Venus Fly Trap) 125 mcg – *Note, I have to start and stop these based on his overall  health. These can do too much, too quick.*  I ordered them in bulk from this Carnivora website but I have Carnivora out the wazoo since I have to start and stop them.   I bought 5 bottles and got 1 free, so it cost me( $39.95 each for the first 5, with a $6.95 shipping)  $206.70 for a total of 6 bottles which is a total of 600 capsules!  This is .35 cents per dose or per day, unless you skip on average two days a week it’s going to last you longer.

. C1000 Plus Cap Contains 1000mg Vitamin C, 1000 mg Citrus Biflavanoids, Rutin 100 mg and inert ingredients including Rose Hips, Black Currant and Pepper Fruit

Read here why I stopped Vitamin C.  I’m trying to make a PH system right, not acidic.

4. Chlorella (Source Naturals) 200 mg   you can get these online, but I buy them from Whole Foods where they are more expensive. I just found them online at Lucky Naturals Vitamin Shop as low as $16  ($10+6 s/h) shipped to your home for 300 tablets.If you can order several vitamins here and spend $49 the order ships free.  I give my 60 lb dog only one a day, because he’s getting other algae/etc.  That is about .05 cents per dose or per day.

5. Coriolus PSP Mushroom Science   400 mg, get these from Amazon lowest price $24.25 for 90 day supply (free standard shipping) so I give him one pill a day for his weight (60-65 lbs ) which costs .27 cents per dose, or per day.

6. DIM  100mg – We try to buy Source Naturals, you can get these online for about $17.49 , free shipping if you order enough.  In stores for as much as $22 depending on where you shop. There are only 60 caps in the bottle,  you can shop around, but average cost $20 end cost is  .34 cents per dose or per day. 

7. Dr. Carol’s Pets CANCER SUPPORT (formerly was using the Quantum Immunity Essentials Immune Booster) ,Cancer pills are $44.95 plus about $5 first class mail, so figure $50 for 120 capsules = $.42 cents per day, per dose. Although this is the more expensive of the supplements,  it contains many things that would cost you a lot to get into your dog yourself. You can review the mix on Dr. carol’s website and see that these pills are USA made and made with your pet in mind.

Fish Oil (Barlean’s) Gelcap 1000 mg  (*note, Prefer Krill Oil)  REPLACED WITH KRILL

8. Krill Oil in Place of Fish Oil – use maker Schiff hard to find this , even Whole Foods won’t carry it as there is not enough demand.

9. PROBIOTIC – CVS brand 3 Billion Live Bacteria Cells

10. Passion Flower (Solaray) 350 mg

11. Resveratrol 100mg   250mg (I upped this)

12. Selenium  100mcg

13. Spirulina (Whole Foods) 500 mg

14. Tumeric 720 mg

16. Quercetin and Bromelain Supplement – Quercetin 500 mg and Bromelain 156 mg

FOOD SUPPLEMENTS:  (I alternate these. The oils help increase fat calories and give different tastes to the food)

Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Oil

Olive Oil


Finely Ground Flax Seed

ChlorOxygen – Chloophyll II Concentrate – Builds Red Blood Cells by Herbs Etc. – I dabble on his food

Dr. Reckeweg R17 – once in awhile I will dabble this on his food, though it should go on his gums


Carnivora Lymph Drainage – this goes on his gums and is very, very strong.

8. Dr. Carol’s Pets PAAWS Health and Wellness Complex AM & PM Vitamins

Organic Detox  – Wilson’s Coffee Enema.  This was done under supervision of holistic vet #2 Dr. Carol  – only did this once.  The first time he was welcoming it. The second time he did not let me.  You must consult a vet who approves this method or you can kill your dog.  Many vets do not approve of this method. For humans, it has been frowned upon as there have been reported deaths.  I only did this because we swear that shade grown organic coffee enema once cured my husband of hepatitis and he is walking proof. However, it was prepared a certain way and we bought the beans in Canada and froze the leftovers. I took the amount Dr. Carol said to give Buford and actually cut it in half because of the strength of the Canadian beans.


