Questions and Answers to Readers and How To Find Me

3 May

Dear Readers:  Thank you for reading my blog. I’m sorry if you’ve ended up here because your dog has cancer.  I have been getting so many questions and answers about this blog and know I am not a veterinarian, but I have published my account of what kept my dog alive for years.  Buford was unlike any other dog or pet in my life, and it hurts me just to come back here to moderate comments. I miss him so much. He fought so hard.  So I will post some reader questions and answers here so you can find them quickly, and  I hope you find them helpful. I will update when I can.    I send you love and light in your battle to keep your beloved pet alive. 

I no longer read this blog, as it still kills me with Buford’s passing.  You can find me on Instagram @retrochalet or by finding me via my retrochalet Etsy or facebook pages  but I really don’t have anymore info that what I posted here.

Question:   Will PH kill the cancer?

Answer:   According to Phil at,  it does.  However, I used PH and supplements to prolong my dog’s life as there is no cure for cancer. The cancer was already in his lymph nodes when I started yet he still had an appetite , he wanted to fight, and he trusted me.   If the cancer has already progressed in your dog to the point of impacting his organs, appetite, or making him suffer, then I do not suggest this therapy for you.

Question: How did you get the baking soda into your dog?

Answer: I made a paste of baking soda and Brer molasses and hollowed out small areas of hot dogs . Cut a hot dog in 5 pieces. Stand on end. Leave the bottom solid but take a 1/2″ area out of the top and then I stuffed the paste in the hot dog. Luckily my Buford trusted me to take whatever I would feed him. If your dog has no appetite this won’t work.

Question:  What supplements did you use?

Answer:   Here is my list for Buford, who was a 55-60 lb dog.  You can read up on the benefits of all these supplements individually, but, if your dog is 20 lbs you would cut my list in 1/3.  The supplements were expensive. I can’t tell you what worked, what didn’t because I used them all together!

Question: What dose of baking soda should I use for my dog ?

Answer: My research and use of baking soda was monitored by using PH strips for pools on Buford’s urine and my notes are here.    Buford was a 60 lb dog and my goal was to give him small amounts of baking soda and molasses in hot dogs for a few days and monitor his urine until I reached the “kill zone”.  Buford was a large dog so I gave 3-4 pieces of hot dog a day for three days until he reached the kill zone.  However, if I had to do this for my mini doxie who is 12 lbs I think I would be scared to give that much and maybe only give her a small tiny piece with no more than 1/2 a teaspoon of the baking soda molasses mixture.  In fact, I would be scared to apply this protocol to any medium to small size dogs.

Question:  Can you write a post about the hot dogs?

Answer:  I will try to recreate this for you soon.

Question:  Can you make it easier to manuever the website

Answer: I have changed the format.








Buford RIP Passed at Age 15 With Cancer

23 Nov

Buford is in Heaven and It’s Taken Me Awhile To Write This Post : But He Lived with Cancer Many Years and To a Ripe Old Age Thanks to This Treatment

My Buford

I haven’t posted for awhile, as I have been morning the death of the love of my life, Buford.  I had to put him down on Tuesday, 6/16/15.  As with any pet owner time had come for me to hold up my end of the bargain , and not let him suffer.  Granted, he was age 15 and just a few days before his death still running and playing with his friends.

Buford Dying

I was so very proud of him.  However, he went 3 days (around the 13th of June this started), without eating and then I knew it was time. His body became sunken in and the final night I laid on the floor holding him and crying. It was time to do the right thing by him.  If you notice, above, he is pretty lifeless. Breaths shorter and very tired. His body was dying, yet my dog, he held on for 72 hours until I took the choice to end the suffering.

He had fought so hard for me.  Taking him to the vets the next day was brutal on my soul. It took husband and I to sit with him and hold him down on the floor while they put the catheter in. In a last ditch attempt he jumped up and ran to both doors of the room as if to say, “I don’t want to leave. Let me out.” He weighed the same, but only because the  tumor had grown to the size of a canteloupe in his rear, and was causing him pain. His body and face was sunken in.

I held him on my lap while they gave him the sedative–possibly morphine–whatever they inject before they put him down to calm him, and honestly,  I think I lost him there. He went down like a ton of bricks, face hitting my leg, and then I knew my baby was gone.  I had to leave the room I was so distraught, I had him cremated and his paw print but yet I still have only held the box a few times. It sits on my desk and I’ve yet to come to terms with my faithful friend being in a pine wood box. Much less looking at an imprint of a paw who was with me through thick and thin all these years.


Love lasts forever, even though death. It was only just this week I had my first dream of Buford. He was running, gallopping and playing in my dream as if to show me is in a happier place. I really miss him. I have other dogs, and I’ll always have other dogs, but there’s always one that is so special.  That one was Buford.

He got me through the past 15 years of my life.  Horrible break up, marriage, death of my mom, and now soon to be divorce again.   If Buford’s story can help another person spend quality time with their loved pet here it is.

As you know there is no cure for cancer.  The PH diet and supplements simply bought him time, and quality of life.  I get a lot of comments on this blog from pet owners, and I feel for all of them.  I am not a vet or a doctor  therefore I can’t legally tell you what to do about treatment with you pet. I can tell you I have listed all the steps right here that I used and that worked for Buford.   I have heard from people who have tried this regimen and prolonged their pet’s life and that a vet in Canada is supposedly following this treatment.   Again, I merely wrote a blog about what I’ve done, and what I’ve learned thanks to combined with study of natural herbs and supplements.  All of the ways I did it are on this blog.

