Carnivora Venus Fly Trap Cancer Dogs

16 May

A few weeks ago I started Carnivora on Buford.  It is sold as a supplement to combat irregular cells.  It uses plant photonutrients, primarily from the Venus Fly Trap plant. It’s inception dates back to the 1970’s by German physician Dr. Helmut Keller.   I ordered a big box $300 buy so many bottles get some free.

Help from the Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap Plant Photo from OccultLiving

If you think about the Venus Fly Trap plant the plant itself is amazing. It’s smart enough to trap and disintegrate a housefly or pest into mush and digest it without actually eating itself. Some form of higher power in those tiny plant cells knows when to combat the enemy or irregular cells versus the good cells.  The premise is mind boggling that perhaps it could also work in humans or pets in the same way.

Immune System Defense

To think this little plant could be made into something to help boost my dog’s immunity is amazing.   It’s basically sold as immune defense.  Tailoring it to my dog has been a bit tough. The fact of the matter is it can combat too many irregular cells too quickly and therefore the person (or in this case) the dog will show signs of lethargy and be tired.  Although they claim this product is totally safe,  this is a warning sign enclosed in the paperwork.

I have been giving Buford one pill with dinner.  He is holding steady at around 60 lbs. Within an hour he is asleep and often like a baby sleeps though the night whereas before he would be up several times to pee.  I assume it must be the Carnivora is making him tired–but then again he is a cancer dog so I had to do further experiments with him.

Carnivora cancer dogs

On top of that, I dabble some lymph drainage homeopathic Carnivora on his gums about 3 out of 5 days.  Unlike some other homeopaths I had tried to give him he actually ENJOYS the taste of this which floors me. If I miss he will lick it off his paws or wherever I have spilled it.  I wish the company would offer plastic droppers for pets but instead it’s in glass so I have to be extra careful. I chose this to target his lymph nodes.  At this point nothing can hurt giving it a try.

This lymph drainage combined with the pill makes him often cat nap through the day.  Where he would be following me around the house, standing and watching me he will now follow me around the house and lay down dozing off while I’m doing something.

It Makes Him Nap

One could argue that his cancer could be doing this, but when I stopped the Carnivora for two days straight, he was back to his normal bouncy bubbly self running and playing and requiring less naps. So this tells me the Carnivora is making him sleepy and maybe doing it’s job as it should.  So I started it again and voila, the nap attacks returned.

In this case I made the decision to keep him on the Carnivora for a prolonged amount of time and see what happens.   I will be setting up another scan soon.

Buford’s Health Today:

He also received another blood on blood shot on May 8th and he seems to be doing well.  Strangely we’ve had a lot of rain in the past week and all of a sudden his hind quarters is bothering him. This is a dog who has never had bad arthritis but now he seems to be getting it. I can’t help thinking when the cancer is living inside him it is making him prone to other health issues he normally would not have had.   Then again, he’s almost 13.  I pulled his papers to look up something the other day. Did you know all this time I thought his birthday was in June? And his papers say he was whelped July 11, 2000.  So he’s been getting birthday parties a month early his whole life. Sheesh. I’m putting him down for a rescan in June no matter what to see if the tumor has kept it’s same size or is growing rapidly. I am curious to know if something, anything, has stunted it’s growth. If it has, I would never be able to tell you what as he’s on so much combined that it’s nuts.  The only upside?  He is pooping with less strain and more naturally so this is a good thing.

Screw you Cancer. You aren’t taking him yet.






2 Responses to “Carnivora Venus Fly Trap Cancer Dogs”

  1. vikki krupp January 22, 2015 at 2:21 am #

    I am wondering if the Carnovira helped your baby? I have a dog with end stage liver failure and thought I might try it on her…have tried everything else..I take it for myself…I wish the company would offer studies on the Carnivora and effects on dogs and cats.

    • Admin November 24, 2016 at 8:28 pm #

      Yes it did.

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