About My Beloved Basset Hound Buford

basset hound cancer

This was my experiences with my dog Buford,  as it pertained to alternative therapy. My basset hound, Buford T. Woo and I successfully took this journey up until his death. It worked great for us.

I was extremely inspired by the blog “Coppers Journey” which describes the pet owner and her lovely basset Copper, as he fought his cancer with chemotherapy treatment.

I personally believe when your dog is diagnosed with cancer, you must make the best decision for you and your dog under the watchful eye of your vet. No decision is easy, and there is no known fail-safe cure for Cancer. Most alternative treatments and remedies are very expensive, and  time consuming. It’s a lot to go through as a pet owner. You must decide what you can handle, and what you can afford, and allow your faithful pet when he’s ready, to make his journey to the other side.

This was my personal journey, and what Buford and I have decided to do, together.

The first  month was the hardest. Enter the news, the special diets, the herbs, the remedies, regulating medicines, and tailoring dietary needs. Adding supplements and anti immunity and this is a huge task.  It took so much time out of my life and getting them into Buford even more frustrating.

Then I had a whole vet-thing. You must find the ones who will work best for your dog. In my case I had to stop getting treatments under his regular vet whose been with him since a puppy, (I had 26 years of dedication to him)–he is conventional and not much more he can do for Buford. I use one holistic vet (who I must see at my regular vet’s) , a second holistic vet on stand by for periodic consults who lives 6 hours away, and a secondary regular vet as well.  There were four vets involved in my dog’s care and one medical doctor who gave sage advice. I ended up leaving the vet I had been with for 26 years over the treatment of Buford. It was worth it, I kept him alive so long!

Then there is the research. Reading cancer studies, journals, other countries protocol’s, books, magazines, scientific journals……learning chemistry and some plant biology to find out what, why, when, where and how I can help Buford. I spend nights from nine pm to two am reading non stop.

The point is, it’s hard.

I am sure each case would be different.  No two dogs are alike.  Just like you and I aren’t alike.  Something could prove a miracle for your dog but not for mine.  If I respond to penicillin maybe you are allergic to it. That’s life. You have to find what works for your dog and stick with it.

My goal was to keep Buford happy healthy and stress free as long as I could and I surpassed those goals when he was running, and playing like a puppy up until a week before he crashed and I knew it was time.

No information on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Names of my primary vet and my holistic vets have been changed.

I suppose the bond you have with your pet, and God has a lot to do with it. Money and time are crucial. You can invest a lot of both and still there is no cure for Cancer and ultimately the outcome is the same. It’s the time in between that matters. What is it worth for more time with your dog? My answer was maxing out my credit cards and doing what’s best for him. It was so worth it.

I suppose it’s what you believe, what you think your pet can handle, and what you feel in your heart may be possible.

Whatever you decide, good luck, and I’m sorry if you found this page because your dog is sick.

Buford was happy and eating and active when I started this journey. If he had been on his death bed this would not have worked.  If he was a smaller dog I would have been scared to do the PH protocol. It’s up to the owner to do what’s best for the dog.


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