Again, find the appropriate post to read what I did for Buford. I am not a doctor, but common would be to proportion Buford’s dose to your dog  via dog weight.  Everything I did for Buford was based on his weight (range: 45-55 lb dog). Therefore if your dog was (range: 22-27 lbs) you would cut everything in half.

There are no guarantees you won’t kill your dog by doing the PH treatment. It’s very taxing on their organs. However, so is the cancer.  Here are links to the three steps I used here:


Using the PH to shock his system  (post is here).   This was done in the form of hot dogs stuffed with Baking Soda with Rabbit Molasses mix) and gradually repeating over the course of days until his PH reached the crucial level which I measured with strips when he peed.  This was hard on his organs and gave him the shakes and fevers. You can lose your dog by doing this.  I made the decision I was losing him and from the cancer and decided this as my last resort.  You can read how sick it made Phil a human at  This PH basically started the process of shocking his system (and the cancer) from acidic to akaline and this is what is supposedly attributed to slowing the growth of said cancer and allowed him to recover with the helps of steps 2 & 3.  Again, it did not cure the cancer, it simply zapped it into a slower growth which proof is in my dog living for all these years, running and playing, with a tumor slow growing in his rear.  The basset hound is long and he had room to spare. A smaller dog may not have fared as well. I cannot say for certain.


Energizing his system with Alkaline foods to supercharge him and make him stay alkaline vs. acidic. Sugars are no good, as they feed the cancer.  Buford was extremely fond of collards, kale, cooked chicken, boiled chicken and red meats. The red meat was only to hold his interest but I strongly advise the chicken.

Making him fresh dinners every night, or enough for a weeks’ time and portion controlling took money and effort. At first I took him off dry kibble completely. This caused tooth problems eventually, so be sure to brush teeth as the lack of kibbles can rot teeth causing plaque to form.  Eventually I broke down and fed him grain free Blue, of which helped his teeth but in my opinion, I would have omitted and only followed chicken and kale diet, mixed with some pork back fat. (shown here)

Here is a good chart to follow:

Akaline Foods


On the flip side I had to supercharge his system with good  natural supplements which boosted his immune system, and let him live a high quality of life. The quantities on this blog were for Buford, whose weight at the time ranged between 45-55 lbs.   A full list of products I used was here.  

This did get costly yet it was worth it.  He was good about taking his pills they were easy to hide in hunks of chicken, yet for smaller dogs some of these pills like fish oil or krill oil were big, so I don’t know how you would do it.  I suppose it has to do with the will to live.

He loved me, and he listened to me, it is a special bond you must have with your dog and total trust.


For most basset hounds, the average span is 10-12, but for Buford living to age 15 and able to run, jump and play is unheard of. Most suffer joint or hip issues, but my Buford, he was loving life up until his death and I loved him every day of his 15 years.  This is because of the regimen but also owes credit to the dog.  It took a brave, strong, determined dog to fight against cancer.



Cancer has taken my grandfather, grandmother, mother, and now my dog also succumbed to cancer in this area, but had a much healthier and happier experience with natural remedies versus chemotherapy and suffering. I guess I should start eating Buford’s diet and stop eating breads grains corn and pizza and maybe I would have a good defense for it.

Again I will reiterate there is no cure for cancer. In my research I found there to have been one company in Germany who supposedly had found a cure, using a mistletoe mixed with unknown via a certain extraction process, and if you are a smart and saavy computer tech you can find evidence of this talk in 2006-2007 breast cancer forums, though the threads are old and hard to find. It talks of injections being sent in from another country at about $200-$400 per shot.  The vet that I was working with originally doing Buford’s blood to self injections told me she cured several dogs this way.

Ironically, much later, the Susan G. Komen foundation did their own research and gave Mistletoe a “C” which is a report card grade, find their study here.

Soon after these early injectibles threads the US supposedly outlawed THESE products (details unclear if all injectibles or extract of said mistletoe, or from where it was coming) and soon after that evidence is found that a US chemical company aka pharmaceutical bought out the small factory.  The recipe for the cure? Only to be lost forever, or perhaps locked in area 51.  Ironically, we will never know.


I get a lot of messages sent to me about people’s sick dogs, and I’m not a vet, or a doctor, so by law I can’t answer these questions. However, my Buford is walking proof that the high PH diet and introduction of the bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and natural supplements not only worked on his body, but supercharged him to live out his life happily and comfortably with cancer.

I am blessed to say this has worked for him, and I’ve hard from other dog owners who it’s worked for them. However, if this is just prayer, love, and a dog’s will to survive and has nothing to do with the treatment, I will never know.  Buford couldn’t talk, but if he could, I’d give you the answers.

Thanks for reading.


For humans, I see a doctor in Italy is pretty much onto the same therapy treating cancer as a fungus aka infection, see more here:

Or, read Phil’s dance with cancer


Thank you to : 

Dr. Joseph Mercola  – who has a lot of good information on supplements and vitamins to help boost the immune system. It is here I found that the calcium I was giving him wasn’t doing the best for him.

Dr. Carol   –  her Cancer Essentials I would recommend to anyone. She can also do consults for blood work treatment, etc. You can get the tests at your regular vet and let her look them over.

Dr. Klimovitz     – who I switched to when I felt my original vet and holistic vet were not doing right by my dog.


Dr. Joseph Zulty , who was Buford’s original vet and someone I had taken my pets to since I was 14 (over 25 years).   A highly gifted surgeon, and well respected in the veterinary community, he owns his own practice in Essex , buying the one he worked for.

