Buford Running and Playing

18 Apr

It’s been over four months since the cancer returned and Buford looks and acts physically well.  He’s running, playing, and barking like a champ.  He is still crapping just fine.

I have followed the baking soda molasses protocol to a tee and to be safe I’m still doing it more than I should be since there are no tests on dogs–just humans.

I am sleeping on the couch now with Buford to monitor him.  When Buford ingests the dose, and he is getting used to the taste, which now he welcomes instead of spits out. Not sure why, or if he associates this with making him feel better?

Soon thereafter he will nap. Probably a rush of molasses sugar. I noticed several hours later changes happen.  I think it’s working it’s way though the system and creating spikes or sorts in his body. His tummy rumbles, and then he has night sweats just like they said you would with high PH.  He goes outside several times but not to poop or urinate, just to go cool off. He wakes me up when he comes in from outside  every time. What is he telling me? I know he is feeling different.  I wonder what it’s doing or is it working.

Now in all honesty I am unsure if this is the cancer affecting him or the ph working–or both!

However, yesterday I saw something very odd in his stool. It was altogether a lighter color (they said yellowish stool is good) and there were tiny bits of something in it. I have no idea what. Almost like powder, and if I had to guess and describe it I’d say it looks like parts of the inside of the tumeric pills or like bits of baking soda that have coagulated and turned yellow.  Whatever it is it’s yellow and I’ve looked all over the net to find out what it could be. The only thing similar is calcium stones but  they are way bigger, these are very teeny and small.  I used a stick to pick up one and look at it, it’s a hardened powder type formation but all very small, and upon smashing with a stick disintegrates into a powder form.

I have no idea what’s going on.   As long as Buford keeps running, playing, and having fun with his friends I am not going to mind what comes out of his butt as long as something is coming out!

I will take him in for another scan in May if he’s still acting this way.





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