You can read the cycle I did here and how it impacted him.  It is very important to take him off the Carnivora aka Venus Fly Trap while doing the PH Protocol.

Beware!  I cannot give you medical advice.  Reading an article online and administering a herb or ingredient to your dog without proper vet consult can KILL HIM OR HER. The idea is to keep your dog alive! Many of you have found my site once your dog has been diagnosed with a bad protocol.  My ultimate goal for Buford is to give them supplements to keep them at a high quality of life until they pass. There is no cure for cancer, and this site is simply showing how I bought Buford a bit of time, at a higher quality of living.

Buford’s Stress Infection: Stress and Cancer

3 Aug

Imagine how upset I am to know I almost killed my dog due to stress.  I worked twelve days straight, long hours, and was gone from the house more than usual. My sleep was cut from 8 hours to 4 or five a night.  Buford is used to having me home more than that.    I switched up his food schedule, and had a pet sitter check on him, sometimes feeding him a little until I got home to feed him the rest.  He was agitated when I’d get home, and although his hunger was normal, he was panting heavily and not acting himself. On my last day of the project (day 12, ) I got a call at the place I was working that he wasn’t eating, and that he threw up. By that night, they told me to get home, they feared the worst.  Just so happens  I  was stuck at work, couldn’t get out due to car pooling, and got home at two in the morning. He wouldn’t look at me, he was laying half out of it and lethargic. The neighbors had been checking on him.   I tried to get him to eat his kale and chicken. He did not want it.  He turned his head away.

I wanted to test his appetite. I grabbed a chocolate donut from the kitchen. I held it in front of his nose to see if he was still coherent. He gently looked up at me, then his head hit the floor, never even noticing the smell of the donut.  Something was seriously wrong. All I could think was this was it.  I calmed myself down and told myself, “GET A GRIP, YOU KNOW THIS DAY WAS COMING!”

I told Buford it was time to go to the Pet ER and told him I think this was it.  I started to cry and hold him, really believing this was the day they talked about. They told me when he went down, he’d go down really quick, so this seemed to be it.

Ironically as if he understood English, he jumped up on the couch, and snuggled up with me, as if to say, he didn’t want to go to the ER. I figured this was it, and he wanted to die at home.  I was hoping he’d die in my arms that night and make it easy on both of us.  It was some time since he laid in my lap, and he did that with his dead weight on me.  It was hard sleeping on the couch with a 60 lb dog on your lap, but I did it.

He Snored all night but he didn’t Die. 

The next day he seemed in a better mood, so I tried to get him to eat something, anything. I opened a can of tuna fish and he took a few bites. Progress.  I took him to our property in Pennsylvania, and he ran around like a puppy.  I then had to give him some burgers, even though I am against giving him ground beef, I had to do something to get him to eat.  They were fresh cooked angus burgers.  He ate them all.  He was drinking a lot, but his bowels were not solid, they were very runny.  In fact, he had an accident in my car which has never, ever happened before.

Bacterial Infection from Stress Spore ?

Basically after taking him to the vet and doing some tests, we found out that he has a spore overgrowth in his intestines and colon, that is omitted naturally due to levels of stress. However, his twelve days without me had somehow triggered high levels of stress had made too many of these bacteria spores which had overrun the system, causing his belly to hurt and basically him to have diarrhea. Here is some information on it.

So he would not eat, because he was equating his illness with his chicken dinner, so is why he was turning his nose up at it.  Some dogs would get an antibiotic shot to knock this out, but because Buford’s system is compromised due to the cancer, I had to start him on antibiotic pills and slowly build his system back up.

Whole Foods Market

I went to Whole Foods Market in Mt. Washington , MD and bought him some grass fed steaks to the tune of $7 each which weren’t bad at all.  I made him a spanking dinner when in fact I ate a sandwich from cheap lunchmeat so that he could eat like a King!  He had grass fed beef cubs, flax seed, and for the first night mixed in a tiny bit of whole grain oatmeal. I struggled with this decision because the grains in the oatmeal may indeed  help the cancer grow, but his tummy was hurting and I wanted something to bind him up and activate his antibiotics quicker.