In my opinion, he wasn’t doing right by my dog. This is due to the fact he referred a holistic vet to my dog (who not only works for another vet, but advertised on her own website her holistic services and that she would do house calls) yet I could only use the services in his office, to which Buford was a nervous wreck.

Buford hated going to that vet, perhaps he associated it with the original operation, I don’t know. Buford would shake, run and literally cry trying to force him in the door he would pull and tug off his leash and once almost ran into the busy highway. This definitely wasn’t the best for him stress wise.

With all due respect, in the field of holistic meds Dr. Danna-Christian’s knowledge is above- excellent, and she is ahead of her time. I would have to say perhaps, she and a handful of people actually believed in the blood recognition procedures (taking one’s own blood and injecting it under their skin to recharge the immune system).

Yet, the “back door agreement” that Dr. Zulty had with her was that that all work was to be preformed there at his offices pissed me off to no end due to his stress level.

Unfortunately, I even offered to pay more if she would treat Buford at home, so that Dr. Zulty would get his money-cut, but she would not. I even offered to take Buford elsewhere – anywhere – to a park, or even the Boston Street Animal Hospital she worked at.  No, this wasn’t possible either.

Fuck them both.  I accused them both at that point of not doing the best for my pet. After almost 25 years dealing with Dr. Zulty and all my pets, I was upset with both of them.  I preached to them about their ethics so much I assume I was just a liability.

I then switched to Dr. Klimovitz telling her everything and somehow we got a plan together to make Buford’s visits as stress free as possible. He actually liked going there.

It looks like I made the right decision in the end for my dog. ❤







My Basset Hound is Still Alive with Cancer the Testament of Bond Between Owner and Dog

18 Nov
basset hound cancer

Buford and Kendall. Kendall is Birdie’s daughter. He took right to her of course, she looks just like her mom. Taken in September 2014

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and some of you wonder why. I am happy to report that my Buford is still alive and snuggling with me right now on our couch!   I am not sure for how long though, as I feel in my heart we are headed down the final road.  It has been a long road and one that I don’t regret for a minute. I am trying to keep his quality of life high, and now I am debating on when to make the final decision.


August was amazing, he was running and playing like a puppy. I had some great videos of Buford which got lost the end of August when I dropped my iPhone in a bucket of water and for whatever reason, I hadn’t backed them up to the cloud.  I worked a lot out of town in August. He was showing more white in his face and his face looked dehydrated.


In September and he started getting stressed again and refusing to eat.  Then the accidents started in September.  He would try to make it to his puppy door but would pee on the floor.  First it was once a week, then twice. I immediately thought his kidneys were going and so I took him for a sonagram and blood work.

His kidney values were elevated, (which is the case in most older dogs) but the sonagram revealed something oddly amazing.  At least to me.

Originally the cancer was supposed to grow together and cut off his bowel, making him unable to defecate and at which time I’d have to put him down.

As he was still having solid poops (and large ones at that) so I was not sure what was happening.  The sonogram revealed that the cancer (last sonogram 2/28/13 originally two 3 cm masses on both sides of him = 6 cm total) actually grew together and hardened into a hard mass, making a heavy ball inside of him total of 9 cm across.  For whatever reason, the ball of cancer then protruded down to push on his bladder (thereby NOT cutting off his bowels).

To me that was odd news that instead of cutting off his bowels the ball of cancer somehow rests on top his bladder, so that when his bladder is full, or if he should lay a certain way, by the time he tries to make it out the door, he sometimes doesn’t stand a chance.

But the wonderfully amazing part is, two cancer tumors were  IN HIS NODES when I started this therapy .   Now the cancer total is 9cm and is merged into one hard node.  Do you hear what I’m saying?





My husband and I prepared ourself to put him down, when he was ready.

basset hound cancer

There is always that one dog, that sets the bar for the bond between a dog and their owner. Taken 8-27-14 I use him in my promo shots.  I think he looks older here, but his weight would go up and down based on if he had a few good days or bad days.


October came and went and I thought that would be the end of him. He had a lot of non eating days.  I thought for sure he was a goner as I could see his ribs and he was worrying me.  Some times he would not eat.  The usual chicken and kale was a no go anymore.  I could have a back up fresh burger cooked for him and he wouldn’t eat that either.  Turned his nose up at steak and even fresh cooked turkey.  Have had to be creative and get some Grain Free cans of dog food and Grain Free hard food by Blue. Cost me $2 a day per can and about $1 worth of dry food per day for him. I continued his pills in hopes this would continue to help him.

I would never had advised can food on my plan early on, as sometimes you see hidden elements in the processing of the food that are no good for him.  However, at this point in the game, Buford ate.  He ate like a champ because it was different and once again he came back fighting.  However, when feeding grain free all the time you aren’t necessary building a lot of fats and weight up so I had to be creative and heat up chicken fat or bacon fat and pour it in to make up for the few pounds he lost. Good days he would eat the meals I made him and take his pills. Bad days he would eat like a bird and spit the pills out. I would restuff them into something and he would eat around the pills. I think he had those days where he tried to rake my last nerve , spitting them out so much they got mushy and i couldn’t restuff them. I know he was telling me he didn’t want them anymore. But I made him eat them. I made him eat and  I got used to feeding him three times a day little stuff if he would nibble. He would graze the dry food too. Accidents about three times a week consistently, always pee, never poop.


His weight maintained at 53-54 lbs.  I had to tell myself he was really only 50 with a 4 lb rock inside. But amazing for him, the most he ever weighed was 63.  So all in all this has been a successful journey.


