Updated List of Supplements Cancer Dog

3 Aug

Cancer Dog Medicine

Here is the updated list of natural supplements I’m giving Buford on a daily basis.  I am writing them down since if I ever get sick, I may very well take the same things (minus the pet vitamins). Many of these items are made from plants, the bioflavanoids found in plants greatly help his immune system. Others help increase his red blood cell count and keep his system healthy. Some will try to erradicate bad growths.  I really upped his bioflavanoids after he got a bacterial infection and this seemed to help settle his stomach.

Note that doing all of this for your dog may become very costly. For instance, the Blue Green Algae, $27.99 / 100 tablets which means one month is almost $10, one pill alone.  I justify the cost because something, maybe these pills, or a miracle, or my love, or everything is currently working and keeping him fighting and alive and running and playing, so that the cancer has not overtaken his system.  So that to me, is priceless.  Now you can order online and find the cheapest supplements but why would you even do this? You may do more harm than good by feeding your dog inert ingredients like too much magnesium sterate or whatever else they may be using in the pills. The ones with Rice flour or gelatin do not both me that much. I’m just saying, if you are going to go for it, go for it.

I’ve basically gotten used to the dog eating steaks and organic meats and veggies for dinner and me having to eat pasta. I can make these sacrifices for my furry friend!

List as of 2/19/14

Per Day: (1 pill each. Buford is 60 lb dog on average.)   Here is where I get the items and the cost associated.

Other Dosing: If my dog was 30 lbs, I’d cut in half.  If my dog was 15 lbs, I’d cut these does in a quarter. Pills are easy to split with a pill splitter, but all the capsules below are veggie caps. I’m not sure how effective this would be if you had to distrubite a veggie cap’s powder into several doses, as I am unsure just how they are mixed or made. )

Cost of Supplements per day:   60 lb dog

30 lb dog

15 lb dog


1. Apigenin 50mg  I get 90 caps for $9.99 from Swanson, free shipping if you spend enough.  I’m not happy about getting these from Swanson, as I’d rather source them other natural places. This is hard for me to find, as there is not a large enough market for needing it, so I’m stuck with it.  It’s only $.12 cents per dose, or per day.

.STOPPED Blue Green Algae (Source Naturals) from Klamath Lake Oregon 500mg  Note:  Buford’s getting stressed so much it increases his chance of getting those overflow of bacteria, so I’m not going to count this anymore.  I think with the other algae pills it’s too much.

2. *Bromelain (at least 150,mcg, sometimes this comes mixed with Quercetin)  I found this online by Source Naturals, where you get a two pack at a reduced rate. Let’s say you don’t get it on sale, expect to pay around $16-$20 a bottle if you are in the Whole Foods or need it in a pinch.  So shop online and get it cheaper.  For 120 pills you pay $16.18 which is .07 per pill or per day.

3. Carnivora (Venus Fly Trap) 125 mcg – *Note, I have to start and stop these based on his overall  health. These can do too much, too quick.*  I ordered them in bulk from this Carnivora website but I have Carnivora out the wazoo since I have to start and stop them.   I bought 5 bottles and got 1 free, so it cost me( $39.95 each for the first 5, with a $6.95 shipping)  $206.70 for a total of 6 bottles which is a total of 600 capsules!  This is .35 cents per dose or per day, unless you skip on average two days a week it’s going to last you longer.

. C1000 Plus Cap Contains 1000mg Vitamin C, 1000 mg Citrus Biflavanoids, Rutin 100 mg and inert ingredients including Rose Hips, Black Currant and Pepper Fruit

Read here why I stopped Vitamin C.  I’m trying to make a PH system right, not acidic.

4. Chlorella (Source Naturals) 200 mg   you can get these online, but I buy them from Whole Foods where they are more expensive. I just found them online at Lucky Naturals Vitamin Shop as low as $16  ($10+6 s/h) shipped to your home for 300 tablets.If you can order several vitamins here and spend $49 the order ships free.  I give my 60 lb dog only one a day, because he’s getting other algae/etc.  That is about .05 cents per dose or per day.

5. Coriolus PSP Mushroom Science   400 mg, get these from Amazon lowest price $24.25 for 90 day supply (free standard shipping) so I give him one pill a day for his weight (60-65 lbs ) which costs .27 cents per dose, or per day.

6. DIM  100mg – We try to buy Source Naturals, you can get these online for about $17.49 , free shipping if you order enough.  In stores for as much as $22 depending on where you shop. There are only 60 caps in the bottle,  you can shop around, but average cost $20 end cost is  .34 cents per dose or per day. 

7. Dr. Carol’s Pets CANCER SUPPORT (formerly was using the Quantum Immunity Essentials Immune Booster) ,Cancer pills are $44.95 plus about $5 first class mail, so figure $50 for 120 capsules = $.42 cents per day, per dose. Although this is the more expensive of the supplements,  it contains many things that would cost you a lot to get into your dog yourself. You can review the mix on Dr. carol’s website and see that these pills are USA made and made with your pet in mind.

Fish Oil (Barlean’s) Gelcap 1000 mg  (*note, Prefer Krill Oil)  REPLACED WITH KRILL

8. Krill Oil in Place of Fish Oil – use maker Schiff hard to find this , even Whole Foods won’t carry it as there is not enough demand.

