Articles About Cancer in Dogs

This is a helpful list of articles I’ve read about Cancer , Cancer Treatments, Alternative Treatment and things that pertain to Cancer in Dogs (and humans!) Remember there is no cure for cancer.  All decisions you make regarding your dog should be done under the supervision of your vet!

Chemotherapy and Your Dog

Copper’s Journey:  Read about Copper’s Journey with Chemotherapy  (A brave basset hound!)

Alternative Cancer Research  Studies, Sites, Etc (In General Not Just Dogs)

Cancer Tutor

Gerson Therapy  

Research Studies on Herbs and Supplements to Aid in Cancer Prevention or Help Fight Cancer

Mayo Clinic : Vitamin C Alternative Cancer Treatment

Mushrooms in Cancer Treatment 

also read the Studies in Penn State on Dogs with Cancer and Mushroom I’MYunity Mushroom Caps

Holistic Vets For Consults or  Online Great Reads

Dr. Carol Osbourne

Stores to Buy Natural Supplements for your DOG

I’MYunity Mushroom caps for Dogs *** see above for independent Penn State research read my full post about this product HERE.

DKO Naturals   supplier of Nordic Naturals and Dr. Reckeweg’s products

PAAWS vitamins and anti-aging for Dogs **Also has Cancer Support line out.**

Good Sites About Cancer:

Dr. Hasmah (Untold Stories About Cancer)


One Response to “Articles About Cancer in Dogs”

  1. Paul Webb October 12, 2014 at 1:58 pm #

    My 7 year old female Staffy /Boxer has just been diagnosed with liver cancer wioth an enlarged tumor and too far gone for any help, i just want her to be comfortable in her last days, i hear about the baking soda mix with molasses to stunt the growth of cancer, please can anyone assist me the dosage for 44 kilo staffy cross boxer, anyone who can tell how to get her pH levels up as well.
    Time is running out for her, she looks amazing and her spirit is right up but when the liver bleeds into the abdomen from the awful tumor, she becomes listless and sad and i become worried and beg her not to die today, my tears are new as it only happened last week , but i would love to help he with something, does anyone have an idea if the ph levels and the bicarb soda, anything will be helpful to spend the next weeks cuddling and holding her.

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