This month has been significantly more difficult and he is much more picky, I have had to settle for giving him fish or throwing him some lunchmeat.  Last Friday he slipped on the snow and hurt his back paw. He is walking but he won’t climb steps. I won’t take him to the vets because whether it’s ligament or sprain won’t matter, there is no surgery at this point. He doesn’t appear to be in much pain or suffering but he will wait for me to lift his butt up and he will walk with his paws and doesn’t mind the boost up the steps. I’m giving him Rimidyl when he will take it.

His appetite is nill for three days now.  He burps a lot and I know his stomach hurts. He will now wait for me to hand feed him. When he feels like can food I can sneak in his pills quite easy (I’m still giving in hopes some of the herbs continue to keep his immune system up.) Other days he goes without any pill. He sleeps more and is slower waking up.  I’m going to get him some Cephalexin just in case.

I have noticed his teeth look horrible and he omits strange odors that seem to smell like death approaching. There is a lot of digestive gas and issues like very bad breath, and I assume inside (gut flora) must be a mess .

I decided to give him some yogurt and increase his probiotics and he seemed to feel better. but need to call the vet tomorrow.  Just last week (Nov12) the urination became a daily accident yet he was still running and playing. It is harder for him now that it’s colder out to get up and make it out the door faster.  The husband would not let me put him down as we know what is causing the accidents, and it’s not kidney failure.  Since he’s hurt his paw he’s not running right now, but he follows me everywhere room to room and wags and is vocal when we come or go.  He loves us so much and we wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Although he has decreased appetite he is staying hydrated. He will have good days and bad days. When he’s ready I’m ready.  If it’s a day or another month, I’m okay with that.

Lucky for me, I’m self employed and winter months I work from home. He will not leave my side until the day he passes. I am here with him til the end.

I don’t guesstimate when that will be. I can tell you we cancelled our yearly trip to Maine for Thanksgiving because the car ride would be uncomfortable to him, I feel as though he won’t make getting in and out constantly with a bad paw and having to urinate so much.   An hour to hour and a half with him pushes the bar now.  Maine was his favorite place.

basset hound cancer

The car rides are uncomfortable on him now. Buford is still hanging on though!  Taken OCT 2014

—————This Journey—————————-

This whole experience has been amazing to me on several counts. For one, there was a time in my life where I believed when you have cancer you must get chemo and radiation. My dog had neither and in reality, had cancer in his lymph nodes that did not spread rapidly thanks to this therapy and stayed contained in a mass which changed composition thanks to this therapy.

I have seen the power of natural medicine and I have seen the power of herbs.

I have seen how a 14 year old dog can run like a puppy thanks to diet and nutritional herbs and supplements.

This I will say yet again, there was a day I would not have believed this story unless I was living it.

I ask myself if I would have went though all this trouble for myself, and the answer is probably not.

What made me do it for Buford T. Woo?


This my friends is the testament of the bond between owner and dog.  He has seen me get married divorced and married again. He’s been there though the death of my mom and dad, and he’s outlived the other pets and his friends in the neighborhood. He doesn’t judge and he doesn’t mind listening.  He’s my faithful. I wonder what has made him hang on this long?


My brave boy.  I will post again when he passes.  But not until. Time is sacred now.

Cancer Dog

Believe in Miracles. He is mine.


Buford is Alive and Well With Cancer PH Protocol

27 Jul

Buford Basset Hound Cancer

Funny when I snapped this shot of Buford he seems to have a guardian angel aura behind him!

I haven’t updated this blog in a few months and I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments on Buford, and I thank you for your support. My dog is simply amazing, and doing well. Turns out I had thought the cancer had spread but it was a fatty tumor (woot woot) although cancer is all in him.

What led me to believe he was failing is that his health was going downhill and he wasn’t eating, then one day I saw a bulge the size of an apple in his cheek. Turned out to be his farthest back molar (these are the teeth whose roots go deep into the jaw) had decayed and fractured, causing him infection. The tooth had not only been infected but had abscessed thought his gum causing pain and infection. (Gross picture to follow.)  Buford used to get his teeth cleaned yearly, but I stopped putting him under 2 years ago. Hard to imagine all this happened in 2 years but teeth and health are clearly related.

Dog Fractured Molar Basset Hound Cancer

Buford’s Back Molar Fractured and Abscessed Causing him a lot of pain. Photos from my vet.

That picture was taken at my vet’s.  It was a real fight to get him fixed up.  At the time, Buford was almost 14 and no vet wanted to put him under to do his tooth. Furthermore, he had a heart murmur. Imagine my shock thinking this tooth’s infection was going to kill him and here we’ve been battling cancer for years.

I had to break out the big guns and call Dr. Carol (As seen on Dr. Phil show.  Holistic Veterinarian,Board Certified Health Diplomat and author, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, will answer your questions for $15.99 or do complete medical  consults for $75. )  For Buford she told me exactly what blood tests to run and I had my vet do it.  Dr. Carol followed up every step of the way we talked many times, and it came down to it I would have drove him to Ohio from Baltimore just to get Dr. Carol to do the surgery and take my chances.  After consulting and timeframes, my  vet decided to do it based on Dr. Carol’s exact recommendations and did it quite successfully!   He was taking some meds a week before to fight the infection, and during which time Dr. Carol had me double up on the probiotics so that the antibiotics didn’t ruin his system.  During surgery, Buford was under for about 30 minutes, had his tooth extracted and his other teeth cleaned as quickly as they could.  He came out with flying colors and within a few days was back to normal running and playing with his friends.

Basset Hound Cancer

Buford is more grey/white and tired but he’s still kicking and loves his little friends.

