PH Kills Cancer

27 Dec
buford woo dog with cancer

Buford Woo Cancer Dog

Christmas has come and gone and my furry faced pal is still with me.  He’s doing well and we have been going for walks to oxygenate his system.  I have to say it is amazing that he seems to be more energetic walking in the cold winter weather than me.  I  made a small change to his diet since he continues to get the stress “spore” which I read about Clostridium difficile, and I found in one study they make mention that it’s related to marine fish and seaweed….so I started thinking I should cut back on the Blue Green Algae tabs I’ve been giving him just in case I’m doing something to help that environment welcome the spores. He was on three different marine based tabs, so I stopped the Blue Green Algae altogether.

Overall I think he’s doing well since we lost Birdie, but he seems to be more interested in what I’m doing and where I’m going. For instance, if he’s lounging in the living room and I’m cooking in the kitchen, this used to go unnoticed. Now he will move to stand and watch me do my thing in the kitchen, often plopping down for a nap wherever I am.  A usual day of errands never used to bother him. he would sleep most of the day away, but now he paces and worries the whole time I’m gone. It’s almost as if he’s getting more needy to be away from me.  As for work he is lucky to be allowed in the office and enjoys accompanying me to work, so perhaps I’ve created this behavior.

The good news is I’ve finally come to peace with the fact Buford has cancer.  He is now 13.5 years old and for a basset hound he’s already living beyond his suggested lifespan of 12.

PH Kills Cancer, or does it?

Besides my dog what about humans?  I found some stories to prove that with the right level of PH in your system (changing it from acidic to high ph, the cancer cells are starved.) What we don’t know is if they die, shrink, or just stunt in growth, waiting for the right moment to restrike. Something as simple as a three dollar box of bicarbonate versus millions in chemotherapy, so i ask why isn’t someone trying to find this out ? Is there too much money in big pharmaceuticals that no one wants to find a cure for cancer?  I think you can answer those questions.

stories i found worth reading:

8 yr old girl uses high PH to shrink cancer tumor

Phil’s dance with cancer and his human ph protocol

Cancer Fighting Strategies : PH and Cancer







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