Initial Improvement with Herbs and Remedies

17 Feb

basset hound cancerAfter the remedies and herbs arrived, I began giving them to Buford in his food. The R17 drops you had to put on his tongue. My brother game me a plastic dropper but Buford found me coming at him from all angles with a big rubber dropper evasive. I had to pry open his mouth and shoot in the liquid to which he flailed and does not like this method.  I am not trying to cause him any more stress. I even asked him to open up and he walked out of the room. What is he not telling me?

In three days his poop became solid, he was not eating grass and feeling better.  It’s a real problem getting the R17 onto his tongue. I am ready for the next step and to get a little help.

I have a vet appointment with Dr. Wonderful on 2/20.  Dr . Wonderful is my new holistic vet.


Bufords Overall Health : Stomach better but really aggravated with me.


One Response to “Initial Improvement with Herbs and Remedies”

  1. wendy September 23, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

    How is Handsome Buford doing? I do hope he is still fighting the good fight. I currently have a 13 year old female rottie with throat cancer, she eats small meals and is losing alot of weight. I came across your blog while researching Dr Reckewges r17. Do you find they helped?

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