Fast Forward til Now:

Today Buford is a lot slower moving most days, and enjoys naps a little longer. He is finally showing signs of arthritis in his hips, and it’s hard for him to jump on the couch or his favorite chair so I find him napping in his little friend’s bed. I do give him some of Dr. Carol’s PAAWS and that helps.

PH Protocol Cancer

Buford napping in his little friend’s bed. I bought him his own but he’d rather sleep in hers. ha ha!

He’s quite sick of chicken and kale and knows if he holds out I will throw some steak or ground beef in. I don’t like doing this because I want to stick to the chicken kale as much as possible but whatever I can do to get him to eat. He loves carrots and broccoli, but the carrots do have a level of natural sugar and carbs that I worry about conversion to sugar (sugar feeds cancer) so I don’t do that too often. Broccoli I grind up in the Magic Bullet but it goes give him gas and his tummy hurts.

He’s lost some weight and that concerns me but he is older and more picky.  Getting him to eat his pills each night is a chore, he’s gotten to the point we have to hand feed him and he does it for attention. He will sometimes spit the pills out just to get you to re-stuff them into a ball of kale and chicken just for the extra attention. Should you sit the food bowl down he will refuse to eat.  So basically its at the point Buford will be hand fed…he’s trained us well.

basset hound cancer

My angel 🙂

I travel often and it’s hard on Buford, but one thing is for sure, I am his #1 fan.  I believe there is a level of loyalty my dog has for me that is second to none. He will fight to the end and for that I’m grateful. He’s been such a wonderful addition to my life, and just the other day I was crying and having a really bad day, and he snuggles up next to me and makes me feel better. His quality of life is high and for that I’m grateful.

There is no cure for cancer, but I’ve sure found a way to keep Buford’s quality of life high and live with it. I am going to resort to this protocol my damn self if I get Cancer one day.


The Cancer is Spreading Lymphosarcoma

1 Mar

As with anything, curing cancer is impossible. With this treatment I was able to give Buford more time. I am sorry to say I believe the cancer has spread now.

He has been pooping just fine and so sometimes I did wonder, what is going on inside of him? By now, certainly, 14 months after his diagnosis of rectal cancer returning and fear of the tumors cutting off his ability to defaecate, I thought for sure he’d be dead.  Merely because the fact of the matter is eventually the coconut sized tumors inside his rear would have cut off his ability to poop. However, with the PH/Molasses protocol and this diet and supplements, miraculously he’s been pooping with the tumors inside him.

The other day I noticed under his arm a bit of redness,  and so I thought it to be his new argyle sweater rubbing him that I had put on a few days before. It was a bit tight on him and so I took it off . However, his whole arm and under his pit was red. I put some bag balm on it but he kept biting at it. Then I knew, something was not right.

Continually licking under his arm I felt around. Upon closer inspection I felt a hard rock sized bump under his armpit. In the area where the armpit underarm lymph node is in dogs. You can see a picture of the different lymph nodes here.  His other armpit is not that way, I can barely feel much less find any node at all.

Lymph node enlargement means many things, the body may be trying to fight off an infection in healthy dogs or allergic reactions. However in this case, I was told to expect possible spread of the cancer to other nodes and so this is not surprising. The hard feeling on these bumps I know all too well. It’s hard and about the size of a quarter.  I was hoping of course it would have been a fatty tumor, but no.

Buford is pretty much on hospice care and testing it for cancer is not going to yield me any different outcome.  However , Buford is doing so very well keeping up his appetite, hungry, active and playful that I am unsure if I should do another round of PH protocol or quite possibly I may up his Carnivora pills and/or use the Lymph Drainiage I bought from them just to see if that works.

Time is crucial now, I have to decide what to do in a few days.  I hate making these decisions.  Besides, Buford will be 14 in June and the PH will take a lot out of him now. I am going to pray on what to do.

I’m not upset. Buford has had a wonderful life with me and he is so very brave for fighting all this time. I just want to make sure whatever I choose his quality of life is great until the end.




Cancer Dog Supplements How Much They Cost

19 Feb

Buford is happy since he found Kendall, Birdie’s daughter. We tracked her down and adopted her after we lost Birdie.   She is a spitting image of her mother. Not as red, but as beautiful.

Cost of the Cancer Dog : Hospice Care

I have been getting a lot of emails on how much it’s costing me to keep Buford on the natural pills, so I’m doing a cost breakdown on the natural supplements I use, here on the supplements page.

Now Buford is technically at the equivalent of Hospice care. He has already had his bad prognosis and outlived that…he’s on borrowed time and my goal is to keep him as healthy and happy as possible during his final days.

He doesn’t get shots anymore because of his broken immune system.  NO chemo, no chemo pills, no anything unless he’s sick, then he goes to the vets.  So far it’s been stress spores, and he’s on meds often for that.  I am only applying Frontline topical to keep off ticks/fleas, otherwise no other pills such as heartworm . That really kills me thinking what if he developed them and that was what killed him, not the cancer? But you do what you can to not compromise his immune system.

So for Buford I’m breaking down the cost for him being a 60# dog on the SUPPLEMENT PAGE    Remember he is a 60# dog and that’s his dose. If my dog was 30 lbs it would cost half as much, and if my dog was 15# it would only cost a quarter of that.

The biggest expense is two fold:

a) THE FOOD!  Oh my goodness, the chicken each night he eats, with a few steaks, turkey parts,  or ground beef thrown in here and there throughout the month. A smaller dog would not cost you as much.  Hubby and I have seriously cut the quality of our food to allow for the extra expense for the dog! Geeze!

b) THE TIME & CARE!   It has cost me a lot of time and pet sitter money. Wherein I used to go to work and leave him now I have to leave him with a pet sitter or take him with me.  He gets too nervous too much and just having someone around is key.   Buford has a large yard and doggie door, but leaving him over 8 hours will send him back to the vet with a stress bacterial infection. I’m not going there, so I pay a friend or family member to check on him and sit a few hours with him.

