All Star Health Worst Experience Ever Impacts my Cancer Dog #epicfail @AllStarHealth

13 Jan

cancer Dog

Getting meds for Buford is my number one goal, and it’s very important that his power boost of 14 pills are taken regularly. Hell, the dog is alive running and playing with stage three cancer and what else can I attribute it to?  On that note, I did hear from a wonderful reader who is also following the regimen for his dog Tawny, and she is doing wonderful battling her cancer.  I am so very glad that nature is making progress and letting these dogs with cancer live in the highest quality of life.

Problem is, I couldn’t remember where I bought his Coriolus PSP Mushroom Science caps last time, and his meds are costing me a small fortune. Buying 14 pills month in and month out gets a little nerve-racking. l placed my refill order on 12.26.13 at night online from a place called All Star Health.  ( I checked Whole Foods, because I would rather buy my supplements in person now, I make sure to read the labels to exclude anything with harmful fillers.  )  Whole Foods does carry some mushroom caps, and some immune mushroom mixes but I didn’t want to take a chance, as some mushrooms are poisonous to dogs.

All Star Health: From one to ten, I’m rating them a negative five. Can I do that? Sure I can.  Never used them before and won’t ever again.  Their Facebook pages says they are a Discount Website shop out of California and most people report getting vitamins quickly. They also have pretty good prices but one factor made me want to order is they claim to have East Coast and West Coast warehouses.  I signed up for the standard shipping and figured since the holiday rush was over all would be fine. As soon as I placed my order I received this confirmation (The rest of it has my billing and shipping address and the products I ordered. )



All Star Health website sent me an order confirmation as soon as my order was placed on 12.26.13


So when you get an order confirmation (showing your billing and shipping addresses, and confirmation of products) you assume everything is good. Well this was not so in my case.   I was wondering where my pills were two weeks later.  I kept scrolling through junk mail because no one tried to call me.  I found a message they sent the next day! Of course it was in my spam, and why would I have any reason to check spam if I received an order confirmation?

all star health

This was sitting in spam


It indicates  one day later they sent me a message to call them because they said my credit card and billing address didn’t match. I found this of course two weeks later.  My husband and I have many credit cards, and some of them bill to home or work so I thought, okay, I’m calling the credit card company.  I found out that indeed, the card I used did match where I ordered and where the product was sent. I called All Star Health and got a guy, and I explain the situation.  He said  “I just checked it and it matches. ”

Now I’m confused and I just want my product, which hasn’t even really been processed yet. Why, I don’t know.  I want a supervisor who can expedite it.  I get Claire, who was nice enough but now she is dealing with me and I’m upset.  I ask her could this be a system glitch because my address matches, and she said they’ve been using the same credit card verification service since 1989 and it can’t be. Okkkay. I’ve gotten plenty of other things ordered lately, no problems. So, even if that can’t be explained  I ask why they don’t call customers about issues like this (I mean here I got a confirmation right, so why would I think there’s anything wrong with my order.) Claire says they emailed me (it was in my spam) and can’t call their thousands of customers……

Poor Customer Service Issue #1   Claire’s unsympathetic response is just wrong. I find it very hard to believe thousands of customers have this happen on a daily basis. I do believe they may get thousands of orders but only a small portion of them may go to problem issues.  Is it too much to ask for a company to call the ones who you’ve sent a confirmation too that have issues with their order?   With so many discount vitamin sites, you’d think you would want to keep your customers. Anyhow the odds of this must be slim and none and not thousands per day, so don’t tell me it’s too much to phone them.  I guess 90% of people would not have had this problem. Others may not be in a rush for their supplements, vitamins, etc. For them it may not be a life or death situation, like it is for Buford.

Poor Customer Service issue #2 : So I ask the supervisor Claire to expedite and she can’t.  She did explain they are an online store. I am not sure what this means. Does that mean the product is not physically there? If their website says they have warehouses on the East and West Coast what does this sound like to you?  I was now infuriated. I told her that’s not acceptable, I’m spending $500 a month to keep a dog with cancer alive and that I wanted her to talk to her supervisor to find out what you can do or I’m going to spread the word to everyone I know.  I wasn’t getting anywhere so I hung up.

I get a call a day later (missed it and got a message from Claire that they can rush it and I’ll have it by Tuesday  if I  call and confirm I still want it.  Here’s Poor Customer Service Issue #2 – You know I need the meds, and that I’m already irate and wanting to share my bad experience,  you now want me to waste time to  call in again to confirm this when I’ve already confirmed my information three times, first whem I placed the order, second with the guy who answered the phone  and third the supervisor Claire but now you want me to call again…)

(Meanwhile, I send a response back “Bullshit” and ask for a supervisor to call me from the spammed email, just to see if anyone is reading.)

It gets better!  I call in as Claire suggested and get another girl, who is apologetic and says they will send me another order confirmation out and she confirms I will have this product by Tuesday.  She says I will get an order confirmation generated in my email.   Here is where my story should have ended happily, after FOUR COMMUNICATIONS TO GET MY ORDER, and I would have been at least satisfied. 

EPIC FAIL:  I do not get a confirmation in fact I get another phone message, this time from Karen, the mushroom caps are out of stock and can I please remove the tweets. WHAT?

They mean this one? Asking them for help to make it right?

(my husband)


As of this very minute the mushroom caps are showing IN STOCK and will let me order 6 of them and don’t indicate out of stock.  So either they are going to have a bunch of upset customers when they try to order things  or just playing hardball with me.  Either way, I am a concerned online supplement buyer and think the public should know, what they did to me, (and my dog.)


Today Buford is doing well, but we’re off to find his Mushroom caps so we can make sure not to mess up his regimen,  After all, we did lace our order on 12.26 and it’s 1.13 and still no mushroom caps. Thanks All Star Health! You suck!



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  1. Admin January 13, 2014 at 8:35 pm #

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    When supplement stores go bad…

  2. Michael April 26, 2017 at 4:59 am #

    I’m glad Buford is ok. That’s the most important thing, and I hope you’ve found a source for your dog needs. I do have to say that I have been an AllStarHealth customer for nearly 10 years. My experience has been beyond fantastic, all the time. I think you got a cascade of very bad errors, and it’s terrible that you had to suffer through it. It is certainly not the norm, though. My best to you in your future.


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