Pork Back Fat for the Cancer Dog Diet

15 Feb
Pork Back Fat

Pork Back Fat off of a Pork Picnic Shoulder

Dr. Carol first told me about the Pork Back Fat.  Let me first explain a regular healthy dog has a hard time processing and digesting fat , fatty tumors will form and it will upset their tummies.  So if your dog is healthy, don’t give them fat.   Now we talk about the cancer dog.  In this case,  I have to feed MY dog and not FEED the cancer, so this meant cutting out grains.  Breads, grains, wheat, rice, and even corn. GONE.   Once you cut out these things, your dog will lose weight. Losing weight is bad in a sense that you don’t want them to become  waxing and waning or unhealthy . You want them to keep their mass and strength. So you have to keep their weight on with something. In my case, Buford’s diet is getting his caloric content and fat from natural animal fats.

If you consider his diet consists of chicken and kale, the only fats he’s getting is really the natural chicken fat, skin, cartilage. Both before picking and afterwards I boil the bones then skim the fat off the top of the chicken stock. All natural and all good for him, however Buford loses interest in eating the same things each day.  He misses his kibbles, corn and grains.  I don’t blame him, he lived on that for 12 years.   Even if I switch him up with Ground Beef (which I only do once per month if I find organic angus and ground meat should be avoided in the cancer dog due to processing agents) or a day of steak, neither of these have enough fat truly to keep his weight on.


So we go through a small stint with the pork back fat.  It’s high in caloric content and low in protein. Great for packing on the calories and when chopped small enough, digestible.   Here is the issue. If you are to buy it in a store it has been salted with kosher style salt to preserve the processing and perhaps to cure it I don’t know. But it’s loaded in sodium and gosh knows what else, and that’s not good.

Pork Back Fat



You can find the perfect fat on a Pork Picnic Shoulder. I nabbed a good sized one for $1.49 on sale. An $11 piece yielded me a huge pot of BBQ for us humans and six baggies of Pork Back Fat for Buford.  More on the BBQ later.

The first thing you do with the raw pork shoulder, is trim the pork fat off all the way around, It is going to be about 1/2 to 3/4 thick in areas and leaving some raw pork attached is okay. Your goal is to simmer this covered in a fry pan with some water.  You will see it shrink about 25-30% of it’s original size. You may even hear squealing as the outer skin is shrinking.

Pork Back Fat

As you can see above, compare to the very top picture in this post, and the cooking process, the pork has toughened on the skin area and shrunk about 33% of it’s original size. Trim it into small pieces, about 1/2″ to 3/4″ cubes, and you should do this while it’s still warm. You then return the cubes to the fry pan to sizzle them down a bit more.


pork back fat cubes

Note the brown edges.

Here’s a video of how to do it:

During this time you will hear the snap, crackle pop and that’s okay, you are rendering down the rest of the pork back fat, making the edges a bit harder and making sure to fully cook the edges to kill any bacteria. I simply brown the edges and drain off a bit of excess grease.  Let them cool and bag them in “snack size bags.”.   A small snack size bag will last you up to two weeks. Feed them as snacks here or there, or in with their food.

Pork Back Fat Bags

It’s funny really, my great grandmother cooked everything with Lard. Now, technically, it’s keeping my dog alive.

Pork Back Fat Bags

BUFORDS HEALTH TODAY:  Great! He’s been pooping like a horse and keeping his weight on. His mood is 250% better because we’ve tracked down and adopted Birdie’s daughters Kendall and Nala. Kendall is 3.5 and Nala is 4, they have different fathers but Birdie was their mom.   Long story short, we are blessed to have these loving girls in our home.  They have some special needs issues, but both girls are happy to be in their new home and well, Buford has immediately taken to Kendall, and she to him. I wonder if he he knows it’s Birdie’s daughter?

Buford and KendallBuford is welcoming Kendall into her new home.

He’s very protective of her and has to sleep by her. If she’s up on the couch and he is too tired to jump up, he will whine until he gets a boost to be next to her.  He truly has become protective of her.

Nala Cat is really a Dog

Kendall on the left and Nala on the right. They came with these names.


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    […] Making him fresh dinners every night, or enough for a weeks’ time and portion controlling took money and effort. At first I took him off dry kibble completely. This caused tooth problems eventually, so be sure to brush teeth as the lack of kibbles can rot teeth causing plaque to form.  Eventually I broke down and fed him grain free Blue, of which helped his teeth but in my opinion, I would have omitted and only followed chicken and kale diet, mixed with some pork back fat. (shown here) […]

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