But how expensive is it really, to be buying time with your pet? Having them in your life a little longer, at the highest quality possible, keeping them pain free and healthy, is simply the fact that your time, effort and investment can beat cancer, if only for a short while.



Buford Cancer Dog Fat

Keeping the dog FAT and HEALTHY during cancer is key!

Bufords Health Today:  He is happy, fat, and lazy. And spoiled. This is his own leather couch now,  taped up and well loved by Buford.  Note how much weight he still has on him for a dog with lymph nodes the size of coconuts. Pretty good huh?  Also look under his arm towards his midsection, there is a fatty tumor that is super large. Of course, we can’t get it removed because he can’t go under anesthesia.  It may seep soon and if so I’ll have to get it drained or better yet, it may burst and then we have it cleaned and that will be the end of that. He had another one just like it, that started getting yucky. I took him to the emergency vet when it started draining, and by the time I got him there it BURST all over the place. It was yucky , I’m talking creamy fat, blood and goo all over the dog and the floor. He didn’t seem to be  in any pain and , and $100 bill later they sent him home with first aid cream.  Crazy.

Pork Back Fat for the Cancer Dog Diet

15 Feb
Pork Back Fat

Pork Back Fat off of a Pork Picnic Shoulder

Dr. Carol first told me about the Pork Back Fat.  Let me first explain a regular healthy dog has a hard time processing and digesting fat , fatty tumors will form and it will upset their tummies.  So if your dog is healthy, don’t give them fat.   Now we talk about the cancer dog.  In this case,  I have to feed MY dog and not FEED the cancer, so this meant cutting out grains.  Breads, grains, wheat, rice, and even corn. GONE.   Once you cut out these things, your dog will lose weight. Losing weight is bad in a sense that you don’t want them to become  waxing and waning or unhealthy . You want them to keep their mass and strength. So you have to keep their weight on with something. In my case, Buford’s diet is getting his caloric content and fat from natural animal fats.

If you consider his diet consists of chicken and kale, the only fats he’s getting is really the natural chicken fat, skin, cartilage. Both before picking and afterwards I boil the bones then skim the fat off the top of the chicken stock. All natural and all good for him, however Buford loses interest in eating the same things each day.  He misses his kibbles, corn and grains.  I don’t blame him, he lived on that for 12 years.   Even if I switch him up with Ground Beef (which I only do once per month if I find organic angus and ground meat should be avoided in the cancer dog due to processing agents) or a day of steak, neither of these have enough fat truly to keep his weight on.


So we go through a small stint with the pork back fat.  It’s high in caloric content and low in protein. Great for packing on the calories and when chopped small enough, digestible.   Here is the issue. If you are to buy it in a store it has been salted with kosher style salt to preserve the processing and perhaps to cure it I don’t know. But it’s loaded in sodium and gosh knows what else, and that’s not good.

Pork Back Fat



You can find the perfect fat on a Pork Picnic Shoulder. I nabbed a good sized one for $1.49 on sale. An $11 piece yielded me a huge pot of BBQ for us humans and six baggies of Pork Back Fat for Buford.  More on the BBQ later.

The first thing you do with the raw pork shoulder, is trim the pork fat off all the way around, It is going to be about 1/2 to 3/4 thick in areas and leaving some raw pork attached is okay. Your goal is to simmer this covered in a fry pan with some water.  You will see it shrink about 25-30% of it’s original size. You may even hear squealing as the outer skin is shrinking.

Pork Back Fat

As you can see above, compare to the very top picture in this post, and the cooking process, the pork has toughened on the skin area and shrunk about 33% of it’s original size. Trim it into small pieces, about 1/2″ to 3/4″ cubes, and you should do this while it’s still warm. You then return the cubes to the fry pan to sizzle them down a bit more.


pork back fat cubes

Note the brown edges.

Here’s a video of how to do it:

During this time you will hear the snap, crackle pop and that’s okay, you are rendering down the rest of the pork back fat, making the edges a bit harder and making sure to fully cook the edges to kill any bacteria. I simply brown the edges and drain off a bit of excess grease.  Let them cool and bag them in “snack size bags.”.   A small snack size bag will last you up to two weeks. Feed them as snacks here or there, or in with their food.

Pork Back Fat Bags

It’s funny really, my great grandmother cooked everything with Lard. Now, technically, it’s keeping my dog alive.

Pork Back Fat Bags

BUFORDS HEALTH TODAY:  Great! He’s been pooping like a horse and keeping his weight on. His mood is 250% better because we’ve tracked down and adopted Birdie’s daughters Kendall and Nala. Kendall is 3.5 and Nala is 4, they have different fathers but Birdie was their mom.   Long story short, we are blessed to have these loving girls in our home.  They have some special needs issues, but both girls are happy to be in their new home and well, Buford has immediately taken to Kendall, and she to him. I wonder if he he knows it’s Birdie’s daughter?

Buford and KendallBuford is welcoming Kendall into her new home.

He’s very protective of her and has to sleep by her. If she’s up on the couch and he is too tired to jump up, he will whine until he gets a boost to be next to her.  He truly has become protective of her.

Nala Cat is really a Dog

Kendall on the left and Nala on the right. They came with these names.

