Alternative Cancer Treatment Plan Day 1

13 Feb

The first thing I did was my own research. Unfortunately, one can get lost on the alternative treatments out there as so many herbs and holistic remedies and tinctures have healing properties. How many should you use and in what quantities? One could be there a lifetime trying to sort it out.  And you don’t want to spontaneously combust your dog. You really need someone who is familiar with herbs and healing properties.

It’s also very confusing. Some reports state Garlic is a natural cancer killer, other sites claim garlic is almost toxic to dogs and should be illegal… your head spins wondering what to do and what not to do.

Here is what I did based on my own research.   I ordered from DKO Natural the following and why:

Coral Calcium Tabs – 1000 mg  (beware of source, must get it from good coral reefs, said to aid in cancer fight) Much has been publicized about this and some studies to back it up, some studies claim it was a hoax, but again, it’s all in what you read and want to try and want to believe.  I really think source has a lot to do with everything.

Fish Oil from Norway –   The fish oil tabs I get at Sam’s Club just aren’t going to be high quality enough and I wanted an oil that I could mix into his food.  Fish oil and Flaxseed oils are great in helping “oil the system” and fight cancer.

Vitamin C Tabs : 1000 mg  (why? you can’t really overdose your dog on it, in fact anything he doesn’t breakdown will be urinated out, but even the Mayo Clinic has publicized how Vitamin C aids in killing cancer cells…truth is Cancer can’t thrive in acidic circumstances. When I think of orange juice, I think of natural fruit acids. )

Dr. Rekeweg’s R17 Tumor Drops. 

Why ? I read this article about how a vet was using them on a pit bull with bone cancer. What’s relly in them, I don’t know, but I can smell some alcohol which obviously it’s mixed with.a

All this: About a 3 month supply for $117+ $26.95 Shipped to Me (I had them priority mailed for an extra upcharge).

I then spent $30 on an amethyst necklace to put around his neck.


Buford’s health:  Nervous.  Me: Crying every night. I’d rather not know what’s going on to be honest.



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