9. PROBIOTIC – CVS brand 3 Billion Live Bacteria Cells

10. Passion Flower (Solaray) 350 mg

11. Resveratrol 100mg   250mg (I upped this)

12. Selenium  100mcg

13. Spirulina (Whole Foods) 500 mg

14. Tumeric 720 mg

16. Quercetin and Bromelain Supplement – Quercetin 500 mg and Bromelain 156 mg

FOOD SUPPLEMENTS:  (I alternate these. The oils help increase fat calories and give different tastes to the food)

Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Oil

Olive Oil


Finely Ground Flax Seed

ChlorOxygen – Chloophyll II Concentrate – Builds Red Blood Cells by Herbs Etc. – I dabble on his food

Dr. Reckeweg R17 – once in awhile I will dabble this on his food, though it should go on his gums


Carnivora Lymph Drainage – this goes on his gums and is very, very strong.

8. Dr. Carol’s Pets PAAWS Health and Wellness Complex AM & PM Vitamins

Organic Detox  – Wilson’s Coffee Enema.  This was done under supervision of holistic vet #2 Dr. Carol  – only did this once.  The first time he was welcoming it. The second time he did not let me.  You must consult a vet who approves this method or you can kill your dog.  Many vets do not approve of this method. For humans, it has been frowned upon as there have been reported deaths.  I only did this because we swear that shade grown organic coffee enema once cured my husband of hepatitis and he is walking proof. However, it was prepared a certain way and we bought the beans in Canada and froze the leftovers. I took the amount Dr. Carol said to give Buford and actually cut it in half because of the strength of the Canadian beans.


You can read the cycle I did here and how it impacted him.  It is very important to take him off the Carnivora aka Venus Fly Trap while doing the PH Protocol.

Beware!  I cannot give you medical advice.  Reading an article online and administering a herb or ingredient to your dog without proper vet consult can KILL HIM OR HER. The idea is to keep your dog alive! Many of you have found my site once your dog has been diagnosed with a bad protocol.  My ultimate goal for Buford is to give them supplements to keep them at a high quality of life until they pass. There is no cure for cancer, and this site is simply showing how I bought Buford a bit of time, at a higher quality of living.


8 Responses to “Updated List of Supplements Cancer Dog”

  1. RKM June 30, 2014 at 12:34 am #

    Thank you for this information. I am taking it to heart. I already have a counter full of supplements I am giving her, but , some of these I have not heard of and I give some not listed here. I try to evaluate her condition and what I am giving her every day.i have not heard of a coffee enema killing someone! I know of Lyme patients who give themselves one every day and swear by it. Interesting.

  2. Gypsy Gentry August 24, 2015 at 9:16 am #

    Bless you for keeping a record of Bufords valiant fight. My precious baby [Jake](http://imgur.com/QkRWcf7) was diagnosed with lymphoma a week ago. He is thirteen, but until a week and a half ago he acted like a puppy. It has been very overwhelming. I have decided against chemo, because I have seen chemo kill more of my friends than cancer. He is 12 years old, and he’s been my best friend and constant companion for the last nine years of his life. Your blog is the first hopeful thing I have found. He has always eaten a high-quality all meat dog food since he has been in my care… I just switched him to lightly cooked beef, chicken, and fish tossed with some canned pumpkin to ease his recent constipation. I live in a remote area with only two vets in a 300 mile radius. They both milk their monopoly for every last penny they can extract, but it has gotten to the point that they can’t squeeze blood from a turnip and I refuse to pay another cent to anyone who says the best that can be achieved under their care is 3-6 weeks or 18 months with aggressive chemo. Last Monday I was worried if he’d make it through the night, but Tuesday after the results came in and I told the vet to go take a flying f*¢k because of her negative attitude, I went straight to the local medical marijuana club and got him some CBD tincture and some Rick Simpson oil (RSO). The vet said that he was unlikely to improve at all, but within hours of his first cbd cannabis dose the fluid accumulated in his face and neck started to disappear. His lymph nodes in his neck are still swollen, but all the fluid in his face and neck is gone. It also gave him munchies nd he ate for the first time in four days and tanked up on water and then wanted to go outside and play! I have also added cottage cheese and flax oil to his regimen as well as turmeric tincture, pumpkin mixed with plain yogurt, and I started adding carrot juice to his water to encourage him to drink more (he likes the sweetness). He has more energy, but gets wore out quickly and spends a lot of time resting (and hopefully healing). I will try adding some of the supplements that you have listed. Any additional advice or tips that you could provide would be deeply appreciated. Jake is the light of my life, my furry guardian angel, and the best friend I have ever had. He is small, gentle as a lamb, but has the heart of a lion. If any dog could make a comeback it would be him. He is amazing. Thank you for giving us hope.

  3. Burgandy September 11, 2015 at 6:03 am #

    I just found out my German Shepard mix has lymphoma I’ve been feeding her chicken, white rice, and green beans. I was also giving her a probiotic pill, but stopped because I just received pills from her vet. And wasn’t sure if they’d go I still have to ask I’m sure it shouldn’t be a problem but I’m really cautious. I want her to live a happy life for as long as she can. She’s fine now she eats she plays she sleeps more then usual but she’s still up and active, I haven’t experienced her turn away food yet aside from her original dog food, but I no longer feed her it. I didn’t quite understand what exact nutrients she needs. Is what I’m feeding her okay? I don’t know where to turn to at this point I’m trying my hardest to make her feel as comfortable and happy as possible… this is painful to go threw. I don’t want suffering….

  4. Cathy October 22, 2015 at 9:51 am #

    I found out my 12year staff,mix lab,has a spleen tumor. The vets were no hope. I liquidise vegetables and fruit,which animals can have.. I also give him colloidal sliver. I have got him. Up & wanted to go for a walk. He has always taken me were he wants to go. It’s has been 5 weeks now. He looks better in him self. I do not know if the tumor is shrinking. But I am up night & day,reaching everything. I would like to speak to the lady who got mr bassethound


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