All Star Health Worst Experience Ever Impacts my Cancer Dog #epicfail @AllStarHealth

13 Jan

cancer Dog

Getting meds for Buford is my number one goal, and it’s very important that his power boost of 14 pills are taken regularly. Hell, the dog is alive running and playing with stage three cancer and what else can I attribute it to?  On that note, I did hear from a wonderful reader who is also following the regimen for his dog Tawny, and she is doing wonderful battling her cancer.  I am so very glad that nature is making progress and letting these dogs with cancer live in the highest quality of life.

Problem is, I couldn’t remember where I bought his Coriolus PSP Mushroom Science caps last time, and his meds are costing me a small fortune. Buying 14 pills month in and month out gets a little nerve-racking. l placed my refill order on 12.26.13 at night online from a place called All Star Health.  ( I checked Whole Foods, because I would rather buy my supplements in person now, I make sure to read the labels to exclude anything with harmful fillers.  )  Whole Foods does carry some mushroom caps, and some immune mushroom mixes but I didn’t want to take a chance, as some mushrooms are poisonous to dogs.

All Star Health: From one to ten, I’m rating them a negative five. Can I do that? Sure I can.  Never used them before and won’t ever again.  Their Facebook pages says they are a Discount Website shop out of California and most people report getting vitamins quickly. They also have pretty good prices but one factor made me want to order is they claim to have East Coast and West Coast warehouses.  I signed up for the standard shipping and figured since the holiday rush was over all would be fine. As soon as I placed my order I received this confirmation (The rest of it has my billing and shipping address and the products I ordered. )



All Star Health website sent me an order confirmation as soon as my order was placed on 12.26.13


So when you get an order confirmation (showing your billing and shipping addresses, and confirmation of products) you assume everything is good. Well this was not so in my case.   I was wondering where my pills were two weeks later.  I kept scrolling through junk mail because no one tried to call me.  I found a message they sent the next day! Of course it was in my spam, and why would I have any reason to check spam if I received an order confirmation?

all star health

This was sitting in spam


It indicates  one day later they sent me a message to call them because they said my credit card and billing address didn’t match. I found this of course two weeks later.  My husband and I have many credit cards, and some of them bill to home or work so I thought, okay, I’m calling the credit card company.  I found out that indeed, the card I used did match where I ordered and where the product was sent. I called All Star Health and got a guy, and I explain the situation.  He said  “I just checked it and it matches. ”

Now I’m confused and I just want my product, which hasn’t even really been processed yet. Why, I don’t know.  I want a supervisor who can expedite it.  I get Claire, who was nice enough but now she is dealing with me and I’m upset.  I ask her could this be a system glitch because my address matches, and she said they’ve been using the same credit card verification service since 1989 and it can’t be. Okkkay. I’ve gotten plenty of other things ordered lately, no problems. So, even if that can’t be explained  I ask why they don’t call customers about issues like this (I mean here I got a confirmation right, so why would I think there’s anything wrong with my order.) Claire says they emailed me (it was in my spam) and can’t call their thousands of customers……

Poor Customer Service Issue #1   Claire’s unsympathetic response is just wrong. I find it very hard to believe thousands of customers have this happen on a daily basis. I do believe they may get thousands of orders but only a small portion of them may go to problem issues.  Is it too much to ask for a company to call the ones who you’ve sent a confirmation too that have issues with their order?   With so many discount vitamin sites, you’d think you would want to keep your customers. Anyhow the odds of this must be slim and none and not thousands per day, so don’t tell me it’s too much to phone them.  I guess 90% of people would not have had this problem. Others may not be in a rush for their supplements, vitamins, etc. For them it may not be a life or death situation, like it is for Buford.

Poor Customer Service issue #2 : So I ask the supervisor Claire to expedite and she can’t.  She did explain they are an online store. I am not sure what this means. Does that mean the product is not physically there? If their website says they have warehouses on the East and West Coast what does this sound like to you?  I was now infuriated. I told her that’s not acceptable, I’m spending $500 a month to keep a dog with cancer alive and that I wanted her to talk to her supervisor to find out what you can do or I’m going to spread the word to everyone I know.  I wasn’t getting anywhere so I hung up.

I get a call a day later (missed it and got a message from Claire that they can rush it and I’ll have it by Tuesday  if I  call and confirm I still want it.  Here’s Poor Customer Service Issue #2 – You know I need the meds, and that I’m already irate and wanting to share my bad experience,  you now want me to waste time to  call in again to confirm this when I’ve already confirmed my information three times, first whem I placed the order, second with the guy who answered the phone  and third the supervisor Claire but now you want me to call again…)

(Meanwhile, I send a response back “Bullshit” and ask for a supervisor to call me from the spammed email, just to see if anyone is reading.)

It gets better!  I call in as Claire suggested and get another girl, who is apologetic and says they will send me another order confirmation out and she confirms I will have this product by Tuesday.  She says I will get an order confirmation generated in my email.   Here is where my story should have ended happily, after FOUR COMMUNICATIONS TO GET MY ORDER, and I would have been at least satisfied. 

EPIC FAIL:  I do not get a confirmation in fact I get another phone message, this time from Karen, the mushroom caps are out of stock and can I please remove the tweets. WHAT?

They mean this one? Asking them for help to make it right?

(my husband)


As of this very minute the mushroom caps are showing IN STOCK and will let me order 6 of them and don’t indicate out of stock.  So either they are going to have a bunch of upset customers when they try to order things  or just playing hardball with me.  Either way, I am a concerned online supplement buyer and think the public should know, what they did to me, (and my dog.)


