Chicken Diet for Cancer Dogs

26 May
Cancer Diet

Maybe it’s me but this food looks darn good.

I have to say I’ve got Buford’s chicken diet down pat.  He’s 61 lbs and spending  $20-$25  a week and my dog eats darn good.  I wait until I find the .99 thighs or legs. These tend to have more fat which is good since I’ve cut out the grain.  Four family packs will last him 7 days.  If you buy them on Monday, make a batch on Monday and freeze the other pack. Remove the frozen pack on Thursday and boil it up for the weekend.  For my 60 lb boy, $18.72 in chicken and $4 in Kale gets him through a week.

Now I want to say as far as stretching it goes,  I feed him a giant portion at night. whatever he can’t eat gets refrigerated and that’s his breakfast. A small portion for breakfast helps keep his immune system going. Times will vary due to my hectic work schedule.

Since my dog’s immune system has been compromised by the cancer, so I don’t do rare or raw, so he gets well done, and I go the extra step to make the “jelly” from the fat and marrow.  I’ve gotten good at stretching the life out of the chicken and pulling all the good stuff from it.

The below steps take me about an hour to two hours to prepare each Monday and Thursday.  I premake enough cooked picked chicken with jellified fat and portion container it in the fridge so that he has enough to eat for a few days easy. All I have to do when I get home is puree fresh kale and add to the refrigerated portion and serve.  Prep time is 10 minutes per night. Keep in mind the pills are thrown in there and I have to make sure he’s eaten them all before I refrigerate the rest for morning breakkie!  (Alternate is to pre make some beef cubes from steak and portion them into saran wrap. Freeze and thaw as needed, serve cold)

Step One:

Boil Your Chicken in a Stock Pot (Not Aluminum)

Step Two:

Remove the chicken and continue to boil down the liquid.

Step Three:

Pick  your chicken.

Step Four:

Boil down the bones in the liquid.

Step Five: 

Remove the bones and add this liquid to the picked chicken.

Step Six:

Container in single serve containers, and refrigerate.

cancer diet

After I’ve picked the chicken clean I will dump the liquid in. In this is a large jar I scoop out a portion each night although it’s easier to do single serve packs when you are time constained.

basset hound cancer

Once the liquid has been added to the chicken and cools, you will notice most of the fat floats to the top

Cancer Dog DietNatural Fats in the Chicken help keep him at his target weight.

===========Buford’s Health Today:  He’s tired a lot. Still running and playing, but taking more naps. I hope it’s just the fresh air, but realistically I know what to expect. I also got him rescanned. Am waiting for the interpretation.


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