The Bond Between Dog and Owner

2 Jun

Below is a video I found on youtube about a very brave basset hound named Boss Hogg, who had been diagnosed lymphoma in August 2010, and took chemo treatments.  Boss Hogg fought his brave battle until June of 2011. What’s touching is the fact you can see the owner had a very special bond with Boss Hogg. Here it is:

The bond between dog and owner is really important when any dog is battling cancer. For one, when a dog gets cancer his whole life changes. For Buford it is diet, and a mirage of pills and alternative therapies. For dogs like Boss Hogg , his world was altered with chemo treatments, and more visits to the vet or specialist.

The key here is that changing up what your dog is used to, or what they consider normal may be stressful in itself.  Stress is a big no-no factor in cancer . It is not as easy as it sounds but the key is to keep your dog stress free while boosting immunity.  But how can you?

Take a Deep Breath. Compose Yourself. Your Dog’s Well Being Depends on It.

First and foremost, remember your dog knows you pretty well, and if you have that bond with him or her; quite certainly he can sense your anticipation, anger, hurt, or sadness.  Keep a clear head and a calm voice. Even though you are a basket case inside, stop crying and get it together.  I remember when Buford was first diagnosed, I hugged him every night and cried for a month straight.

He was so worried about me that I think he became depressed that I thought he was dying, and almost put him down. Come to find out he sensed my anguish. Probably had no clue what was wrong with me, but even so – I changed my tune. I now go get the mail and break down. Or cry when he’s not around.  When he’s with me, I give positive reinforcement and when it’s pill and crazy dinner time I talk to him to calm him.  We play the “pill game” each night. He spits them out, and I give him more dinner to mush around the pills. I don’t get mad or frustrated with him (even though I am) but instead I make a joke about it.

If Buford was doing chemo, or making more trips to the vet, I’d do my best to coax him that way too.  For me, his being so scared and panicky of going to the vet was one of the reasons I decided to go the holistic home care route.  I’m glad I did.

basset hound cancer

Mind Over Matter

You’ve hard the thoughts and seen the psychoanalysis on the mind over matter principal or theory. The key here is to keep positive thoughts and bond with your dog. Don’t treat him like he’s sick. Don’t treat him like something’s wrong. Give him extra love and snuggles (sure) but don’t let him know he’s ill.  Keep his mind and spirit up. He trusts you. If you are taking him to the vet, he will go along with it. If you are making him eat juiced up kale, he will do it to please you since you are his master and he trusts you.  If you are taking him for chemo, he will trust you.

basset hound cancer

My brave basset hound, he doesn’t know he’s sick.

Buford’s Health Today:  Is Good. It was 94 degrees outside so he played minimal.  He saw a rabbit but did not chase it. Instead, he chose a nap in the A/C. Can’t say as though I blame him ❤  Still waiting on the scan results!


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