Today Buford is doing well, but we’re off to find his Mushroom caps so we can make sure not to mess up his regimen,  After all, we did lace our order on 12.26 and it’s 1.13 and still no mushroom caps. Thanks All Star Health! You suck!


PH Kills Cancer

27 Dec
buford woo dog with cancer

Buford Woo Cancer Dog

Christmas has come and gone and my furry faced pal is still with me.  He’s doing well and we have been going for walks to oxygenate his system.  I have to say it is amazing that he seems to be more energetic walking in the cold winter weather than me.  I  made a small change to his diet since he continues to get the stress “spore” which I read about Clostridium difficile, and I found in one study they make mention that it’s related to marine fish and seaweed….so I started thinking I should cut back on the Blue Green Algae tabs I’ve been giving him just in case I’m doing something to help that environment welcome the spores. He was on three different marine based tabs, so I stopped the Blue Green Algae altogether.

Overall I think he’s doing well since we lost Birdie, but he seems to be more interested in what I’m doing and where I’m going. For instance, if he’s lounging in the living room and I’m cooking in the kitchen, this used to go unnoticed. Now he will move to stand and watch me do my thing in the kitchen, often plopping down for a nap wherever I am.  A usual day of errands never used to bother him. he would sleep most of the day away, but now he paces and worries the whole time I’m gone. It’s almost as if he’s getting more needy to be away from me.  As for work he is lucky to be allowed in the office and enjoys accompanying me to work, so perhaps I’ve created this behavior.

The good news is I’ve finally come to peace with the fact Buford has cancer.  He is now 13.5 years old and for a basset hound he’s already living beyond his suggested lifespan of 12.

PH Kills Cancer, or does it?

Besides my dog what about humans?  I found some stories to prove that with the right level of PH in your system (changing it from acidic to high ph, the cancer cells are starved.) What we don’t know is if they die, shrink, or just stunt in growth, waiting for the right moment to restrike. Something as simple as a three dollar box of bicarbonate versus millions in chemotherapy, so i ask why isn’t someone trying to find this out ? Is there too much money in big pharmaceuticals that no one wants to find a cure for cancer?  I think you can answer those questions.

stories i found worth reading:

8 yr old girl uses high PH to shrink cancer tumor

Phil’s dance with cancer and his human ph protocol

Cancer Fighting Strategies : PH and Cancer






Buford Survived Thanksgiving

5 Dec
Buford Basset Hound Cancer

Basset Hound 13.5 Still thinks he’s a puppy

I get so excited by these milestones, he has had yet another holiday with us and we are so blessed. I was scared for a bit, because after Birdie died and the dog attack Buford was as off kilter as I was. When your dog has been with you thirteen and a half years (miracle dog) he knows when you are sad and broken hearted. That I truly am even though I hide it well. Not to mention he lost his little friend and so; the stress hit him with a double whammy again and knocked him back a notch.

He started having horrible diarrhea and going a day without movements. On top of that he stood in the middle of the floor looked at me and urinated. He was only 6 months old the last time he did that. I was immediately worried but we were on the way to Maine for Thanksgiving – 800 miles in the car! Dogs either love it or hate it but anymore he’s a nervous nelly in the car. Even though we stopped much , the ride was hard on him and he had a huge accident in the back seat. Oddly we had stopped right before and he did a number one. Twenty minutes later he sat up to signal me and by then we had number two Everywhere!

Now my husband has been very supportive of Buford but we were trying to wash the backseat and the dog with bottled water on the side of 95 because sadly it was a mess. (And twelve degrees out). I don’t need to explain how enjoyable the truck was for the last six hours of our ride. My husband shot me the look and I mentally  prepared myself that I would not let Buford go on like this. I mentally prepared myself. I mean, my basset hound does have cancer.  There is no magic cure.

When we got to Maine I thought he may have the stress spore again that he had before but the vet was an hour away and closed for holiday. I had to do something so I told myself I need to reduce his stress and bind him up. If this didn’t work then I would be putting him down as maybe his organs are failing…. I really wanted to give him rice or grain and this was an emergency situation but I didn’t cave and stood firm against the grains thank goodness.  I had to battle with everything in my gut. I didn’t want my dog to have these horrible bowel movements but I thought, if only for a second, it was the stress spore that giving him grains would make it worse.

dog cancer

Buford playing the snow

I took him off the kale and gave him straight chicken for a day, then turkey for two days then the fourth day cooked ground beef. We took long walks in the show and I played with him. at first he was a bit dumbfounded, and looked at me like “what is she doing?” Guess it has been that long for both of us.  After all I’ve had him 13.5 years and we haven’t played with a tug toy in at least 8 !  Then he got the jest and I play chased him around the yard. Soon he remembered playing with his owner and even for an old dog I am certain brought back some happy thoughts.

Hence goes the fact that cheering up the mind can do wonders.  He drank real Maine spring water from a natural spring and ate as much chicken and beef as he wanted, I slowly worked broccoli in so he got some greens. Although he did have some gas he soon was feeling better.  Something about lots of love and play and he de-stressed himself. At night we built a fire in our wood stove and soon he would sleep through the night without having to go or urinate and I knew whatever he had was now calming down.

lazy basset hound , basset hound cancer

Buford was enjoying his vacation and the heat from the wood stove!


I am pleased to report he had some well formed stools which is reinforcement that his tumors haven’t cut off his ability to do his business. Just the damn spore again!

Together we take life one day at a time I have learned so much from this brave hound that miracles are possible when two hearts believe ; even if one belongs to a fuzz faced old dog!


Basset Hound Cancer

Buford says, one day at a time.

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