Within three days he was back to normal eating and I am slowing working the chicken back in.

I have also incorporated fresh organic parsley all pureed up to help him, as this contains vitamin C to boost his immune system.

Stress and the Cancer Dog

I think it’s safe to say Stress is a major issue with cancer dogs. A simple routine change and the dog can go into a huge tailspin.  This is something that you must factor in when you are committing yourself to your dog’s cancer treatment. Life as you know it must change. Your routine must include your dog.

Nursing Him Back to Health

He also dropped 7 lbs due to the bacterial infection, which is not good.  I am working hard to get him rebuilt again.  I am concerned while his resistance is down, the cancer can attack again. He is happy, calmer, and eating large portions again.

More soon.

Read more about this infection here.

My Cancer Dog is Winning

31 May

What is Winning When You Are Dealing with Cancer aka The Death Sentence?

I’m still waiting on the results of another scan for Buford.  . This will tell me how quickly the individual nodes are growing and at what rate (and if there is more spread). I will compare the growth timeline from the last results; and then I will know how much time I maybe have before I must put him down. I don’t want him in any discomfort.

Of course I hope for mediocre to good news. If there is little or no growth than his modgepodge of pills and herbal remedies may be doing their job.  That would indicate some form of slowing the spread down and buying us more quality time together.

Realistically, I am prepared for the worst. We are dealing with cancer here. It has taken everyone I love (My mom, my grandmom, my grandfather, and now my dog.) As Buford is my faithful friend, I am truly heartbroken. I try not to let him know that, but sometimes when he sleeps I cry. I wish I didn’t know sometimes how sick he was on the inside.

He is Winning

In the meantime, he’s winning.  He runs laps on 3.5 acres galloping and playing with his friends.  He is still hungry and eats a great diet.  He loves to go for walks.  He weighs exactly the same.

He’s fighting for his life.

Thank you my furry friend. You are so very brave.


Carnivora Venus Fly Trap Cancer Dogs

16 May

A few weeks ago I started Carnivora on Buford.  It is sold as a supplement to combat irregular cells.  It uses plant photonutrients, primarily from the Venus Fly Trap plant. It’s inception dates back to the 1970’s by German physician Dr. Helmut Keller.   I ordered a big box $300 buy so many bottles get some free.

Help from the Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap Plant Photo from OccultLiving

If you think about the Venus Fly Trap plant the plant itself is amazing. It’s smart enough to trap and disintegrate a housefly or pest into mush and digest it without actually eating itself. Some form of higher power in those tiny plant cells knows when to combat the enemy or irregular cells versus the good cells.  The premise is mind boggling that perhaps it could also work in humans or pets in the same way.

Immune System Defense

To think this little plant could be made into something to help boost my dog’s immunity is amazing.   It’s basically sold as immune defense.  Tailoring it to my dog has been a bit tough. The fact of the matter is it can combat too many irregular cells too quickly and therefore the person (or in this case) the dog will show signs of lethargy and be tired.  Although they claim this product is totally safe,  this is a warning sign enclosed in the paperwork.

I have been giving Buford one pill with dinner.  He is holding steady at around 60 lbs. Within an hour he is asleep and often like a baby sleeps though the night whereas before he would be up several times to pee.  I assume it must be the Carnivora is making him tired–but then again he is a cancer dog so I had to do further experiments with him.

Carnivora cancer dogs

On top of that, I dabble some lymph drainage homeopathic Carnivora on his gums about 3 out of 5 days.  Unlike some other homeopaths I had tried to give him he actually ENJOYS the taste of this which floors me. If I miss he will lick it off his paws or wherever I have spilled it.  I wish the company would offer plastic droppers for pets but instead it’s in glass so I have to be extra careful. I chose this to target his lymph nodes.  At this point nothing can hurt giving it a try.

This lymph drainage combined with the pill makes him often cat nap through the day.  Where he would be following me around the house, standing and watching me he will now follow me around the house and lay down dozing off while I’m doing something.

