Dr. Wonderful Plan of Action Starve the Cancer Feed the Body

21 Feb
holistic treatment against cancer

Buford is tired out after his visit with the holistic vet.

I had my meeting with Dr. Wonderful ($165 initial consult) who, is a licensed vet for 17 years. Doing herbal and holistic treatments for only 6, Dr. Wonderful only treats several holistic clients at a time.

Two Hours

Just to learn a few basics took me two hours and Buford was extremely agitated and nervous during this initial consultation, continually pacing and not acting himself…until the strange vampire like thing happened. (see below.) I had a headache from stress and I was trying to soak it all up, but it seemed like so much information.

What to Expect From Alternative Treatment

The bottom line, is the holistic and homeopathic world is meant to aid your system with natural herbs and remedies and raw foods and whole foods, building it up into a healthier system to where it can fight back against the “bad things” and you can detoxify or expel the bad once every so often.

Plan of Action With My Dog

The plan of action for this type thing is to Stave the Cancer (removing the foods like carbs and sugars that it needs to thrive) and feed your body totally differently. (Or in this case the dog’s) Basically it will hopefully take longer to kill my pet.

Will this cure the cancer? No.

Will this prolong the life of my dog?   We hope.

Can we see proof of this?  Perhaps with the next sonagram.

The Strange Vampire Thing

My dog was freaking out and shaking so bad, and of course stress is no good for Cancer patients.  I gave Dr. Wonderful permission to do what they wanted to do to calm my dog. After all, the last time Buford got this worked up they had to put him on an EKG and it cost me $500.  Dr. Wonderful would then take some blood out of his leg and inject it into the subcutaneous tissues in his back, along with poking some acupuncture? needles into his back. ($85 extra) I didn’t want to see this as I’m sick with the thought of blood or needles.  I thought it was all kind of strange and well, vampire-like but all I can tell you is the whole ride home Buford was amazingly calm, and I’m not sure what to think of this.

Treatment Plan and Additives

Dr. Wonderful also took some blood to make him some special remedies ($105) which I will pick up and start him on in a week.  Yes, he will be drinking his own blood. Ewww.

I had to keep him on the things I have him own, but also go and get some probiotics (90 day supply $80) to give him one per day. I have to order some mushroom caps which I haven’t done yet. They are very expensive.

It’s now  time to start the raw foods. Or sort of raw. Or something that sounds totally yucky to me. Add some herbs, some remedies, some vitamins and see what happens.

Prognosis: Diet = 90% of the remedy and solution for this plan of action.

Buford’s Health Now: Calm and serene.


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