Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field Beating Cancer

14 Jul

I applied many principals to my life on a daily basis that I learned throughout the way from some very smart folks.  One major influence in my thinking would be Steve Jobs.  Mainly, his Reality Distortion Field.  As crazy as it sounds, many people don’t understand, grasp or appreciate the whole point in the matter. This is the very one thing from keeping them from achieving or exploring (or living)  their dreams. Believing in the power of mind over matter, that you can do things others tell you that you can’t do.   This  is the one very thing you should consider.

It’s no secret that Jobs was a Buddhist, and enriched his mind with the think-outside-the-box type learning.  This higher enlightenment also made him feel confident that combined with his inner peace, strength and intuition that perhaps he could encourage others to do the same. He did in fact make them realize they too, could think outside their box or limitations preset in life.  Just look at what he did at Apple, pushing people to meet deadlines and make things or create new technology that didn’t exist.  If you have a cheerleader behind you saying, you can do it, you can do it, don’t you start to believe you can?

I am just saying, you should set your mind to do what you may think is impossible.  Find the possibilities in the impossible.  Steve Jobs always believed he would die young. His work here on Earth has changed technology as we know it.  I truly believe ALL his efforts were on development and product innovations for mankind. If you look at how long he lived after being diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer, it’s truly amazing. Most people won’t make it out of a 3 to 6 month window. Jobs lived for years with cancer. It was quite possibly, mind over matter.

Do the impossible.  As for my dog’s battle with cancer,  I have applied this simplistic Reality Distortian Field approach to my dog, and his cancer. I have not let him think he is sick. I have positively reinforced him and did my research to find the herbs and pills that would be prolong his life.  I’ve shunned away from modern medicine and chemicals such as chemo or radiation, and I’ve let him know that he can beat this thing.  Natural foods and organic vegetables now run through his veins. He’s winning. He’s beating cancer. It could have took him already. But it hasn’t.

My dog turned 13 just a few days ago. I am very happy that he’s lasted this long; and he appears to be living a high quality life. I’m so very happy to share this video with you.

Thank you  Steve Jobs.


One Response to “Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field Beating Cancer”

  1. Angela July 16, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    Mine appears to be dying. 😦 We didn’t get the PH water into her nearly enough. We didn’t pull it together the way we should have – too much in-fighting going on. I f’king hate my family right now, or one of them at least. Too much stress – totally unhealthy environment. I thought we were going to shrink the tumours (turns out she had two: in her rectum and her stomach – I don’t know if there are more now).

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