My Cancer Dog is Winning

31 May

What is Winning When You Are Dealing with Cancer aka The Death Sentence?

I’m still waiting on the results of another scan for Buford.  . This will tell me how quickly the individual nodes are growing and at what rate (and if there is more spread). I will compare the growth timeline from the last results; and then I will know how much time I maybe have before I must put him down. I don’t want him in any discomfort.

Of course I hope for mediocre to good news. If there is little or no growth than his modgepodge of pills and herbal remedies may be doing their job.  That would indicate some form of slowing the spread down and buying us more quality time together.

Realistically, I am prepared for the worst. We are dealing with cancer here. It has taken everyone I love (My mom, my grandmom, my grandfather, and now my dog.) As Buford is my faithful friend, I am truly heartbroken. I try not to let him know that, but sometimes when he sleeps I cry. I wish I didn’t know sometimes how sick he was on the inside.

He is Winning

In the meantime, he’s winning.  He runs laps on 3.5 acres galloping and playing with his friends.  He is still hungry and eats a great diet.  He loves to go for walks.  He weighs exactly the same.

He’s fighting for his life.

Thank you my furry friend. You are so very brave.



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