Goodbye Coral Calcium and Prayer to St. Jude

27 Feb
battling cancer

Buford’s little buddy just doesn’t understand.

You learn as you go and today I learned that the coral calcium levels I’m giving my dog may be doing more harm than good. I am giving very potent coral calcium since most things you read state good things but somehow there is a direct correlation between high calcium levels and colorectal or should I say anal cancer. I even reviewed his blood test results and prior to me giving him the calcium pills he was at a 10.5 for Calcium already (high end of the spectrum) go figure. I will be discontinuing it and looking for a soluble formula that may be safer for him.

It’s all very confusing, to know what to do, what to give, what not to give.   Aside from the fact there is no cure for cancer.

I spend my nights reading from 9pm until 3am everything, every study, ever medical journal, every herb every root every gimmick and it’s all very conflicting. Most require a strict diet combined with supplemental treatments and a mix of herbs under guidance of an advanced holistic clinic and there are none here. Dr. Wonderful must meet me at the regular vet’s vet hospital because there is no holistic vet center here.  I don’t know about taking Buford there so often as he hates it. It’s a lot to consider.

When you read things online, this one says this regimen worked for them. That one says that worked.  What works for your dog may not work for mine. What works for mine may not work for yours .  I am very limited to what I can do with Dr. Wonderful and I assume it would take a vet a million years to learn the ins and outs of holistic therapy and all the different herbs, how to combine, etc.  Hey, maybe I should become a herbalist just because.

So every night I’m beating my brains out reading all of this and racing against time that is running out. So, what’s the reality?

The reality is Buford has cancer in two lymph nodes, and the sonogram interpretation underlines the word AGGRESSIVE.  He’s already outlived his neighbors, his friends, and been battling two years.  

I do not even think he knows he is sick.

So what do you do?


Hey, St. Jude, it’s me, if you are listening I need something more than you helping me find my keys (Did I ever say thank you for that?)……….I could really use your help on my dog. If you think Buford has unfinished business here and some life left in him,  I could sure use a miracle right now. He’s a hopeless case. But if you have a use for him in Heaven, then I must make peace with that.

Enter the waiting game.


Buford’s Health Today ————– he’s tired and seems to be losing some weight. The kale and chicken diet may be doing that.


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