Lymphoma in Basset Hounds

24 Apr

The first PH treatment cycle is done. Buford is doing wonderful and runs and plays with his friends. We took a very long walk in the park the other day and like usual I was tired out before he was. He did three laps around the park and was sometimes running. I seriously can’t believe he has the cancer inside of him; or that I wanted to put him down just two weeks ago, or that he is 13 and running and playing this much. He is obviously supercharged on his diet, additives and appears to be healthy as a horse; though looks can be deceiving.  He is so very brave, he’s kicking cancer’s a*s right now even though cancer is growing fast inside him.

I found a great article about Cancer in the Lymph nodes at the American Cancer Society,  and explains just what it is the lymph system does.  Ironically it mentions that cancer either STARTS THERE aka Lymphoma or spreads there from a previous onset.  Now the old vet I had did think that cancer recurred from his previous anal gland cancer.  I was starting to wonder if since Basset Hounds get Lymphoma quite often( and this seems to be the common killer of this breed, )if it is at all possible if the original cancer was cured, but the Lymphoma started on it’s own.  I guess it doesn’t matter and maybe I’ll never know but if so, I’m even more lucky to have Buford right now, as Lymphoma seems to be quick and agressive and some basset hounds succumb to it in two months. I’m pretty certain he’s five months in now since the “recurrence” now in his lymph nodes or ” the new lymphoma” started and that to me is amazing.

Ironically I also found this article on a company getting a $20 million dollar grant to study the effects of using a drug CD47 or Anti CD47  to shrink cancer tumors. Read about it here. 

My only comment is if any company, or person,  finds a cure will the powers that be actually let them market it and really use it on people, as that I am sure would cut out the need for a lot of drugs, big pharma and the money in the chemo industry. I think I just answered my own question.


Buford’s Health Today………is great. He spent some time outside with me gardening, and napped in the sun like lazy hounds often do. He’s been hungry and I’ve been feeding him half portions twice a day instead of once per day.  I may do the PH protocol one more time, but we have Carnivora on the way.

If for some reason Buford’s cancer went away, shrank or disappeared, I would never be able to tell you what worked and when, at this point we are trying everything and anything we can get our hands on, and there are so many protocols happening at once that perhaps it would only be luck or the act of God or the alien life forces of the Pyramids or maybe the green guys living on Neptune to save him now. In other words, I have no idea what we are doing anymore as we are doing so much. I only know that Buford’s quality of life is off the charts. He has the energy of a 5 year old puppy and he’s 13.  I think I’m going to start eating his diet. I guess Buford is the test host and since he can’t talk as much as I’d like him to, we may never know just what is working for him, now will we?



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Disclaimer Last Updated 12/5/13

No information on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The decisions you make when your dog is diagnosed with cancer is up to you, and should be under the watchful eye of a DVM. There is no known cure for cancer. Buford is a 13 1/2 year old basset hound bravely battling cancer. He had one operation surgically removing a anal tumor in 2011. He was clear with no chemo or prescription drugs until the recurrence (or new growth in lymph nodes) in December 2012. I did a ton of research, and I found a way to preserve his life NATURALLY & ORGANICALLY to the utmost quality; keeping him pain free and energized, and somehow by the grace of God and a box of baking soda STUNTING the growth of the cancer , so that he's stolen a lot of time and been able to stay here with me. I started this blog to show you my goal is for him to revitalize his system and live out his final days comfortably with the help of raw and whole foods, herbs,supplements, alternative treatments, and love. And Love. And more Love. Changing your pet's diet and administering herbs and supplements is a daunting task. The new diet will cost more than yours; and the herbs and supplements a pretty penny. My dog is very lucky I can afford to do this. Even if I couldn't, I probably still would. He is, priceless. Consult your vet, and get a referral to a holistic practitioner and work with them on finding what's best for your dog. This was the most frustrating in this endeavor. This is Buford's Story. He is either a miracle, or an example of what can be done with nature's great gifts.

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