Instant Results With Whole Foods Diet

26 Feb
basset hound

Buford Woo : Looking Shiny Lately

I’ve noticed some instant results with this whole foods diet. I can’t call it raw foods or completely raw because I still can’t bring myself to pull raw (or even semi raw) chicken off the bone.

basset hound cancer

He is sleeping well though the night.

First of all, he’s been sleeping through the night. This has not happened in a long time. About eight months ago, he used to get up twice in the night to drink alot of water and pee. So much so, I thought his liver or bladder had issues or even diabetes. I had him tested for everything including Cushings, but the regular vet found nothing wrong in his blood or body, so we attributed it to old age and the fact that his bladder just was getting older.  So with that said, on average, he would get up twice through the night with increased thirst and to pee prior to changing hid diet. Now that is not happening.  Now he will pee once late, about 11 pm, then sleep until 7 or 8 am.  And he’s not drinking like crazy, so technically that’s number two.

Three, his fur is so soft and shiny it isn’t funny. It has to be the proteins and vegetables, but his coat feels like a puppy again.

meat beef oats raw foods

A glimpse at the beef entree notice the green pepper up top didn’t process and he left it anyways.

Lately I’ve been alternating with:

Rare steak, oats, fresh collard green, green peppers, celery  *If the peppers don’t process he will leave them. He will smell like celery for two days.

Chicken, fresh pureed kale, rice, broccoli  *He prefers the broccoli steamed them pureed oddly enough but the kale fresh and not steamed.

Collard Greens

collard greens processed, you have to only add a few spoons of chicken broth or they get too runny

Now the funny thing about this is I am trying to keep the veggies raw and not cooked or steamed.   The meat is medium.  The fibers are coked. Oddly, he will eat the meat and veggies and often leave the oats or brown rice which is strange.

Currently he’s getting

1000 mg Vitamin C

1400 mg Coral Calcium  Update, I nixed this see why here. 

1000 mg Fish Oil

1 Probiotic Pill Each Day

15-20 Dr. Reckeweg’s R17 Drops sprinkled in

basset hound cancer

DO NOT DO THIS – If you put the meds in the food and he doesn’t eat it all then what? Save them for a treat after dinner.

The thing I learned is you can’t just dump this on the food. What if he doesn’t eat the food? Then you have no way of knowing what he’s ingested and not. So, I let him eat his food FIRST then mix him up a small side saucer of chicken broth and some pulled chicken. Sprinkled all those pills in there one big anabolic mess if you will and watching him suck it down in one lap always makes me smile.  We have liftoff!


Next, I will have to figure a way to afford the Mushroom caps….


Buford’s overall health today,  he seems to overall be feeling better , his stomach is getting used to eating so many veggies.  He’s supercharged with proteins and still wanting to go for walks. He pulled me up the street yesterday, I could not keep up with him.  He is overall determined to win the fight.  Something to be said for willpower.


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