Raw Food Diet for Dogs with Cancer

21 Feb
raw food whole food diet cancer in dogs

My Dog’s Whole Food Raw Food Diet is Modified to Fit His Individual Needs

Dr. Wonderful explained to me that the whole basis of the alternative treatment is to get your dog onto a totally different diet. Get rid of the regular dog food which is loaded with kibbles of crunchy carbs and corn (but he loves that and has for 13 years!) as it’s totally feeding the cancer.

Cancer apparently loves carbs and sugars, and extra carbs convert to sugars. So you do the math.

Our new motto is  Starve the cancer feed the body.

Use Whole Foods and Raw Foods

It’s actually very simple but time consuming.  I am not 100% accurate on my raw food whole food regimen but it’s what I can do , and I figure anything I can do differently than his kibble food now, is 100% better. So I’m not going to be too hard on myself.

I first had to go get a food processor. Black and Decker $35 ($29.92 at Walmart list price) and load up on meats, veggies and oats and rice. I bought enough of that to last me a month as they had a sale on turkey for .49 a lb. ($80) I froze them, as most meats will be frozen first to kill or hopefully kill any bacterias before cooked.  I will have to buy fresh veggies each week.

Modified Diet

He’s a cancer patient, so he won’t be on the totally raw foods diet. His food will be sort of cooked …..but no more dog food! This is why it’s so important to work with a holistic vet to guide you in the right direction. No two dogs are alike. Why should your food regimen be?

Cardinal Rules:

  • No breads or sugars.
  • Nothing with Corn.
  • No dairy unless it’s from a goat.
  • No pork.
  • Look for whole foods.  Organic is good but read labels.
  • Look for raw foods.

Very Easy Food Bowl Diagram:

  • 20% whole grains only like brown rice or whole grain oats.  **Note: My other holistic contact says to get them off these carbs all together, so for Buford I will be waning him off carbs and replacing him with good fats like chicken fats, chicken skins and pork back fat cubes.
  • 20% superfoods  (must be ground up in a food processor to break down the plant cells) Kale, Collard Greens, Spinach or Broccoli
  • 60% meats medium rare (MODIFIED FOR MY DOG, HIS AGE/CONDITION)  Here is the part I am having a hard time with, I cant fathom pulling half cooked chicken off the bone I think I’ll pass out. So I’m doing the best I can with the chicken.

His dinner:

I used three huge collard leaves that I initially softened for 60 seconds with chicken broth from the chicken I made in a sautee’ pan, then ground it up in the processor. I heated the whole grain oatmeal with the chicken stock half way. The chicken was then mixed in and I even threw in skins and cartridge (no bones).

You can actually premake this into baggies, freeze, thaw, and serve which I plan on doing.

This recipe:

3 parts chicken skins/cartilage, chicken stock, 3 huge collard green leaves blended, and 1/2 cup whole grain oats warm


Buford’s Health Today:    He actually begged for seconds.  See for yourself.


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