It Makes Him Nap

One could argue that his cancer could be doing this, but when I stopped the Carnivora for two days straight, he was back to his normal bouncy bubbly self running and playing and requiring less naps. So this tells me the Carnivora is making him sleepy and maybe doing it’s job as it should.  So I started it again and voila, the nap attacks returned.

In this case I made the decision to keep him on the Carnivora for a prolonged amount of time and see what happens.   I will be setting up another scan soon.

Buford’s Health Today:

He also received another blood on blood shot on May 8th and he seems to be doing well.  Strangely we’ve had a lot of rain in the past week and all of a sudden his hind quarters is bothering him. This is a dog who has never had bad arthritis but now he seems to be getting it. I can’t help thinking when the cancer is living inside him it is making him prone to other health issues he normally would not have had.   Then again, he’s almost 13.  I pulled his papers to look up something the other day. Did you know all this time I thought his birthday was in June? And his papers say he was whelped July 11, 2000.  So he’s been getting birthday parties a month early his whole life. Sheesh. I’m putting him down for a rescan in June no matter what to see if the tumor has kept it’s same size or is growing rapidly. I am curious to know if something, anything, has stunted it’s growth. If it has, I would never be able to tell you what as he’s on so much combined that it’s nuts.  The only upside?  He is pooping with less strain and more naturally so this is a good thing.

Screw you Cancer. You aren’t taking him yet.





Lymphoma in Basset Hounds

24 Apr

The first PH treatment cycle is done. Buford is doing wonderful and runs and plays with his friends. We took a very long walk in the park the other day and like usual I was tired out before he was. He did three laps around the park and was sometimes running. I seriously can’t believe he has the cancer inside of him; or that I wanted to put him down just two weeks ago, or that he is 13 and running and playing this much. He is obviously supercharged on his diet, additives and appears to be healthy as a horse; though looks can be deceiving.  He is so very brave, he’s kicking cancer’s a*s right now even though cancer is growing fast inside him.

I found a great article about Cancer in the Lymph nodes at the American Cancer Society,  and explains just what it is the lymph system does.  Ironically it mentions that cancer either STARTS THERE aka Lymphoma or spreads there from a previous onset.  Now the old vet I had did think that cancer recurred from his previous anal gland cancer.  I was starting to wonder if since Basset Hounds get Lymphoma quite often( and this seems to be the common killer of this breed, )if it is at all possible if the original cancer was cured, but the Lymphoma started on it’s own.  I guess it doesn’t matter and maybe I’ll never know but if so, I’m even more lucky to have Buford right now, as Lymphoma seems to be quick and agressive and some basset hounds succumb to it in two months. I’m pretty certain he’s five months in now since the “recurrence” now in his lymph nodes or ” the new lymphoma” started and that to me is amazing.

Ironically I also found this article on a company getting a $20 million dollar grant to study the effects of using a drug CD47 or Anti CD47  to shrink cancer tumors. Read about it here. 

My only comment is if any company, or person,  finds a cure will the powers that be actually let them market it and really use it on people, as that I am sure would cut out the need for a lot of drugs, big pharma and the money in the chemo industry. I think I just answered my own question.


Buford’s Health Today………is great. He spent some time outside with me gardening, and napped in the sun like lazy hounds often do. He’s been hungry and I’ve been feeding him half portions twice a day instead of once per day.  I may do the PH protocol one more time, but we have Carnivora on the way.

If for some reason Buford’s cancer went away, shrank or disappeared, I would never be able to tell you what worked and when, at this point we are trying everything and anything we can get our hands on, and there are so many protocols happening at once that perhaps it would only be luck or the act of God or the alien life forces of the Pyramids or maybe the green guys living on Neptune to save him now. In other words, I have no idea what we are doing anymore as we are doing so much. I only know that Buford’s quality of life is off the charts. He has the energy of a 5 year old puppy and he’s 13.  I think I’m going to start eating his diet. I guess Buford is the test host and since he can’t talk as much as I’d like him to, we may never know just what is working for him, now will we?



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