Dr. Carol’s Pets Cancer Dog Pills

29 Aug

Dr. Carol's Pets Canccer Pills Boost Support to your dog

Thank you Dr. Carol.

Buford and I just got back from a walk. Truth is he ran and I walked, because this summer I’d sprained my anke. Two months not completely healed yet, but the dog appears to be running and playing and jumping like a baby and I can’t keep up with him.  I thought about how much he’s gone through and how proud I am of him. To think that he’s living holistically wtih only natural boosted immunity support and a diet of superfoods and proteins make me realize how happy I am that I choose this path. No chemo. No operations. No regular medicine.

Dr. Carol of Chagrin Falls, Ohio was one of the first hholistic vets I consulted with, and someone I greatly admire.  She has her own clinic and combines what’s she’s learned as a vet with holistic and botainical supplements to make your dog (or cat or any pet for that matter) feel their best. She’s got her own line of healing dog remedies. Why aren’t these in every vet’s office? At first I thought it’s because the vets want your dog to be sick so they can keep charging you. Then I decided it’s not their fault that they are so close minded when it comes to holistic medicine. After all, vets are taught doctoral medicine and treat dogs with textbook treatments.

She has lots of great PAAWS vitamins for older dogs, and they contain lots of natural supplements to make your dog feel their best.  I used those and think they are wonderful, but even more so, Buford can’t live without Dr. Carol’s Quantum Immunity Essentials. Basically these are pills to boost the immune support system of older, sickly, or cancer dogs and made with tons of natural botanical ingredients. The ingredients are blended together so they optimize their working properties.

There are 60 pills per bottle, and approximately cost $44.95 plus shipping to my dog was $6.59 for a total of $51.54.  Buford gets one pill per day and greatly misses them if I run out.   And they obviously work because Buford is still here.  I have to say he takes 13 pills a day and this is just one of them., but granted, he missed his meds only one night, and it threw him into a tailspin. All his meds are natural and botanical, or organic. However, this particular night I could not forgive myself. He was up five times with hot sweats, panting, and peeing excessively. I actually thought he was going into kidney failure. The next morning, I put him back on his natural supplements and he sleeps like a baby and is back to normal urination.

Now you tell me.  Is it worth it to put your cancer dog or your old dog who’s not in the best health out of discomfort and into the comfort zone?  Yes, it is.  I can’t fix Buford’s cancer or make it go away, but I can find ways to combat it by boosting his immune system. If anyone could believe my dog running at 13 (past basset hound prime) like a damn puppy it’s only because of the pills and diet.  So here is where I say:

Thank you Dr. Carol. You are changing the world one pill at a time. I only wish more vets would offer your products so I didn’t have to mail order them. I wish I could walk into any vet’s office and buy what’s best for my dog. I think a lot of people would agree, that their pet is worth whatever it takes to live their life tot he fullest. When battling cancer, Dr. Carol’s Pets is my best ally.

I also want to say I did a phone consult with her and obtained some great diet tips for Buford early on with his cancer.  I learned a lot in that call, and thank her immensly.

If you don’t believe it take it from me, it’s true. These pills work.  Here is more information:  Dr. Carol.com

Originally, I ordered four months worth. IAt this time, I order one bottle at a time. Buford and I take it day by day. And we are both okay with that.


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